Why is my @Nokia Lumia 920 turning itself off? Even after the Portico update? Beta Test is NOT over.

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If there was one thing I could say about my Nokia Lumia 800 and then the 900 I used after it was that they were super reliable. No freezing, no random reboots, no switching themselves off.  Within a few days of my first Nokia Lumia 920, I found out the LED stopped working. That’s fine, the rest of the phone was OK, and I got a replacement as it was within the 30 days. That was a hardware issue.

I’ve no idea if I’ve ended up swapping it for another dud 920 or it’s just part of the quality of WP8 (I guess it should be more widespread if that’s the case) but my Nokia Lumia 920 randomly turns itself off. Before, it did this once or twice a month. Then every other week. Then a couple of times a week. I thought that this infamous Portico update would sort it so I waited around for that. No. It happened not long after the update and just this morning when it was meant to be an alarm. I was kinda wishing I didn’t set an alarm as I wanted extra sleep (I didn’t have to come in till late anyway – call it a new Lumia extra rest feature that intuitively knows if you’ve slept late and need more sleep :/). Imagine if I had set it as my only alarm for an exam, morning lecture or whatever situation I might have actually needed it in.

I’ve looked around and I’ve noticed this happening with a some users on this thread. They’ve had the update since December.

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I am now an expert of soft reseting (volume down and power) which resets my date to September 5th, 2012, 09:47.

Here’s a  different thread, I guess before the update with users experiencing the same problem.

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I was wondering if this was a WP8 thing. But I searched for users of HTC 8X experiencing the same thing. Unless it’s my google-fu gone bad, I can’t seem to find a thread about it.

BTW, here’s yet another 920 thread, from Nokia discussions.


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Is this something Nokia is aware of? Is this a specific Nokia firmware problem? Or a hardware issue? Am I going to have to send in my 920 for servicing (I’d rather not have to send a phone away and use an old one, lose all whatsapp messages etc)?

The 900 and my 800 have gone months without being turned off (and when they did turn off, it was a no-phone-zone me turning them off). I did find out the reason why my 800 would not turn on after the battery depleted was the Samsung charger I used on it didn’t supply the same power – as my other Nokia chargers could ‘wake it up’.

I’d love to blame MS and whine about how they’re taking so long to implement few features (hey to being late with notification centre!) – I thought it would be to at least make the phone stable (and it is when using the rest of the phone) but looking at it, it’s sadly seeming to have a lot more Nokia involvement to it…actually, no wait. whilst I was updating this post with screenshots I found one. Just one so far.

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I’d like to know what’s causing it to turn off. I’d like to know what can be done about it.

Update: Peter’s comment below suggests it could be hardware.

Update 2: As for ‘Doug’ recommending “other” more reliable phones, for every one thread about the 920 shut down, there is about 20 of the “recommended” handset. Perhaps as it has more users, but still goes to show it plagues them too. See comment

Update 3: I forgot about this twitter service – @NokiaHelps.  Various companies have specific twitter accounts to help their customers. I’ve found a lot of them more useful than having to call customer care lines. Let’s see how this works.

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Update 4: Got an email from Nokia Care ( Customer Support & Team Coordinator
Customer Escalations and Resolutions Team) who wants to give me a call. Phone on standby. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn off so I don’t miss the call, eh :p.

Update 5: Well, that was quick. Nokia helps, certainly did help. I got a call as soon as they received my email (they were having problems with their email system so things were coming in slowly). They’re sorting it out through something called Door Step Swap. I don’t have to come in to a shop, I don’t have to call the shop and wait for them to get stock, I don’t have to send my phone away. They do next day (it’s Friday so it’ll be Monday, or Monday dispatch with Tuesday delivery) service. Just swap the phone on the doorstep. How cool is that. 😀 Thanks!

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.53.12Fingers crossed I am third time lucky.



