Video: Nokia Lumia 620 first look (“feels ridiculously good…all in all, we’re really impressed”)

| January 31, 2013 | 74 Replies

620 FIRST LOOKKnowYourMobile take a first look at the entry level Nokia Lumia 620, which we just heard is coming to O2-UK at just £149.99 (other networks too but no price yet).

Apparently, the 620 feels ridiculously nice and is said to be pretty premium in terms of functionality, bolstered by Nokia’s app suite, just perfect for its price point. All in all, they’re really impressed


The Nokia Lumia 620 isn’t just loud and colourful, it’s also a pretty good bit of kit. How good? You’ll have to wait for our full review, but for our first impressions enjoy our video and check subscribe to the channel for more of the same.


p.s. here’s their unboxing



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  • Didn’t Basil used to be really anti-Nokia back when he was at Phone Arena? Seems he has taken a liking to them since moving to Know Your Mobile.

    • migo

      He was probably anti-Symbian (who wouldn’t be?).

      • Janne

        Like I always say, Nokia’s Lumia staregy’s one great triumph was getting truly great products out there after five years of mostly products suckiness from Nokia. They are bringing great stuff on the market.

        Too bad Lumia’s market performance became only a mediocre mess. Oh well, like anyone following tech knows, being the best isn’t always enough.

        • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti


          It’s possible that only iOS and Android can get any real success.

          BB10 may interest some old customers they have. It’s very different from Symbian and MeeGo. MeeGo was not compatible with the applications Symbian had in the end of the 2010 and it was not going to get as many applications as BB10 has.

          • Jiipee

            Care to elaborate?

            • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti

              About what?

              • Maybe

                Nokia bought Qt to integrate apps among Symbian, S40, MeeGo and Meltemi

              • Jiipee

                Why Nokia couldnt have had as many apps as BB10 has in two years?

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  BB10 apps are a huge lie! Many of those 70K apps are simply Android apps, running on the Android software emulator that is built in on BB10. The problem is, the apps run SLOW and LAGGY, and the apps look terrible since they are designed for a different UI (Android) than BB10.

                  Most reviews have absolutely criticized Blackberry for their terrible Android emulator implementation.

                  Android even in native code is laggy, due to the virtualization layer Android runs. Now imagine taking a regular Android app, and then running that not in native code, but in a software emulator in another OS… of course it will run terrible!

                  I think Blackberry executives are a bunch of morons for allowing this software emulation to be there in BB10. Regular customers won’t know nor care what are BB10 apps or Android apps. What they will care about is when they open an Android app and experience the terribly slow and laggy performance, they will hate BB10. Overall this will significantly hurt customer perception of BB10.

          • migo

            The Z10 has people lining up to buy it in the UK, and stores in Canada are reporting that they’re getting 7x as many Z10s as iPhone 5s, and most of them are earmarked for pre-orders. It likely won’t outsell the iPhone 5 at launch, but there’s a good chance that during the Z10’s launch, it’ll be outselling the iPhone in the same time period.

            Of course, what remains to be seen if the early adopter enthusiasm carries over to everyone else.

            • spacemodel

              Not surprising, BlackBerry have still a huge amount of fans and they haven’t abandoned or ‘betrayed’ their fans like Nokia did.
              I think the Q10 will be even more popular, there is still a big part of the mobile world which like to have a real Qwerty phone and BlackBerry is the only company with such a phone.


                Try again TROLL. Motorola and Samsung sell Qwerty phones, and Nokia still sells Asha qwerty phones. Nobody cares about Blackberry anymore. The ONLY reason why Blackberry installed base is still high is because most of them are COMPANY phones. Almost NOBODY uses Blackberries as personal phones. And for companies to support BB10, they will have to invest A LOT of money in new Blackberry phones, as well as support hardware in order to get them to run properly off BES servers.

                Most companies simply won’t be willing to do that, and will instead go with the increasing trend of “bring your own device”.

                Plus Windows Phone will soon get VPN support, which is the only big remaining flaw preventing some companies from moving to Windows Phone.

