Clove UK To Replenish Lumia 920 Stock (Red & Black) on Jan. 8th

| January 4, 2013 | 31 Replies

WP_20121109_009Clove UK have been selling out of Lumia 920s like crazy; selling their last shipment before it even arrived. The Clove blog have just announced that the fresh batch of 920s will reach on jan. 8th (in red & black) while more white 920s are set to follow later on in the month.


Just a quick update to say stock of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone in Red & Black is due to arrive on Tuesday 8th January.  White units are on course to arrive a little later in the month, the exact date is still to be confirmed.

For more information of to order, just CLICK HERE.

Hopefully this is a sign that Nokia have finished “ramping up” their manufacturing process; and are now capable of fulfilling more sales.




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  • Bert

    In Belgium the launch is delayed by a month! 🙁

    • Pdexter

      Well launch doesn’t mean much when you can’t have the phone anyways. It’s 2-4 weeks wait here to get the phone. :/


        with such limited supply the sales results for last quarter and now this quarter could be bad, or less than expected 🙁

        • Gilles

          Why would it be bad, Nokia will be satisfied because they are the one’s who set their supply and if they supply is sold out at many places that’s good or am I getting this wrong?

          • Richard

            unless they were unable to produce the quantity they had planned.

          • Janne

            There is a component shortage for a few key pieces.

            • Richard

              is this a confirmed fact or speculation?

              • nn

                Speculation. Meanwhile, white and black are still in stock at Amazon. Doesn’t seem like that phone is in high demand.

                • Muerte

                  So, when they are out of stock, it is because Nokia is not producing enough and they are having problems in delivery, and when they are in stock, the phones don’t have any demand?

                  Where is your logic in this?

                • Janne

                  Meanwhile most of the world is still waiting for WP8 Lumia devices.

                  As for the component shortage, I don’t consider it speculation anymore.

                  This doesn’t mean Lumia 920 will succeed. It just means there still is more global demand than availability. Who knows, it might flat-line once it reaches parity, but it hasn’t yet.

                  • nn

                    Yeah, we didn’t hear the global availability argument in the WP debate for so long. I can’t wait for the Q2 and Q3 results where the sudden orders of magnitude jump in sales will materialize. Because the same happened with WP7.

                    Sure, WP8 isn’t available everywhere. I can even grant you that they may nominally sell more WP8 devices than WP7 in the end (market growth and all that). But you can forget about China or SA delivering sales surges dwarfing the trend to date. It’s simply not going to happen. You can’t even expect much growth from broadening global availability, because they will be mostly replacing WP7 devices.

                    OK, so where is the confirmation? The closest Elop got to that was when ha said something about wishing better supply management, which of course could mean anything.

                • Viipottaja

                  Not everything is black and white. 🙂

                  i.e. a color being in stock does not necessarily mean 1) that demand overall is low or 2) that supply overall is not limited by component supply or manufacturing capacity.

                  • nn

                    Maybe, if Amazon has something like 5M units in stock for both white and black.

                    Otherwise, the fact that they are unable to sell a few tens of thousands of units over Christmas and with price cuts clearly shows the extraordinary demand is myth and also that they can meet the orders at least in markets where it matters for Elop.

                    • Viipottaja

                      so perhaps the demand for the other colors is not a myth then?

                      and if they can meet the demand in strategic markets – excellent!

                    • nn

                      Do you really want to argue that the extraordinary demand is real, but the catch is it’s only for the red? I mean, they were able to sell hundredths of thousands of 900 Lumias in US just with black, white and cyan, and the demand for 920 is far greater, right?

                      I hope you will feel as much excellence when the numbers are out and, for example, you will be staring at the North America row in the region table.

                    • viipottaja

                      Lol. So we are talking about the US only now? Second, I was merely pointing out the apparent inconsistency in claiming the demand is low at the same time as red, yellow and I guess cyan are sold out?

                      furthermore, neither these particular colors being in OR out of stock prove OR disprove anything about demand OR for that matter supply.

                    • nn

                      This particular discussion is revolving around stock of ATT phones at Amazon, which I guess means it’s about US.

