BB Z10’s Camera No Match For the Mighty 920

| January 31, 2013 | 72 Replies

Low Light Test

Both Gizmodo and Crackberry went ahead and pitched the spanking brand new BBZ10 against the Lumia 920 (and the iphone/S3). Unsurprisingly the 920 was the clear victor; I just never expected the Z10’s camera to be this bad; but once again the 920 has impressed me, now if only I could get Poritco on it.




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  • David

    Again, Blackberry succeeded in delivering a phone with the worst camera in the market…

    • It’s how to recognise who’s uploading pictures on facebook with a BlackBerry…because their pictures are blurry and green.

      • DM

        I know!
        There is no need for the “Uploaded via blackberry” caption, I know when it has been uploaded via blackberry as it looks like it has been taken with a potatoe.

      • rustyknight17

        Used to be very true ! Now , not quite so much !
        The top pics were taken in low light , but since Ali never answered my question (see below ) I1ll have to assume that these top pics were done handheld with the flash off , in auto mode .
        The trouble with such comparisons is that the 920 has 2 features which give it an enormous and unfair advantage in these situations . First is that the 920 is programmed in auto mode for longer exposures , which any smartphone does in night mode . This gives the 920 a de facto night mode in auto , which no other SP has … Second is the focusing light , a fancy way of saying that a SP uses its LED flash to focus in low light . Trouble is , the 920`s LeED is MUCHHH more powerful than its rivals` LED flashes . THis gives the 920 an enormous and unfair advantage in these comparisons . Nor does it help that the people doing these comparisons never point this out !
        Getting back to the top pics , the z10 is certainly the worst but the GS III and the IP5 didn`t do a whole lot better …
        In the bottom pics , the Z10 was the worst in the overcast and indoor flash pics but it`s pretty close nevertheless .In the dim row , the 920 is the clear victor but the others r so close it`s hard to call ! And in the other 3 , there`s no real difference ! I`d say the Z10 did remarkably well here , especially considering what past Blackberrys have done camera wise !

    • Paul

      But they deliver. And not “launch and waiting”…

  • KeiZka

    Cue in “But it’s oh so much better otherwise” crowd…

  • Vedhas Patkar

    Obviously the 920 as a device beats the hell outta the Z10, though the same cannot be said about the platforms running on the phones. I’d personally prefer BB10 as an OS to WP8 and 920 minus the OS to the Z10 minus the OS.

    • Yes… Nokia’s Windows love is an EPIC FAIL!

      • *Windows Phone

      • Mark

        Ah it’s bitter Ajit!

        Oh dear, Ajit! It looks like BB10 isn’t the saviour you wanted. Never mind, there’s still Sailfish to put some warmth into your bitter little heart, isn’t there? LOL! 🙂

        • twig

          +1 lol.

        • rustyknight17

          Really ? Have u seen the comparisons ? If u like to get stuff done , BB10 is away superior . But I guess u don`t ..

      • Have some sugar, bitter Ajit. I like BB10 too for the Maemo/MeeGoness it has, but doesn’t mean I have to trample all over WP8 which does have merits of its own. I recognise and give credit where it’s due. Can you do that?

        • Vedhas Patkar

          Leave him, he’s a troll. On the other hand, however better the OS of the Z10 is it’s hardly as good looking as WP.

    • rustyknight17

      Meaning what ?

  • Grendell

    First the thing about being the best business phone, now the camera. Why is Nokia acting like an insecure girlfriend?

    • Keizka

      Nokia didn’t post the comparison, gizmodo and crackberry did.

      Why are you blaming Nokia for all perceived slights against BB10?

      • Mark

        What use have they for facts when they have blind hatred! 🙂

        • Its not Blind hatred… Nokia posting ads on best Business Smart Phone…etc shows there is some insecure feeling at Nokia’s camp…

          Remember, Nokia’s first Windows Phone was worse than Blackberry’s first comeback phones…

          • KeiZka

            Marketing is being insecure? Ok. I guess Apple is rather insecure about themselves as well, just as is Samsung. Or HTC for that matter.

            I guess every company should go by word of mouth in their advertisement. Guess that wouldn’t be insecure.

            • Grendell

              Marketing is not. The timing…

          • Mark

            “Remember, Nokia’s first Windows Phone was worse than Blackberry’s first comeback phones…”

            I wouldn’t know as I haven’t used the new Blackberry yet to compare them! Have you? 🙂

            Of course, since the Lumia 800 was released well over a year ago I would expect the BB to have better specs. Mind you, since the 800 was released a year ago it’s an irrelevant comparison on the first place! 🙂

    • rustyknight17

      Perhaps because WP hasn`t taken off yet , to put it mildly ?