                • migo

                  Not really. Most people can’t get ahold of QWERTY phones from either company as they’re only available from a few carriers. The Q10 will be available from every carrier (even Sprint, which skipped over the Z10).

                  • correct

                    If you’re talking about specific carrier and markets, it depends. For wide availability in North America, yes Qwerty phones are limited. Overseas markets however have a variety of options, including the Asha qwerty phones.

                    That aside, qwerty phones remain a niche market, and the Q10 alone will not be enough to save Blackberry.

                    • migo

                      Asha doesn’t really compare to the Q10 though. You can easily get the C3 most places, but that’s not really what people have in mind when they’re thinking of a QWERTY smartphone.

                    • correct

                      The Asha touch qwerty phones can do almost everything a Q10 can in terms of usability. Yes it’s not as high end of course.

                      If you’re looking for high end, then there are certainly less options. At the same time, high end qwerty phones are quite a small niche.



              That’s the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard all day.

              No, there WILL NOT be that many Z10s shipped. Blackberry is BARELY hanging on financially, they couldn’t afford to ship that many Z10s even if they wanted to!

              The ACTUAL word is that the initial batch of the Z10 will only be several thousand units, well under a million.

              • GordonH

                “That’s the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard all day.”

                You must be very dumb to your own words. Listen to what you are saying and then you will laugh and hear dumb things all day. 😉

                • spacemodel

                  You are still reading posts from that guy/girl?

                  • correct

                    He’s right. Do you people just love to troll, or are you actually delusional? It’s impossible that there will be that many Z10s shipped, and also it’s highly unlikely that Blackberry will make a big comeback.

                    Most people have left BBM, and email support has become excellent on much of the competing platforms. People are not going to all suddenly come back to Blackberry.

                    Most importantly, the design still remains boring and too business-like as is the BB10 software itself. The BB10 UI is very bland and boring, even more bland and boring than iPhone’s UI. Iphone’s UI although dated, is easy to use and a lot of people still like it.

                    • migo

                      No, he’s not. Demand for the Z10 is initially very high. The Z10 will sell several million before the end of the quarter.

                    • correct

                      Your original trolling comment that several times more Z10s than Iphone 5s are being shipped is utterly and patently ridiculous.

                      “Several million” can be anywhere from 2 and up.

                      In any case we’ll see about that. Demand and sell out reports mean little, as we know from Lumias.

                    • correct

                      Blackberry simply does not possibly have enough cash to order millions and millions of Z10s to be made.

                    • migo

                      Actually, they have several billion in cash, and no debt. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about for a start.

                      I’m not trolling, I’m sticking to facts and looking at things objectively, which is unfortunately not the norm on this blog.

                    • correct

                      Really? You’re completely wrong. Here are the financial balance sheets, let’s take a look at the facts Meego developer, shall we?



                      So let’s see:

                      Nokia has total assets of 47 Billion USD and total liabilities of 28.9 Billion.

                      RIM has total assets of 13.7 Billion and total liabilities of 3.6 Billion.

                      In addition, Nokia’s total stockholder equity is significantly higher than RIM’s, and Nokia’s net tangible assets are considerably higher than RIM’s.

                      Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about claiming RIM has “no debt”. RIM has quite a bit owing in accounts payable. Now I’m no accountant, but I’m quite sure that counts as debt.

                      This is of course based on last year’s annual data, and we know with Q3 2012 data from both Nokia and RIM that Nokia made a profit while RIM made an adjusted net loss. RIM increased their cash on hand while posting an adjusted net loss. The way they did that was simply through some accounting tricks.

                      Nokia’s cash on hand is significantly higher than RIM’s cash on hand.

                      RIM right now is also significantly increasing spending for building up inventories for the Z10 and Q10. Plus, these are high end devices that won’t sell in high numbers like RIM’s low end Blackberries were selling. RIM’s low end BB10 devices don’t come until later this year.

                      The question then remains can RIM survive several tough quarters until their cheap, low end BB10 devices get to market.

        • jiipee

          Reading Jay’s tweets, it seems that there is some Symbian heritage that Nokia managed to bring on WP8 😉

          • Viipottaja

            What do you mean? 🙂 I don’t use twitter so..

