Nokia India’s Nokia Lumia 920 tutorial videos (20 videos!)

| January 10, 2013 | 14 Replies

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Nokia India seems to be preparing for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 with a wide range of tutorial/how-to videos. It’s not like the generic Nokia voice over one, but one specifically made for Nokia India, starring Sid.


by NokiaIndiaOfficial

Thanks Arun for the tip!


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  • prices have also been anounced

    • Vedhas Patkar

      Yeah, 38199 for 920 and 27599 for 820.

      • Vedhas Patkar

        27559 for the 820.

        • jammy

          Well on Flipkart prices are little less, it’s 36,999rs for lumia 920, and 26,999rs. For lumia 820. And they are not offering any thing free at this high price……. At this price range nokia lumia’s are even higher than S3 & note 2. They should have priced it little lower, because so many new FullHD screens phones launching soon, people’s interest in lumia will reduce now……

          • viktor von d.

            those full hds creens have just been announced. it will take about a month for them to get put on sale and the another month or two to get into india. and till then the price of the phone is acceptable. after that they can lower the price like they always do after 2 months

          • Pushkar Gogte

            Dude Even S3 And Note2 Were Price near 40,000 After Launched.
            Now The Prices Have Come Down

            • jammy

              Yes bro, I know S3 & Note 2 were launched at price of 40k and above, but now their prices have come down. And Nokia has to compete with them based on the present price of those handset, and not at the price at which they were released, if Nokia had released lumia 920 by November before Diwali, then at this price it would have given Samdung’s mobile stiff competition, but Nokia lost that opportunity, and now with all the shopping frenzy over, very few people will go for Lumia 920 at this price range, because most peple Want to go for tried and tested, and samdung’s both model is getting good mouth advertising from all those who are using it. Some of my friends were planning to purchase highend smartphones, I tried to convince them that they should wait for few more weeks for this great device from nokia, but they wanted to have the new device before new year, so they went with S3 & note 2.
              Ya I also know within 2 months price of both Lumia 920& 820 will come down, but people who can wait four month, they can also wait another month or two to get latest device with latest technology. It’s first time I’m feeling that nokia made a mistake of going with Microsoft, because they could do nothing more than few introducing few innovative features, they can’t put quadcore processor on their mobile to differntiate from other manufacturers, whereas Microsoft said that WP8 support 64 core processor now, but then also they didn’t allowed for quad core processors, then nokia can’t make phone with FullHD screen, until Microsoft brings support for it in their next major update, these are some drawbacks which is pulling nokia back……… Hope this year Microsoft pull it’s act together and brings some innovation which will put WP ahead of competition in features and support, and not just playing catch up………..

      • Alvester

        The pricing is absolutely ridiculous. Its quite high.

  • massy

    These videos are very good idear and should be made into 30second advert!! Coz most ppl are stupid and end up buyin a iphone,the nokia lumia 920 is the most advance fon in the world,shame no one really knows about it!


      that’s the problem with the “average” consumer, they are sheep that follow popular trends, but once lumia becomes popular they will flock to it, then maybe we will call them lumia sheep lolz

      • DesR85

        True indeed. No wonder Malaysia is what some would call a Samsung ‘stronghold’ given that the majority of people on the street are using Samsung smartphones. Heck, even among the Android crowd, I see very few people using either Sony, HTC or Motorola phones (to be honest, their marketing pales in comparison to Samsung, which advertise a lot for months on end and even have their phones featured in a lot of operator/telco special packages).

  • Zizou


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  • Kingston

    Need help… I had transfer a couple of pdf file into my phone. Now, i can’t find it anywhere… Not even in document folder after connecting my phone to the pc