                      It didn’t disapproves anything about demand only if you think people suddenly started to hate white and black versions to the point that Amazon is unable to get rid of their stock even amid millions of people wanting their beloved Lumias. If you want to believe that…

                    • viipottaja

                      No, it proves nothing. For example, people may well expect the three other colors to come back in stock and are waiting for that it have gone elsewhere to get it.

                      once more: Amazon sales alone prove nothing one way or the other. Do I expect massive sales number for NAM in q4? No, and in part (not only) because supplies of some colors in particular have been low.

                    • nn

                      Again, that could work only if you assume black and white just recently become so toxic colours, that retailers are now unable to sell even a few tens of thousands units in the land of 300M, no matter how much desirable the phone itself is.

                      It’s of course nonsense. Just look at the best rated list, the top variant, with most reviews by far, is the black one and white is right behind red. That puts hard limit on the overall demand, producing more red and yellow variants isn’t going to bring surge of orders.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Once again, Amazon is not representative of the whole market. Second, you don’t need to buy the product to review it – thus, number of reviews per a color variant tell nothing about how popular the color is.

                      And once again, I don’t expect massive sales in NAM. So stop trying to make anecdotal Amazon data proof of anything.

                    • nn

                      At this point nobody expects massive sales, be it in NA or anywhere else. The only question is what excuses will be used, currently top on the list seems to be unmet demand.

                      And to disapprove that you actually need just one evidence. Amazon isn’t some unnamed pawn shop in the middle of Arizona, if the phones are lying here available for immediate shipment then the story that people want the phones but can’t find them is clearly false.

                      Unless you can explain why would people endorse colours they dislike instead of the one they massively prefer, I think it gives us sufficient insights into the relative popularities.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Yup, one “evidence” is indeed statistically significant and globally representative. LOL LOL LOL

                      As for reviews: AGAIN you don’t even need to buy the product, so your claim that the number of reviews under a particular color means anything is just beyond silly. What usually happens is that a few people write reviews, and that snowballs into more people adding their reviews to the same thread.

                      Finally, as you WELL KNOW there are plenty of products that are in high demand but are not out of stock.

                      Amazon =/ the world

                    • nn

                      Yep, and products that are in high demand and not out of stock end up with great sales. The problem is when you don’t have great sales and still want to maintain there is high demand.

                      If you claim people demand the phones but they can’t get them, then pointing out just one well known national retailer where they can easily order them disapproves that claim they can’t have the phones.

                      Interesting theory. On one hand you are implying colour is such important thing people will flatly refuse to buy other colours and rather sit for weeks and wait without knowing when the phones may arrive. But when it comes to making reviews, they don’t bother to click the colour they absolutely hate. Second, if you look at the Lumia 900, here you again have black in the lead. That’s not random.

  • sani

    Hopefully this is a sign that Nokia have finished “ramping up” their manufacturing process; and are now capable of fulfilling more sales……………………………no nokia never die….before nokia die i will want to work for nokia ……free working no neeed payment……i dont know too much mobile technology……..i love nokia too much………..what happend to you elop………920 have very good demand……..when i open my pc……frist i will cheak my nokia blog…….when a article say nokia going to shut down……this time i think if he ia my front i will k*** him with ak-47……………if nokia close i will f*** u elop

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    • Bassman

      What an utter bellend….

    • viipottaja

      Please mean moderate it more. We don’t any sick talk like that.

    • Ere oli aliarvostettu


      Do you think this is a prime example of what kind of people Nokia fans really are?

      Or is this an example of the religion Nokia has become?

      Or maybe something else?

      I think this is sad. We are talking about corporations.

  • DJ

    Nokia should pull phones from USA because apparently people are not interested in WP at all in the USA. Market share of WP fell to 3% from 3.6%. Now it is only 2,2 % above Symbian.

    • Doug


    • viipottaja

      Well, this is not market share but user base share. Second, hopefully with WP8 the number can start inching up again.

  • JGrove303

    nm, if people don’t want a specific color, then they are not going to buy it. Especially for a device that comes in so many colors, can not just pop the cover off the back to change color and is best without a protective case. So ya, Red, Yellow and Cyan are so awesome they are worth waiting for.