Lumia 620 Available in UK on Jan. 28th; PreOrders Open Now

| January 8, 2013 | 13 Replies

nokia-lumia-620-black-front-nok-l620Right after we posted about the Lumia 620 being on sale in China; we heard from WPSauce that it’s coming to the UK on January 28th on Clove UK. The phone is selling for £189+VAT (£226.80 inclusive) in black only on Clove UK and you can book one now with delivery set for January 28th.


Pre-order from here: Clove UK

Via WPSauce/ Source



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  • Nokia needs to understand the they HAVE to price their Lumia devices even lower if they want WP to get more marketshare.

    249€~ are good for 620, but still WP is not well known and is not the first choice for many (due to less apps, etc). 219 would have been a more suitable price. Same for 820: 499??? 399 would have been ok. 50 euros less for 920 wouldn’t have hurted as well.

    • Svedu

      As a company, they should also need to go back to profitability. I assume they are pricing as “optimal” they possibly can. I would say that marketing is bigger problem for Nokia than pricing the products correctly.

  • twig

    That is a great value phone. Green and yellow mix.

  • Pawlee

    Was hoping for £200 on the dot then I would have considered… however did see that O2 have this on their coming soon page, so who knows may be able to get a little cheaper direct from them.

    Have only seen black around so far… I WANT BLUE!!! (green and orange look nice, but gloss no thx)

    (I am quite aware that I could buy the blue case in time, that’s not the point! I would rather blue from the get go!)

  • Mark

    If that’s the Clove price then £200 in outlets isn’t unreasonable, especially after the first few weeks.

    An absolute steal at that price although they still need to force prices down further.

  • Frankie

    Usual Clove overpriced stuff… expect this little beauty around £189 in two months.

  • JGrove303

    I wonder if this little gem will wonder state side unlocked.

  • CloveAreAlwaysExpensive

    Frankie. Father Christmas is here just for you offering you the Nokia 620 at £180 inc P&P.
    Where I hear you all ask….
    Unlocked mobiles

    It has been that price for over 3 weeks now. It surprises me how much publicity Clove gets, as they are always overly expensive. My Nokia Blog – for Clove, read expensive!

    • stevebarker66

      I am not a Clove Customer, let alone a Clove Pokesperson, but their reputation is solid.

      They may not be the cheapest, they may well profiteer on a new model whilst availability is scarce,but they will have (some) stock.

      It’s surely up to the market to decide if Clove’s price is excessive, or not. Personally, I have never had a problem paying a bit more to be the ‘first’to own a new model.

      • clove pokesperson

        Is their reputation solid by charging a lot more and getting into bed with Internet companies to promote their brand, no doubt by offering one or two incentives.

        Or do they rely on lazy ‘journalism’ by someone getting internet traffic offering something expensive. Did I mention they are expensive, and not in a reassuring way?

        Its only cos you keep on poking that you have kept your wits about you and avoided the excessive drain of your wallet that means being a customer. You’ve clearly grasped that you can get the latest models by paying much less than Clove charge.

  • madhu

    may I know whats the price in india

    check 620

  • madhu
  • Subho

    well WP is not free n open souce like android so they tried to keep the price as low as possible….. But…. the lesser the better for us… 😛 😛 😛