    • rustyknight17

      Judging from an earlier twitter conversation with Dave Trevaskus , of Nokia UK , I`d say they r wellaware that BB10 is better and they fear that Blackberry might win , a not unreasonable fear !

  • keist

    I don’t think there is any single phone manufacturer that is trying to compete with Nokia in camera. It’s all about the OS now. Most people will easily prefer a phone with a bad camera but with a great OS to a phone with a great camera but ugly and boring OS.

    • Keizka

      So that’s Why HTC wasn’t touting their one X cam last year at MWC. /s

      • viktor von d.

        shht. let them have their moment of glory. they have been waiting for the return of blackberry for a long time to make fun of nokia. give them a few days/weeks untill reality sinks in

        • Noki

          news flash! as bad as Rim can do with the b110, it hardly can be any worse that what Nokia did with Wp. From 30% market share to 2%.
          as a comparison the would mean bb10 would only capture 0.7% market share in 2 years… Its possible, but it gives you some perspective.

          • Mark

            “From 30% market share to 2%.”

            LOL! All as a result of WP and not, say, Nokia’s failure to compete with Symbian (you don’t seem to mention the drop from 60% to 30% from 2007 to 2010 anywhere)?

            Well OK then! 🙂

            • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti


              People living the Symbian religion seem to think that the drop in market share was irrelevant.


      • Weirdfisher

        I think HTC was trying to take the Camera king crown in the android camp instead of competing with nokia

  • swetha

    bb10 is fail.lumia 920 is best

    • rustyknight17

      Not from what I`ve `seen ! Why do u think it`s going to fail ?

    • rustyknight17

      Hmmm no reply , eloquent lol !

      • James

        Can you please stop necro-ing threads, if it was hard-hitting & profound stuff then maybe it’d be acceptable, but it’s not, it’s mostly SPAM & :. very poor nettiquette. It’s like you’re scared of having debates face on, so you necropost in bulk to get your point in & minimise responses.

        • James

          You’re not the only one that does it, there’s tools on the other side of the debate that do it too, annoyingly enough.

          • arts


        • rustyknight17

          Who , me ? I was asking swetha why he thought BB10 was going to fail , to which he never replied . And if u’ve been participating in MNB discussions for long , u know I’ll debate people to their faces so to speak . Would u care to respond to my question for swetha above ?

          • James

            I don’t know if it’s going to fail or not, I don’t assume anything, I hope not.
            As I said, just change the posting style, it’s “consistently” poor netiquette.

            • rustyknight17

              which one ?

              • James

                I think you know which ones aren’t the most appropriate, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out.

            • rustyknight17

              Seems to me that asking why someone thinks that a new OS is going to fail is a fair question . Not to mention contributing to the discussion . I guess by ur logic then u r necroing , just saying ….

              • James

                Just pointing it out, in the hope that you’ll grow some courtesy & common-sense. I cant help it if that’s (clearly) asking too much from you. Just know that you diminish respect from your peers over time if you continue to spit in their face.

  • zxz

    z10 has bad camera, but we dont care.

    • The thing is, BB10 is targeting BB users anyway. BB users dont care about camera, hence all their previous cameras have been potato like worse than HTC. Although it looks bad here, it’s not all bad for BB. Plus, Nokia is yet to make photo quality such a desirable feature amongst the wider market. Should they release a really fantastic lumia camera phone, then it might be worth them putting their marketing effort behind it (though we all know how badly Nokia’s marketing department needs a brain transplant).

      • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti

        How can Nokia make camera quality a desirable feature when they fail to market it properly?

        The problem for Nokia is that phones from other manufacturers can reach the level of the quality consumers want. Giving better quality people really need adds very little to the game.

        I have noticed that I tend to take more and more pictures with my iPhone just because I don’t bother to pick up the 808. It would take only a few seconds to do that. Most of the time, why bother when I get a good picture with the iPhone?

        • Pathetic

          finally someone saying something intelligent, while Nokia in its presentation of WP speak only of hardware blackberry , leave aside the hardware and focused on what really matters (software ) , yes, the 920 has the best camera, and so? 920 has the worst software on the market

      • Noki

        +++1 very good points (on the how important the camera is to bb users) note the z10 is way better than what they used to have.