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  • Francis

    Nokia is historically tend to produce flagship phone with hardware bugs.


    a. N97 – design bug, under power CPU and too little RAM.
    b. N8 – Initial batch with motherboard dry joint problem and caused random reboot.
    c. 808 – random reboot due the capacitor problem.
    d. Now 920 – random reboot and fast battery drain, actual problem still unknown yet.

    Technically higher level software (ie OS) is more easy to troubleshot, but if it is due to micro-code built inside the CPU or micro-controller, than it will death end.

    Other than that, as we all know, Windows OS normally not so reliable, and tend to produce blue screen of death. This been inherit in many generation of windows too. However, WP8 being the first generation of MS phone OS using NT kernel, if give MS little bit more time, this WP OS hopefully will be feature rich and stable after two years i.e. about WP10 – WP11 version.

  • Donie

    I have random shut downs, too since Christmas. Before Christmas no issues. Installing Portico did not help.
    The good thing is that it happens just arround once a week and until now during daytime (so I did not miss my Alarm yet).
    Because of Jay’s Story I wrote to @NokiaHilft (the german pendant to @NokiaHelps) and they asked me if I have installed an app which is connected to the battery.
    I was a bit surprised to hear that question. I have installed BatterySense. I will uninstall that one and will see if the shutdowns still occur.
    Otherwise I would like to get the same service from Nokia as Jay got 🙂

    Other apps I have installed: Whatsapp
    What I dont have installed: Skype

    • Viv

      Faced the same issue 920 suddenly switched off while using & won’t turn on again. Boots up only with a charger but unable to use it & won’t hold charge. Tried soft & hard reset both. The thing just keeps restarting when i try to reset it. Took it to the care centre where the exec told me the phone’s software has failed & its become a hardware issue now. So gutted right now because it got spoilt for no fault of mine.

  • twig

    I think its power charging. If I use Samsung charger if bricks the phone. If I use the charging pillow and turn the phone off first it bricks . IF I use Nokia charger or keep my phone on while charging…no problems. I don’t use Whatsapp. Love the phone though.

  • Antero

    My mom has had this a couple of times with her white Lumia 920. The two button reset helps. Looks like the two button thing is WP8 equivalent to Ctrl-Alt-Del 🙂

    Mine has done this once and also several self-reboots. But they seem to happen all at once, ie. fine for months then one day I have several reboots, then it goes away – then after some time I can have a bad day again.

  • KeiZka

    They won’t swap devices over here, though. Tried.

  • Weird, i also think it will be a problem with the power charger.

  • dawn

    I have had many Nokia phones such as N900, N8, Lumia 900, and now Lumia 920. I purchased my 920 online through at&t. I had no issues with the phone turning off ever (before or after update). The only problem I had was after the update my battery began to drain quicker (couldn’t go a full day at work without charging when before I could ). I had to turn off scan for wi-fi networks to get my battery functioning as it was before the update. That must use the most power after the update only since it wasn’t a problem before. Now everything is great other then missing some Nokia features that I don’t have yet.

  • soni

    is the same problem cming wid lumia 820 plz comment!!!

  • GordonH

    WTF… I never would have expected a software product to have bugs. /s
    Bugs are the norm for every OS be WP7, WP8, Android, iOS and OMG even Symbian.
    The solution “is” to get engineers aligned to fix it.
    The solution “is not” to jump ship and use a competing company’s ecosystem.

  • dr_zorg

    Enjoy your awesome Lumia phones 😀 😀 😀

    • EmmanuelM

      Ha ha yes … 🙂

    • We do 🙂 How’s your gloat-sauce tasting? A bit fresher and not as bitter as usual?

      • dr_zorg

        Not bitter, just amused. You do realise that the more disarrayed Nokia is due to Elop’s actions, the worse the results will be – even with the said panacea WP. The failed “transition” has cost Nokia their whole R&D department, including the hardware side. Factories closed, professionals fired. The result you see – far worse quality hardware and a lot of software bugs where there shouldn’t be any. Blind support of WP hasn’t really paid off for you either. Hence, I’m amused 🙂

        • Blind support of WP? Ironic to see me complaining about WP?

