Nokia Poking Fun at BlackBerry; Claims the Title of “Worlds Best Business Smartphone” For Itself

| January 30, 2013 | 37 Replies

BB3ndCDCQAAsPNoWith the BB launch over (read my thoughts on it over here) we can all gather round and watch what will become of Blackberry; will it float or sink? But @Nokia took this chance to remind us all that Lumias are the “world’s best Business Smartphones”.


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  1. APrasad says:

    Haha.. total pleasure seeing it for some reason,
    I hope the world sees it that way too :|

  2. jjkj says:

    That’s bad. I did not like Nokia doing such a thing

  3. sh says:

    i think lumia is for idiots (the software) because the hardware is the best in the market

    maybe the elop is going out

    lets hope and then nokia will turn around and be the first

  4. Sam says:

    WebEx and HP e-Print, Dead Space, Modern Combat, BB10 already owning WP8, there will be stiff war between two for avoiding the bottom place, which i think will be won by BB in the end.

    • Muhs says:

      dead space and modern combat r coming soon to wp8 ,gameloft announced that ,don’t know about WebEx and HP e-Print though. there r probably dozens of apps and games on wp8 not available on bb10 but that’s not the point!!
      what u don’t see is behind wp is microsoft, nokia , htc , samsung, heawui ,zte,acer, alcatel……etc but what is behind bb10 is just rim ah sorry blackberry now.its losing fight for bb

      • migo says:

        BB was able to maintain a customer base with BBOS, something Nokia was unable to do with Symbian and MS was unable to do with Windows Mobile.

        BB actually has an ecosystem from the start, something WP had go build from scratch (since they’re not doing a buy once run anywhere system that would really be necessary to expand the ecosystem).

  5. Trinidad James says:

    Smh the nerve of Nokia , they better humble their self
    atleast Blackberry is trying on their own instead of selling your soul

    • Noki says:

      there is way more of nokia in BB10 that there is wp7/8

      • twig says:

        Bloomberg is doing a smash and crash article on Rim. They are preparing for Rim to go down like the Wicked Witch of the West as Dorothy threw water on her. Where’s Toto?

        • twig says:

          “I’m melting, I’m melting. Here comes the Verge bash on Rim.

          • Noki says:

            yes because Nokia people knows to trust Bloomberg, the Verge, engadget, forbs and & Co right….

            we will see how sales do…. Nokia was supposed to bee selling 30 M wp per quarter by now according to initial evaluations…

            In the the only market that counts is the consumer market… The rest is just the guys that play the wall casino or are being paid to say what ever they pay them to say…



    • v.s.i says:

      I don’t understand this notion of ‘selling your soul’. It’s a corporation, and those only care about a few things, of which mainly $€£¥. Why not apply for a CEO post at a major mobile company in order to show the world how it’s done instead of complaining*?

      * however, as psychology teaches us, the right to complain plays a fundamental role in the development and maintenance of comfort and self-esteem of an individual. Who knows what might happen should it be taken away?:D

      • incognito says:

        True, tho judging by Nokia’s actions in the past couple of years (actually at least 5, but it just went berserk when Mr. Incompetence Realized took the helm) – they couldn’t care less about $€£¥.

    • rustyknight17 says:

      Excellent point ! And I note in passing that Blackberry`s in better shape financially than Nokia !

    • poiman says:

      That’s bullshit!! What do you say to your shareholders? “Here, look, your company is dead, all your invested money is zero, but at least we didn’t sell our soul… So take your soul because I can’t give you your money back!!”

      This is business people, WAKE UP!

  6. rustyknight17 says:

    Amusing , but not true ‘;the z10 is a much better phone for business and consumers !

    • Muhs says:

      its totally true that lumia is alot better for business, bb10 doesn’t full native office for example unlike lumia not to mention the other microsoft goodies. most business uses microsoft pc environment so lumia is the phone to go for business

      • rustyknight17 says:

        Actually , I just checked and according to a dev commenting on a Guardian ( UK ) article on BB10 published today , BB10 does have MS Office in the App World . Second , I doubt Blackberry would have neglected something this important to their core user base , I rather suspect there r several viable alternatives in the App World as well ! Last , BB10 can run most Android apps , and I know Android has a native MS Office app!
        SWo yes BB10 is better than the Lumia 920 for enterprise ! Cheers !

      • migo says:

        Lumia doesn’t have full office either. It’s a cut down version. While handy, that’s hardly a significant advantage over Docs to Go.

  7. Shaun says:

    I had to look up what IRM was – it’s that useful.

    Really Nokia. When your phone supports SIP and VPN again like your old ones did, THEN you can claim it’s a true business class phone.

  8. EricJRight says:

    If Lumias are the new standard for a business phone, then those standards have diminished considerably since Windows Mobile 6.5 and Symbian S60. Coming from those operating systems and being currently on Windows Phone 7.5, I feel my Lumia is a pretty good phone for consuming content, but not for managing it.

  9. steelicon says:

    What kind of attitude do you expect from a Ballmer-Elop infested Nokia? Surely you have seen this kind of attitude before! The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

  10. noggi says:

    This is how low Nokia has become since they started using Windows Phone. I am terribly disappointed.

    • chernov says:

      Precisely, love how cocky nokia act seeing how much they were in the s**ts even a year ago and possibly still are. Alot of work to be done before you think you are top again Nokia (some of them probably still think that :S)

    • migo says:

      They were always this cocky, they just showed it in their product design instead of marketing.

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