  • Jiipee

    These are the devices which will define the fate of Nokia’s WP strategy. As said before, I find the low end a lot more competitive.

    The internals seem reasonably good, I wonder, how good are the margins.

    • arts


    • capedonut

      I think this could do well on most markets, except for maybe the the North American, Chinese and Japanese

      • Viipottaja

        Why would it not do well in China? Also, in the US smartphone penetration is still relatively low and lower end phones do sell quite well – even the 5230 did reasonably well.

        • Capedonut

          You might be right about the US, as I guess it’s your home turf. I just was under the impression that most phones there are sold on contract , and therefore would make it harder to gain traction. In china the problem is the huge amount of cheap local high end android phones.

          • migo

            A lot of people in China still have a low opinion of Chinese brands, so an affordable Nokia could still sell well.

            While, yes, phones are sold on contract in NA, there’s often restrictions on getting the subsidised price, so the contract price is really a best case scenario rather than the norm.

            • capedonut

              Yeah I guess branding is the key in China. But it’s getting tougher. Local brands like Lenovo and Huawei are becomming more popular

              • migo

                Certainly, but there’s still going to be a niche for foreign brands. Execution will be key for Nokia. If they can deliver soon enough to get a foothold, they could do well.

        • nn

          How well did 610 in China? Or any other Lumia?

          It will bomb because every other WP phone bombed too, be it in China or elsewhere. And that includes WP8 line, the catastrophic results from US, where it had full support from MS and Nokia, just show what you can expect from it.

          But I guess since we have no plan B and change is not an option, we have to assert to ourselves that Lumia is cool and fresh and everyone loves it, up until Nokia is no more.

          • Janne

            Lumia has done badly on the market, that’s for sure. Or mediocrely, depending on the locale.

            Great products don’t always succeed on the market, but also the first Lumia generation (including 610) were only good products, not great products. WP8 line, now that may be great…

            That said, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Nokia and Lumia will soldier on somewhere on the middle of the road. Mistakes of the past years (and yes, including the past two years) means Nokia won’t be leading the pack on that road, though. Not anytime in the foreseeable future.

            • GordonH

              “That said, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.”
              I think I heard that somewhere before.

            • nn

              In other words Nokia keeps doing the same thing and is expecting different result.

              Maybe you didn’t follow the latest news of past two years, but it’s no longer about if they will be able to lead the pack someday, but rather if they will fall out of the race altogether. Which, frankly, at this point is only question of time.

              • Janne

                I don’t agree that Nokia keeps doing the same over and over again. The products are improving. Nor do I expect them to fall any more.

                The problem is, I don’t see them doing all that great either with this strategy. They fell a lot and it is hard to get back. Mediocrely it shall go.

                • nn

                  Making token improvements and thinking that this, in combination with more marketing, will suddenly deliver success, is at the core of doing the same thing.

                  The implosion is now done deal. WP8 failed and competitions is ramping up their efforts, WP has no chance against them. But I think it will be MS who will finally pull the plug, Nokia’s leadership is not able to recognize the problem, let alone act on it.

                  • correct

                    The facts will shut up all of you trolls soon enough. Don’t you have some Meego app to develop? Oh wait, I forgot, it’s a DEAD PLATFORM.

                    Stop trolling, you’re not a Nokia fan. Be honest that you’re just a Meego or Symbian or whatever fan and move on.

                    Windows Phone will not fail. The world’s most innovative phone company and the world’s most successful software company are in a long-term partnership to make Windows Phone succeed.

                  • Janne

                    nn: Disagree on Nokia just doing the same thing, we agree to disagree. Also, my view is WP8 didn’t fail. My view is that WP is gaining mediocre success. Maybe it will be the third pony. 🙂

                    It is true that there is some very interesting new competition ahead in 2013 in the mobile scene that may alter the balance of things in interesting or more divergent ways.

                    • correct

                      It is also true that there are too many Meego and Symbian trolls posting here with ulterior motives, who are not Nokia fans, and do not care about Nokia. Rather they are only concerned about their own selfish motives.

