PocketNow recommends to SKIP the HTC 8X over other devices, like the Nokia Lumia 920 – gives you more for your money

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PocketNow revisits the HTC 8X after two weeks usage and has a hard time recommending it. Against competition outside WP, they say it’s hard due to the relative lack of apps on Windows Phone. But, when compared to other Windows Phones, THINGS GET EVEN WORSE with flagships like the Nokia Lumia 920 easily beat the 8X in storage capacity and added features for half the price. We’re told that unless you’re a die hard HTC fan, you’re most likely prefer to skip this device over other options which gives you more for your money.




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  • “the Nokia Lumia 920 easily beat the 8X in storage capacity and added features for half the price” – you must be on mushrooms, man.

    SIM-free/contract-free initial EU price: 500 € for HTC 8X, 690 € for Lumia 920.

    • arts

      The HTC 8x comes in a few flavours; 16&32GB. So now, which one are you referring to?

      I hope you have used the correct price before running around accusing people of things. 😉

    • 5:25 of the video. The commentary is not my own, but from PocketNow.

      They may also be referring to the contract price…

      • Contract price is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. Sorry to say that, but only morons buy contract-sponsored phones — when you end up paying much more than the upfront price for an unlocked phone.

        And the 32GB HTC 8X is NOT available for buying (SIM-free/contract-free, that is). Find me a site where I can buy ot.

        • Pocketnow is US based and tends to work with contract prices like all other US based blogs, nature of the ‘beast’ so to speak.

        • I am a moron then, for years of buying phones on contract.

          There’s more to life than what happens in your bubble. For some, the contract plan has more pros than cons for that particular consumer. Not all. For me, the price of the phone unlocked + calls/text/data that i use is easily more value for me on contract. It differs between different people and usages, but there does come a point where payasyougo is cheaper for some in the life of the phone vs contract for others.

          Not to mention it’s easier for others to pay off smaller chunks than one big one (+subsequent pay as you go top up/load). Plus, I keep all my phones and have no intention of selling them. For others who buy contract sim free, that’s something they might do (and hence recoup a bit of their cash for a new phone).

    • WhiteAdy

      … If HTC 8x had HALF the features Nokia’s Lumia 920 has, they would price it easily above €800…
      Oh in the video they are talking about prices on contract (ATT I guess) which is 99$ for the Lumia 920, and 199$ for the 8x.

    • Rafael Lima

      He is referring to the contract price, that in U.S the majority of smartphone buyers opt for in-contract discounts

  • lumia 920

    lumia 920 is best

  • Keith too

    HTC just gave Nokia a huge gift when they pulled a LG by stating they are abandoning the HD7 and HD7S already. They have no plans of rolling 7.8 out to them. HTC is getting a lot bad press over it and deservedly so. How long before they abandon the 8X series?

    • viktor von d.

      the only reason the 7.8 update exists is because of nokia. so i don’t understand why people get upset at the other manufaturers. they never did a stellar job with their wp phones

      • KeiZka

        Because there were some silly promises of updates earlier on, though no idea how long they were supposed to be supported.

  • Francis

    Why fighting and undercutting amongst WP ?? This really seem brainless for some WP promoter/blogger.

    For the long term benefit of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, they should compare more with other OS and spell out the advantages of WP. By calling other manufacturer’s WP such like xxxcrap, plastic, copycat… etc, will NOT help WP to grow the market share. This will indirectly kill Nokia too.

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