          I don’t know how many times we have to tell you what this blog is about and how it operates. I talk about the good things, and I talk about the bad things. From Symbian, to Maemo to WP. When there is time for praise, we praise. When there is time for criticism, I criticise. Showing both sides isn’t irony.

          You appear to revel in the moment of what you perceive as someone’s misery. But the thing is, we’re not miserable. I’m just highlighting one particular issue, which in the grand scheme of things, is not actually that bad (if it’s a daily occurrence, affecting how I use the phone, then yes, but it’s not). P.S. these “defects” are not specific to WP or to Nokia, they occur towards ALL manufacturers. See how many SGSIII/Note 2 users experience this? I used to term “beta test is not over” because it was an easy shot to make at Nokia, used quite often by others. No one will ever produce a bug free, problem free phone. It might have minimal problems, but nothing so far is 100% error proof. Nokia really shouldn’t have gone down that alley.

          Team of Yes men and Astroturfers? It’s a fan blog, dr_zorg. Fans of things tend to congregate with each other. If you don’t like it, we’re not forcing you to be here.

          I’m fairly tolerant in having the conversation from both sides (and some Nokia/WP fans don’t like the negativity here, but at times, we need to hear it to discuss and resolve them in the future).

          My 920 still feels premium, it still gets oohs and ahhs from friends on iPhone/top Androids (of course, BBs :p). I don’t see how on earth this is supposedly a similar treatment to how the Symbian transition was poorly handled at Nokia. That was terribly done. This, this is a non issue by comparison, but something I had to publicise as I don’t brush things under the carpet.

      • dr_zorg

        He who digs a pit for another will fall in it.

        In your case (and not you specifically, but the team of yes-men and astroturfers you’ve gathered around you), it’s ironic to see you complaining about defects which are a direct result of the uncaring and arrogant attitude of Elop and co. They told their loyal Symbian users to f*ck off, and you cheered and jeered. Now you receive a similar treatment, getting a dummy device for the price of a premium product. Enjoy to the full 🙂

        • Bassman

          Speaking of ‘premium’ dummy devices, I remember when I first got my N8 2 years ago and the abortion the was S^3, which was far more buggy than it appears WP8 is.

          It took well over a year to get the Belle update which made it reasonable to use (which ironically may not have come for the N8 in the old regime). Also my N8 had to be returned and a new motherboard fitted due to the constant restarts and bricking. Very premium. There seems to be a lot of people that had similar problems.

          Shockingly enough, ALL other phone manufacturers have units which suffer from hardware/software issues. It’s how they are dealt with that is the key to this. It seems that Nokia’s past way to deal with this was to bury their head in the sand (N97 anyone). At least Nokia are pushing regular updates and bug fixes, which appears to have lacking in days gone by.

          You may want to look back at Nokia of old with rose tinted glasses and imagine a warm and fuzzy company who loved their fans (but then reward them by giving them utter crap like the N97), however it is arguable that the current product range is far more consistent and better supported than in the past.

          Now, crawl back under your bridge troll.

  • rollakid

    Had my Lumia 920 for almost 4 weeks now. I had to soft reset it once, got stuck in the Battery Widget app, and it refuses to back out to main screen, and the power/lock button doesn’t work so I can’t restart it.

    Other than that, it runs extremely hot when using some apps, mainly games. Poor battery life is caused by whatsapp. It’s the first app I installed so I thought the battery was really this bad, until I uninstalled it and it doubled my battery life from 10 to 20 hours (replace chatting time with surfing + music).

    I’ve since switch to Wechat, it uses just as much power but at least it’s not as frustrating as whatsapp, though both apps heats the phone up pretty bad.

    Very discouraging hearing portico didn’t fix much, as I still haven’t get it in my country. Feels like there’s not much to look forward to.

