First Look at Windows Phone 7.8 on Lumia 900

| January 30, 2013 | 18 Replies


As we mentioned Windows Phone 7.8 has begun rolling out to all users across the globe; while updating it turns out there was another update that I somehow missed which was a “Nokia software update” and did something to App purchases and email sync times.

Screenshot (70)Screenshot (71)

Screenshot (72)
DSC01667After downloading the update it took about 15 minutes to install each of them; after which the phone restarted and I was greeted with the new Windows Phone 8 boot screen; which was actually quite disturbing seeing the mismatched logo between the screen and the capacitive button.



New tiles Wohoo!!


Also new is the ability to set the Bing Search wallpaper as background for the day; which although doesn’t allow for as much customization as WP8, is a pretty neat addition. WP_20130130_004

The OS Version barely jumped going from 7.10.87XX to 7.10.88XX; while the Software now reads as “Windows Phone 7.8”

(I’m uploading a video of the changes- it should be up shortly)


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  • Muerte

    Any idea of any under the hood improvements? The official changelog is quite…. short.

    Is it really these three things only?

    • There are some obvious animation additions, for example there’s a cool swivel effect when changing your accent color; I assume for the sake of simplicity they only put the important things in the changelog?

    • Viipottaja

      I would guess there are also a bunch of bug fixes/performance tweaks etc.

    • Juan Donis

      Remember that the real new features are not from Microsoft, are coming from Nokia and especifically for Lumia. Like BT Share and Ringtone Maker and maybe others.

  • Marco

    I also just updated my lumia 900 and 800. but except of the new tiles colours and wallpaper there is not even the “room” function on board? Is this not available for wp7.8.
    I really dont see any usefull benefi of wp7.8…

    • Just Visiting

      There are articles on other sites posted weeks ago about what 7.8 was going to bring. For many of us, we already knew what would be included.

      It’s a great update, but if you need WP8 functionality, well, you’ll have to get a WP8 device 🙂

    • Matt

      You received the update for your Lumia 800? Which country and operator?

  • Eri

    What about Germany? Is the update available there yet?

  • twig

    This is great, after it comes I can send my 900 out as a gift, waiting over.

  • Nothing will be erased, right?

  • I got my update on H|C R@dar, similar experience & install times. Nothing erased.

    Really wanted data sense & screenshot ability.

  • steve

    i have received the update on my 800,but i want to buy a windows phone lumia 620

    • DesR85

      Haven’t received the update yet on my 800, but I’ll still look forward to the 920 even if I did get it. 😉

  • kartik

    Is the update available in India ???

  • Mihail

    My phone Lumia 800 is on Orange Romania.
    In early December, when there are news that enter wp 7.8 update I know I asked Orange.
    He said they received wp 7.8 and that is in testing samples.
    Today I asked again, what information I have and said they have not released the update and I confirmed once again that it is testing.
    They also told me that that’s what all the mobile phone companies. Check all parameters and then release an update to subscribers.

    • Mihail, I’m also on Orange Romania, have an unlocked HTC and update went immediately.

  • AJE

    Everything I have read and seen suggests that this “upgrade” is a massive disappointment and leaves the Lumia 800 deficient in many key areas compared to my N8:

    # No offline maps;
    # No communication between maps and Drive;
    # Inadequate features on Drive;
    # Still no NOKIA Car Mode app (at present, if using the SatNav and I receive a call the map disappears, usually at the point when I need it most!!!);
    # Still no NOKIA Battery Monitor app

    The only thing of practical use is the ability to re-size the tiles thus making more use of screen real estate.

    I feel rather let down by NOKIA and Microsoft.

    • Anonymoose

      I can’t speak about WP7.x, but WP8 has been awesome so far. I’ve got a Nokia Lumia 822 and it’s great. Not a let down at all. I hope Nokia backports some of their newer software for you guys.