Why Are Windows Phone Adopters Going with Devices other Than Nokias?

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When it comes to Windows Phone OEMs Nokia have a clear advantage in terms of software (crazy amount of exclusive apps, Nokia Drive, Cinemagraph etc.) and some of the coolest hardware innovations out there (Pureview, Puremotion, Super sensitive touch etc.); it always seemed like a done deal to me that anyone who considered Windows Phone would instinctively go for a Nokia. Which is why assume Microsoft tightened it’s relationship with HTC with the Windows phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8s, (which by the way isn’t called that by even the official HTC accounts); regardless its obvious that I’m not the only one who noticed Nokia stealing the Windows Phone show, and that got HTC (and Samsung to a much lesser extent) to pull their stuff together and churn out “better” devices. And yet they all pale on paper in comparison to the 920; in fact the 8X is more of a competitor to the 820 than the 920 (minus the screen resolution).

So why on earth would someone buy a Windows Phone that isn’t a Nokia? And give up all the amazing software and then some? Well I decided to pose that question to the Windows Phone community on Reddit (which has about 9,000 subscribers) so it gives a pretty decent look at the Windows Phone community. Of course the people there most likely know a bit more about Windows Phone and smartphones than your average buyer, but it’s a start. My question was simple:

Out of Curiosity to anyone who bought a WP that isn’t a Lumia?

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Just wondering, if you’re convinced with the Windows Phone platform why did you go for a Samsung/HTC/Other?

Just wondering cause it seems like a Nokia would be the obvious choice considering how much exclusive software they have (plus other features)

So was the 920 too heavy? Preferred the 8X design? Cheaper price?

I got about 50 replies to the topic, most from people who either got the 8X or previous 1st gen Windows Phones (Focus, Optimus, Titan etc.) as well as a few with the ATVI S and the 8S; you can go ahead and view all the comments over here:


Most of the comments I’ve gathered went with another device over the 820/920 due to either carrier availability, design (including smaller screens) or price. Price-wise and people who claimed that the 820 was still “too high specced for them” will be relieved by the upcoming 620 (if it ever reaches the US?). I’m not sure what can be done for carrier availability, but it just enforces what we’ve always known; that Nokia needs a variant of the 920 on all the major carriers in the US. Design wise is difficult to say, but if the rumors of a slimmer, sleeker aluminum bodied 920 successor are true then perhaps that too will be resolved.

It’s quite scary to hear that no carrier in Canada has any variant of the 820? What the hell? That plus only giving them black 920’s for the first 4 months of launch is a recipe for failure, in case Nokia haven’t figured it out; Canada is part of North America; which according to them is where they need to double down.

Anyone else know why a friend/relative went with a WP device other than a Nokia? Share em down below!


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