Avanade and Nokia to bring packaged WP8 Nokia Lumia devices devices and apps to enterprise customers

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Avanade (majority owned by Accenture LLP, joint venture with Microsoft Corporation) and Nokia have announced a partnership to deliver packaged Nokia Lumia devices to enterprise customers. One of these is a “Large” UK bank which, together with Nokia, will replace their current mobile platform with WP8.

 Avanade®, a global business technology solutions and managed services provider, today announced an agreement with Nokia to create and deliver packaged Nokia Lumia devices, applications and services to large enterprise customers.
As consumer mobile technologies spread into the workplace, employees increasingly want to use their personal devices for business functions. In an Avanade survey, over half (54%) of C-level executives and IT decision-makers report the majority of their employees use smartphones for work functions such as email, web content and calendar invitations. Additionally, many employees (42%) now want to use their own devices for more complex, mission-critical tasks, such as content creation and customer relationship management (CRM), which drive productivity. But greater use of smart devices for business systems requires the development of specialized applications to enable seamless and secure integration.
Avanade and Nokia plan to deliver packaged offerings combining Avanade’s application development and system integration services, Microsoft technology and Nokia’s Lumia products and related services. Together with Accenture, Avanade and Nokia are also providing enterprise customers with Windows Phone and Microsoft infrastructure expertise to support the pilot adoption and testing of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices through to production deployments.
Ian Jordan, executive vice president of Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Alliances at Avanade, said, “There is a significant gap in the market for a new class of business-focused mobile services and solutions. Avanade and Nokia are working together to fill this gap; integrating Nokia Lumia smartphones built on Windows Phone 8, with business applications such as Microsoft Office, CRM and access to company information to improve collaboration, productivity and sales.”
As an example, Avanade and Nokia are helping a large UK bank to replace its current mobile device platform with Windows Phone 8, integrated with its Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint environments. They are also working with the bank to build a new corporate enterprise hub that will enable employees to access corporate business applications, content feeds and information relevant to the organization, as well as user profiles and other Microsoft SharePoint content. Additionally, Avanade is implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) to apply security policies to the devices thereby simplifying provisioning and enabling the distribution of corporate business applications directly to the devices.
Niko Mykkänen, global head of B2B Sales, at Nokia said, “The growth in the use of consumer devices at work has created opportunities for businesses, but also vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Working together, Nokia and Avanade will create business solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise, as well as delivering the exciting user experience which people expect from today’s leading smartphones such as Nokia Lumia.”

Cheers Jipee for the tip!

Jipee said:

One has to note though that Avanade is joint venture between MS and Accenture (and I dont really like either ;) ) As Ive said from the beginning, they should be more aggressive towards the business segment and really fight against Iphone when they have superior device and UX to offer (which should not take longer than 3 months)

Do you agree?


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  • Mark

    “As an example, Avanade and Nokia are helping a large UK bank to replace its current mobile device platform with Windows Phone 8, integrated with its Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint environments.”

    There will be more of these announcements. A lot more.

    • viipottaja

      Guessing or have some info?

      • Mark


        It’s a no brainer really.

        • viipottaja


          many things are non Brainerd but don’t get done. So it’s great to hear you have info on more deals to come!

          • Jiipee

            One should also distinguish business use vs industrial applications. Ive seen a lot of applications done for iphone and also android eg in energy management and industrial automation. WP has a lot to do there.
            Too bad WP does not get that much headway eg in realtion to MS business applications (dynamics ax & crm for instance) since other platforms are supported too. Superior skype app would be a major selling point.
            Ive never understood why Nokia didnt develop a framework/platform for industrial use in the past. There are a lot of devices, which will converge to mobile phone eg in logistics. That application area is not as sexy and margins are not even close to iphone levels, but since they are oem now where volumes matter, that could be one route. Chinese low cost suppliers will take that market probably.


    microsoft’s secrete weapon ……. enterprise
    looking forward to more ms enterprise customers doing the same, making the switch to wp8 and hopefully lumia is the first/only choice.