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  • bcb16

    I agree, the bb z10 camera look bad.
    a bit out of topic, there’s a comparison between xperia z with nokia 808,

  • DesR85

    Based on the number of reviews I’ve read of Blackberry phones, I can tell that imaging isn’t a top priority for RIM so I wasn’t surprised at this phone’s image quality.

    As for it’s UI, it looks similar to Android with the quickbar at the bottom and the app list arranged very similar to it.

    • Keizka

      Yeah, in the looks department it isn’t winning any points for originality.

      • DesR85

        I probably think they are targeting Android users while at the same time, maintaining a Meego-like swipe experience (N9 style) when it comes to the UI.

  • Zhi

    Well, whatever it is, it puts the Lumia 920 in the news, next to the big dogs like the S3 and iPhone5, and in a good light too!

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  • Luisito

    It’s a BlackBerry… and there’e are two sentences that define a BlackBerry… Killer E-mail device, Crappy cameras…

  • Sefriol

    To be fair, BB Z10 costs as much as iPhone 5, SGS3, Nexus 4 and double the price compared to L920. Many shows on US which mentioned this release talked it in way like “why would you buy this phone over iPhone?”.
    And to be honest, I really don’t see the reason. News also report that Samsung is investing more on WP8 because companies are chancing from BB to WP.
    WP might not be at the best spot, but I really doubt that BB could do any better. Many companies are thinking that all devices using same software family is a positive thing.
    Plus, BB released these phones really late. MWC is next month and competitors are already releasing brand new phones with better hardware.

    For a corporate user, what’s the key benefit in using BB phone that competitors don’t have?

    • Luisito

      For Corporate users… Control… You, Me, Everyone can talk whatever we want (positive, negative, mehh), One of the things it have at is favor is BB are secure (if your IT know how to), ActiveSync Exchange and others can do the same BB do, but still the BBS is the most secure thing out there… Time will tell IF it will be succesfull…

      Lately, here have been a lot of BB10 info, I know it’s because it share a lot of things with some ex-Nokia projects, and it will bring some light if those project could have been successfull

    • DesR85

      “For a corporate user, what’s the key benefit in using BB phone that competitors don’t have?”

      It’s the BBM and e-mail services which are touted to be the most secure in the world, with RIM even claiming that they don’t have access to it (which does sound kind of dumb to me). These services did come under fire in certain countries like India, after the Mumbai attacks, and among the Gulf states.

      Aside from that, the other advantage is its QWERTY keyboard which is the best among other smartphones.

    • rustyknight17

      Really ? IDK , maybe because it`s wayy superior if u like to get things done ? Nahhhhh …
      I gather u haven`t actually tried BB10 or seen the demos and reviews . I`ve noticed that most of the naysayers r either people with an interest in influencing Blackberry stocks or people who haven`t actually tried BB10 …
      For corporate users ? BES and security , plus the Baknce !


    poor rimm, sad to see a once great company fail at its last chance for a homegrown comeback,
    maybe they will go android or wp next year.
    thank goodness nokia chose to partner with the worlds largest software company, nokia has a head-start in the third ecosystem choice.

    • rustyknight17

      Fail ? Meaning what ?

  • joy

    lets wait for the real war starts then the winner will be known .many people wil be satisfied about the bb 10

    • Bassman

      Would you like ro explain to everyone (as I’m sure we’d all be interested…) why you keep spamming the message boards (with ever changing usernames) with links to Facebook pages? Thanks.

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  • dss

    Its the usual 1.4 micron mess.. with mediocre optics and mostly likely poor jpeg processing. The results are not surprising at all. The difference between all of these phones is very small.

    The 920 is much better in low light (in terms of exposure anyway.. quality is still shitty) but other than that.. I don’t expect to see a substantial difference.

    Where the 920 shines is video and audio recording.. despite it being mono, its still much better than the rest.

  • rustyknight17

    Ali , I presume the top pics were taken low light , handheld , with no flash ? And auto mode ?

  • DJ

    It will still sell better than all Lumia models together.

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  • Heikki Niininen

    Please do not get me wrong now but I would like to suggest Ali to be a bit more careful when writing these articles. There seems to be writing and grammar mistakes sometimes. I understand that English is not Alis mother tongue but perhaps a bit more care could be used.

    This is just honest feedback. I do not have any intention to to be rude. Besides I need to say that the articles that Ali writes are always very understandable.

  • Ik

    I got my yellow lumia 920 last week!!! 🙂

  • James