My Dream Nokia #80: Slider-Tilt QWERTY Aluminium Nokia Lumia Concept

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Instead of having a nice long sleep prior to exam, the 808 decided to wake me up with its low battery chime (I’m a light sleeper on exam days). But what nicer thing to wake up to than a nice new concept Nokia that makes me reminisce about some older ones. This one takes us back to the delightful N97 form factor (which was brilliant, not the actual use of it) that we saw later with the N97 mini, E7 and N950 (the latter of which showed how nice this overall form factor is with a useable, friendly UI)



My Dream Nokia #80 is said to have a 4.5″ display that tilts out and partners with a slide out keyboard. The back is said to feature ‘Dual Xenon’ even though it’s LED. There’s also a 10mp camera with PureView. Oh yeah, the whole thing is Aluminium too.



The front design is somewhat (very :P) iPhoney. But then again, I remember folks confusing my N97 at the time for an iPhone. Heck, people confuse my N9/800/900/920 for an iPhone. I guess any rectangle slab with round corners and a screen is iPhone.

When closed or from behind, it reminds me much more of the N97 more than anything. But from front view and in two separate halves, it just looks like a sliced iPhone 5.

I’d be more up for this form factor if it was more Fabula, no?


Source: Concept-Phones

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  • Simo

    Umm.. thanks for putting a Nokia logo on an iPhone? I’ll pass.

    • stylinred


    • Mapantz

      Or as i like to call it .. the i97.

  • spitfireee

    Looks more like the samsumng galaxy sIII
    I’ll pass

  • jass

    i think its great!! i do have or had a n97 once.. its was great for web browsing, even texting, even type faster than touch screen qwerty keyboard..

  • Shaik Rasool

    Nokia will be sued by Apple like Samsung if they use this design

  • rogene

    very iphone-ish… even the location of the simcard is very iphone.i guess you want an iphone and nokia collaboration.

  • A few comments saying it looks too much like an iPhone, where first thing it reminded me of was the N97.

  • Banderpop

    I like it. Yes, it’s a bit iPhoney in most of the views, but not when open or from the rear.

    I think it missed a trick though. I’d like to see that screen use a transparent OLED panel. And, I am of the opinion that touch screen keyboards are almost as fast to use as physical keyboards now. Perhaps that area could be repurposed? For example, make the phone smaller (4 inches maybe), but use the keyboard area to extend it to 5+, without the device normally looking like a phablet?

  • Law

    Wows I like it still. But I can’t stop loving n950, anybody have a silver one, please can I buy it off you!!.


    needs marko’s fabula touch,
    the split keyboard design and clear glass is awesome.

  • JGrove303

    Leave the chrome at home. Lose the rounded corners. Make the white fatter and brighter.

    full QWERTY plus dual xenon & ver. 2 PureView? Half inch thick flagship won’t sell

  • Han…

    Designed by Apple in California -_- 🙂

  • Reischmann

    Yes, this thing looks nearly like the right thing.

    Windows Mobile Operation System would not be necessary, but a display with 4,5″ or 5″ with a real physical manual, this would really be fine.
    It might be possible to use it as phone, but the real purpose would be an absolut minimum PC with nnearly all possibilities of a big one. And I don’t believe that tabletts will be carried around for a long time, but this part will fit in the pocket of most jackets.

  • Allawi

    Man, I really like the keyboard. I used to have nokia e7 and it was really nice. Nokia should take these designs seriously and do something.

  • rustyknight17

    Yes definitely IPhoneesque / GSIII . But my major issue here is WP8 , if they improve it , then I`d consider this !

  • nokiaman

    please don’t mention the unmentionable again (N97) I hate that thing with a passion

  • Mutumba Sowed

    Sorry… This is already an Iphone 5. It sucks

  • Gidon

    I’ll take two!! This is a proper successor for my HTC 7 Pro 🙂

  • moldir

    wow! i like it! does this phone really exist?? if so, where can i find information about it?? m?? thanks

  • Angelina

    Loved it! Exactly how I’d want my phone to be! ..sigh..

  • Lara

    What model is this?