My Dream Nokia #78: Nokia Lumia 888 E QWERTY WP8 concept

| December 31, 2012 | 21 Replies

MNB6.2 MNB02

Edgar Mkrtchyan’s newest concept is the Nokia Lumia 888 E, a portrait QWERTY powered Windows Phone 8 Nokia.

The last high end QWERTY smartphones were the Eseries devices, and so it’s quite fitting it has an E to its name. The 888 moniker fits with the aim of the design to be shaped like an 8. Specs wise, it’s down to earth and realistic for this type of device.

Is the candybar QWERTY dead? No, not yet. BlackBerry still sells these (albeit declining) as do Nokia with their basic Asha QWERTY. It’s always nice to have the option, no? Now whether WP8 will work with QWERTY (especially portrait) is another issue. WP has had keyboard form factors before (albeit sliding).

to introduce this concept, it is not the biggest not the most powerful, I just wanted to invent a phone with a physical keyboard reusing design my Lumia 707. To accompany these images I made a little video, but the concept is less beautiful than the pictures because the software simplifies textures …
 Mkrtchyan Edgar MNB55 MNB44 MNB33 MNB8


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  • wis

    Way better than the leaked blackberry x10…keep it up…

  • harsh doshi

    I quite like it I would buy if it was a little bit less wider(seems a loot wide) and maybe a 3.8inch screen.. yes those 0.3 inches matter…as I am coming from an e6 and have 800 3.8 would do it perfectly fine.

  • Marcelo Velazquez

    Can someone do a portrait keyboard concept. That’s one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in the market and practically missing now

    • Pat Poyser

      I have a to say, it would be brilliant if Nokia or somebody else could make a portrait qwerty phone on windows 8. I would be one of the first person customers to pay a premium to get one. Must have high capacity replaceble battery, must have extended memory e.g. micro memory card slot – preferably hot swappable and somewhere close to a 4inch screen, LTE and all the high-end features with at least a dual core with low energy processors. The closest simularity would be something close to the blackberry bold 9900 but made with better ergonomics for screen and keyboard could be a little bigger in length and width but clever design. If only they new how many of us out there.

  • mr_squieeze

    That’s buttugly… But I would like a qwertyphone for sure.

  • Noki

    Ugly IMO very ugly, nice idea of the flash on the plate

  • giorgio

    OH MY GOD!!!

    Nokia, please, make this a reality!!!!

  • viktor von d.

    i like the texture on the back. but the whole curvature in the front looks bad. he should only have made the bottom part big and have it slimmer in the upper half. just like the 3650

  • wpcyan

    yes for QWERTY and a big No for this design

  • rustyknight17

    Interesting concept , but would it work with WP8? I mean , how many QWERTY candybar WP smartphones have youse seen ? Assuming it could could be done , I believe that , unless WP8 can be improved to where it’s the equal of Belle or Meego , I’ll just hunker down with the 808 and the Asha 303 for BU and wait for the N series BB10 phone .. Oh and wis , must disagree , the BB10 phone looks better !:)

  • sr.d

    i prefer something like a new e7, this one looks inspired by the blackberry 10x

  • I don’t like. I like lumia 990. Cpu. musix. 5in. Lumia 990 thin now.

  • We like lumia 990. Cpu. musix. 5in. Lumia 990 5mm>7mm. Ok. We from to viet nam.

  • princely

    Please people I need a software to create my concept someone please help

  • cbora

    this is a dream now. pls Nokia, make this a reality.
    It’s lovely, sleek and curvy design is just awesome, when it specially comes with touch and qwerty. Pls have all features a smart phone needs with extendable SD card slot, bluetooth, 2G/3G features and all on the go currently for Lumia versions. I am sure, Nokia will rise high when all of these come in a single package 🙂 Pls make it real!

  • rp

    i would buy this phone as a successor of my E6…. and for sure not only me…

  • bob bobson

    I’d prefer a vertical slider similar to the dell venue pro. That phone was awesome, I got asked about it all the time. Had it not been for lack of wp8 support I would’ve kept it

  • hari

    Hi Nokia make dis reality its the right time right concept 2 hit market its better then Bb q10
    Nice QWERTY nice shape its awesom

  • Subhash


    Nice idea!!

    I will buy such qwerty phone!!

  • Josh Liwell

    I would buy this phone! If only Nokia listens to consumers they won’t be in this position today. I guess somewhere along the line, they thought they knew best and the world has now overtaken them.
    There is no way Nokia can beat Samsung and Iphone with touchscreen phones.
    We need a decent QWERTY Nokia phone. In the Lumia series. Not just budget Asha 210.

  • I love the concept and would purchase this phone. I love the Nokia Qwerty keyboard along with a larger display with WP. Great Idea!