  • Grendell

    Hmm. Something to do about a “turd” ecosystem?

  • JGrove303

    I have not had my 920 die over night while charging, ever. A very bizarre issue indeed.

    Mine too is an AT&T variant, that has only really dicked up while using half-assed 3rd party apps. In particular, Flashlight-X. Once in a while, I get dead screen using it, and gotta reboot.

    Speaking of that, never did the 920 throw me back in time after a reboot.

    I would contest its all shitally written apps that are causing it.

  • MM1201

    I had the sudden-turn-off problem in my Lumia 920, too. I got my phone in end of November 2012. The turn-off occurred after a week or two after the transaction. At first, it took place even twice a day. Then, for no concrete reason, turn-offs became less and less frequent, and the phone can work for weeks without this problem. The incidental turn-offs do not harm me. The phone is absolutely fantastic, even with that shortcoming. I would not change it to any other smart phone at the moment.

  • Shayesta Miah

    Sell your nokia lumia off! Its a useless device! Microsoft/nokia dont really give a crap about the faults. All lumias are rubbish and every single one of them have poor audio qualit for music via 3.5mm jack.

    • yes u r correct, i bought but now i m regret htis, lumia 920 very bad……….

  • Saeed

    I had the same issue with my 920 turning off but I found the solution to my problem at least.

    it turned out it was caused by the Accuweather app. for some reason there are two versions of the app one from nokia and the other from Accuweather. the one from nokia worked fine but then i installed the one published by Accuweather and the phone would turn off over night. I tried it for a while installing one for a couple of days then the other and every time I install the one from Accuweather the problem happens again.

    my suggestion is to try and disable apps working in the background or updating the lockscreen and see if it helps. Then you can enable them one by one and look for the faulty one.

    ps nokia has different weather apps depending on the region and in my region it is Accuweather.

  • Having the shut down issue on the 920 as well. Tried a full factory reset yesterday followed by a minimal extra apps install. Let’s see if that works.

    Is anyone aware on an app to monitor what other apps are doing, like the Task Manager in Windows for PC ? Maybe we could observe what processes are active and start to share more tecnical experiences among us.

    Thanks for your feedbacks.


    PS: The 920 format running IOS would have been swell… (written from my iPad)

  • aquadigio

    The last nokia/WP update for 920 (which was released around March 30, if I remember correctly) fixed the random shutdowns for me. My phone used to shut down a couple times a week, and I have not seen it shut down since then. Hopefully we can all put this issue behind with the new update!

    • bmn

      Yes firmware update worked for me as well.

  • ed8080

    I have a Lumia 920 and experienced the same problem every night after leaving the phone charging. The interesting thing is, I have been travelling in different time zones, changing the time zone on my phone and the phone still switches according to what is the night time of the local time zone! Some forums suggest a non-original charger might be the issue, however I have been using the Nokia original wired charger as well as the wireless charger and the problem persists in both cases. Yesterday, I picked up a hint on these forums that Skype might be the problem so to experiment I have uninstalled Skype and last night for the first time the phone did not switch itself on. Hallelujah! It might be too early to prove that this is actually a fix but fingers crossed that tonight and every night after the problem does not reoccur.

  • Ed

    Well, the phone managed to last a whole two nights without turning itself off, but last night the problem reared it’s head again. Sigh.

  • dont buy this lumia 920 very bad……….

  • The random shutdowns indicate faulty firmware which needs to be updated to the latest rev, currently 1308 (1232.5957.1308.0001). You need the Nokia Software Updater for Retail (current version 3.0.4) which checks compatibility with your phone and then updates it to the current released firmware.

    You can download the Nokia Software Updater for Retail at — without registration or any junk software download. This one is the 2.0.6 version but it will update itself first. Instructions can be found at the site, donations are much appreciated.

  • Guest

    Can anyone tell me why the apps I have just close without warning and won’t let me open them again?