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I was surprised to read that the very budget Nokia Lumia 620 appears to have “rich recording”. It may have just slipped my memory or I was not aware at all – I’m finding a lot of techy stuff is getting pushed out of my head in favour of medical related items. uh oh.

Anywhoo, EasycapExpertti explains that the Nokia Lumia 620, like the 808, 920, 820 and 810 have HAAC microphones. This means the recorded audio becomes distortion free when it’s super loud, whilst also being able to record that grumbling low tone bass. That amazes me as audio from some high supposedly high end handsets cause ear bleeding. No wonder PocketNow suggests people skip the 8X.  You get more for less elsewhere.

Nokia Lumia 620 has HAAC microphones as like Nokia 808 & Lumia 920/822/820/810 and so the recorded audio is distortion free also at the loudest music performances and it can record also very low bass sound vs its rivals has nonHAAC mics and so the recorded audio at music concert recordings is mostly distorted & they can’t capture low bass sound.

Not all Nokia’s could have handled loud volume. None to the extent perhaps of rich recording, but the likes of the N9/N900 could handle loud sounds a lot better than say, the N8. It had crystal clear audio until you reached high volumes. You can hear this below.


Cheers EasycapExpertti for the tip!

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  1. Maybe says:

    I heard N9/N900 have the same recording sound quality as N8, Nokia 808 & Lumia 920/822/820/810. How about first gen Lumia series and last batch of Belle of 600 and 700 series?

  2. arts says:

    The lumia 620 is proving to be quite a star in where I live.

    For what you get, its seriously bang for buck. Battery life is on the low side thou.

    every owner I encounter is very pleased with it.

    Go Nokia! Prove the fake Nokia fans wrong!

    • Maybe says:

      It’s mainly due to the pricing…
      dual core with RM699 price tag
      meanwhile Lumia 800 still With RM7XX with single core…
      even N9 still price around RM1k… with single core…

  3. whatever says:

    The 620, like 820, has two haac mics. 920 and 808 have 3 each. Can’t wait for 620s concert samples.

  4. rustyknight17 says:


  5. Muerte says:

    OK Nokia!

    ADVERTISE THE HELL OUT OF THIS FEATURE! It is an entry level WP8 smartphone that beats all the high end smartphones out there (except for ones from Nokia)

    Oh how I wish that Nokia would SHOW TO THE WORLD how much better their technology is even in the cheaper devices. I know, I’m dreaming… Nobody will know this, even if they own the device, this will come as a surprise.


  6. Julia says:


    Nokia Lumia 620 has 3.8 inch screen, 5mega pixel camera, 8GB Inbuilt Storage and 1300 mAh battery. It is available in a variety of colors like Lime, Green, Orange, Magenta, White and Black. Its People Hub feature combines contact information from different address books and networks into one location.

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