                      Additionally it is true that Nokia may very well have some huge innovations in store to unveil at MWC this month, which may shock the industry and cause a big increase in interest of Lumias and WP8.

          • migo

            The Lumia 710 has done quite well, and is part of the reason the 610 was mediocre – roughly the same price but categorically better in every way.

    • dss

      Spot on.. very important segment.

  • Janne

    It is good to see these kinds if comments about Nokia devices again, after years of (unfortunately too often deserved) media abuse. Lumia 620 sure is a lovely piece of fabuelopousness. 😉

  • migo

    This doesn’t surprise me. The Lumia 710 was great value for the money, and the 620 seems to be as well. If they can get it on every network around the world, it’d be a huge coup. I don’t imagine the margins on it are impressive, but it would be an increase in sales and an increase in marketshare, which is the first thing Nokia needs.

    • Janne

      Most importantly, Lumia 620 looks fab. 710 was nice in person (I have one), but didn’t look so good in photos. Never underestimate the power of fabuelopous looks in this age of grey slabs…

      • migo

        That’s certainly an advantage too. If it were symmetrical, I’d strongly consider getting one.

  • john

    lumia 620 is a chunky solid phone.corect phone for everybody dnt like huge screens


    the 620 is constantly getting positive reviews.

    • dss

      The most worrying bit about the 620 is that 1300 mah battery … to me that is crazy for a wp8 device.

      • migo

        It should be fine, just enough to get through the work day if you’re not constantly using it.

    • 620 is really nice phone.

  • Muerte

    They’d better advertise the Rich Recording in 620 (Maybe it is too trivial for higher end phones to tell about this feature, because Nokia is not telling it to anyone)

    FFS, it is as big thing as the PureView techs, in my opinion!

    • Irishmarius

      agreed i have seen maybe phone ads and carrier ad ,with young people at concerts or sports events recording on their phones.

      nokia needs to man up and show head to heads between other phones and theirs , they have the best cameras by far and the best sound recording.

      920 or 808 kills anything else.
      but even the 820 and 620 will most likely be brilliant.

      • migo

        Yeah, it’s crazy how Nokia still doesn’t understand advertising.

  • nokiaman

    Walked past my local Telstra shop yesterday was pleasantly surprised to see a huge display for lumia 920. Thought I would drop in to see how sales were doing and found out that they couldn’t keep up with demand for it……. also my wife bought Iphone 5 a few weeks ago but after she was playing with my 920 she really regrets her purchase…… another win for Nokia…….

  • dss

    I think this is the firs Lumia phone that actually makes sense in terms of price/functionality .. good job.

    • migo


  • Samuel

    Well done Tampere department of Nokia. Others have now really much to catch up. That Tampreish “moro! :)”-feeling can be felt from your first Lumia product. AFAIK the 620 was completely created in the most relaxed city in Finland (where most of the Pureview work is done too..)

    Time to ramp up the production capacity guys 🙂

    • Jiipee

      In the most relaxed Nokia city 😉 You are missing places like Kuopio and others in Savo region 😉

    • Janne

      Major respect to Tampere!

      You are officially forgiven for Mikko Alatalo. 😉

      • Viipottaja

        Now you are being genorous! 😛

        Used to study in Tampere – a great city!

        • Janne


        • KeiZka

          Still here, and yea. Actually saw 620 out in the wild one weekend here.

          • Samuel

            E7 was easily spotted just a few days after announce at “Kapina.” Other way is to try with some decent binoculars (called 808) from TUT Konetalo roof. A good possibility to see some sketch drawings on the tables at Hermia. Not really though.. but close enough 😀

            • Keizka

              I don’t stay in Hervanta that much 😉 not my cup of tea, no sirree!

  • manu

    best phone
    [GTFO Spammer!]

  • nokia

    excellent compact phone that has all the features

  • bladerunner

    Just ordered my Lumia 610. But looking at UK sellers and carrier offerings I think that Nokia would be better off making the black shells as accessory only, and selling the phones in white and colours only. The accessory shells are not even available currently in UK. I can’t even get the ruggedised shells for my Lumia 820 and they were announced early 2012. Come on Nokia get a grip! I love my four Lumia models but need accessories too.

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