NokConv: 12 Awards won by the Nokia Lumia 920 in 2012

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Nokia Phones, particularly the Nokia Lumia phones are no stranger to awards. In 2012, the Nokia Lumia 920 (announced in September, available end of November in a few places) won at least 12 ‘awards’ according to NokConv:

  1. The Top Smartphone of 2012, V3, UK
  2. The Best Mobile Phone of 2012, Readers Choice Award, Gizmodo, Australia.
  3. iF Award for Outstanding Design, International Forum Design, Germany
  4. Mobil Award for Best Smartphone Design, Mobile Magazine, Denmark
  5. Best Smartphones of 2012, The Next Web, USA
  6. Top Score Award, Mobil, Sweden
  7. The Best High End Smartphones for the Holidays, CNET, USA
  8. Best Productivity Phone, Best Camera Phone, Best Mapping Phone, Best Windows Phone, Runner up, Arstechnic, USA
  9. Top 25 Tech of 2012, Mashable, USA
  10. Top Smartphone of the Year, Mybroadband, South Africa
  11. Best AT&T Smartphones of 2012, BGR, USA
  12. “Probably the most advanced smartphone on the market”, The Independent, UK

Well, with so much praise and apparent demand, it’s just a shame really that Nokia couldn’t up the ante and actually make enough of these to sell to customers. It’s all good making a desirable product, but it’s even better when you can put that in the hands of consumers, no? No point at all making the most innovative smartphone if you’re too damn slow to make them and put them out to market whilst people still want them. Ah, that’s Nokia for you. Always making things difficult for themselves.

Source: NokConv

Cheers asdf and krishna sarma for the tip


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  • rhodnie

    all the best nokia lumia 920…no. 1

  • lumia 920 is good,but not one can deny that there is a long way to revival.expecting…

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  • Zizou

    Your right jaz .. They should produce as much and as fast as they can.. This will help increase their sales to more than ten million..

  • viipottaja

    Don’t you think it could well be more complicated than just being “too damn slow” and ” making things difficult for themselves”?

  • Sonny

    Just bring us a Nokia WP with Oversampling,OIS,Floating Lens and a Xenon Flash Please with Stereo Rich Recording at MWC Please Nokia!

    • flava

      And a decent slim one, just to shut those haters mouth. Tired of 920 being bashed as bulky and heavy phone in blogosphere 😐

      • Sonny

        I dont even care if it weighs the same as the 920. Those people complaining about weight are just pure haters. A couple of years ago people never complained about their phones being too heavy!

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