Video: Windows Phone 7.8 Demoed on lumia 900 + Changelog

| January 30, 2013 | 16 Replies


As promised here’s a quick video walk-through of the changes in WP 7.8; plus what I could gather as a changelog:

  • New Boot screen to match Windows Phone 8 (seen above)
  • New tiles sizes
  • Tiles now take up full width of the screen (like WP8)
  • “Applications Arrow” moved to the bottom of the start screen
  • New accent colors
  • New accent color picker
  • New Animations when switching between recent apps, and when choosing accent color (Visible at 3:02 in the video)
  • Lock screen settings changed; now allows setting Bing Daily wallpaper as lock image (Updates automatically)
  • Under the hood speed improvements (Whatsapp which used to take 10 seconds to fully loads now loads a lot quicker)
  • New Office icon to match WP8 and Office ’13
  • You can now set the default search engine for the browser as Google. (Thanks for the tip Caz)
  • Changed display of number of notifications on pinned live tiles (used to be small black circle, now it uses a transparent square)

That’s about all I could spot, if you folks see anything else that’s been added let us know in the comments down below.



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  • Joao Luis

    No WiFi always on??

    • Nope, guess it’s Portico/WP8 only.

  • caz

    You can set google as default search provider in IE (not for search button unfortunately)

    • arts

      Where is the setting for that dude?

    • Anuj

      how can we do this no setting in my phone, and i noticed the audio volume is way to low for me, from 7.5. No use in the gym!

  • Rebbe

    After the update the search button now redirects directly to the Bing homepage in IE so now I can’t access Bing vision. Is it possible to change it back?

    The updated startscreen is sweet!

  • Edwin

    No Media Transfer Protocol or Mass Storage Mode??? ==”

  • What?

    that’s all ? 6 months waiting for this ? very disappointed , my mother had warned me , do not buy a windows phone .

    • Veigald

      So the reason you bought a Windows Phone was that you were expecting it to be updated? Here’s a tip; next time you buy something, buy it for what it is, not what it might become.

  • Weirdfisher


  • Mihail

    My phone Lumia 800 is on Orange Romania.
    In early December, when there are news that enter WP 7.8 update I know I asked Orange.
    He said they received WP 7.8 and that is in testing samples.
    Today I asked again, what information I have and said they have not released the update and I confirmed once again that it is testing.
    They also told me that that’s what all the mobile phone companies. Check all parameters and then release an update to subscribers.

  • ashu

    “VOLUME RESTRICTION” is also an added feature 🙁
    Now volume output at 30 level of sound of my Lumia 800 is very low(around 30% lower) WTF !!

  • masudiano ronaldo

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  • masudiano ronaldo

    I am wait to your helps

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