Redesigned Facebook For Windows Phone Concept

| February 9, 2013 | 13 Replies

2Personally I have no qualms with the current Facebook app for Windows Phone; besides the fact that it’s sometimes confusing whether pressing the back button one more time will end the app or take you to your Facebook feed. But the folks at 1800PocketPC went ahead and conjured up a redesigned version of the Facebook app; it looks pretty “metro” although personally  I’m not a big fan of the blue overdose (especially since most of Facebook is white now).


The coolest design feature however is the inclusion of the charms bar from Windows 8/Windows RT into the app; I’d love to see that included into Windows Phone all over the OS.





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  • v.s.i

    Sorry, but the charms bar would make little sense given that there already is a menu bar on the bottom margin of the screen, in my opinion. Put those buttons there and we’re good to go.

    Otherwise the app kind of looks like the home screen, which is not bad, but those tabs placed in a menu instead of being laterally swiped to is a bit un-Metro-like. Someone could do it. 🙂

  • This is aesthetically very pleasing design, but in the end it’s actually quite far from Metro/Windows UI.

    They have for example chosen to ignore all the navigation principles from Metro to opt instead a drop-down menu placed in the top left corner, something that is very confusing to me. I don’t see what benefit there is in putting that in to the most inconvenient location possible on the screen, you would absolutely hate reaching for that corner when using a large-screen device like Lumia 920 or ATIV S. Simple pivot control like the one the current FB app for displaying these pages has works much better than this implementation ever would.

    I also don’t agree getting rid of the App bar in favour of custom Charm bar. All the other apps use App bar for this kind of purpose and WP users already know how to use the App bar, what’s the point of breaking UX consistency here? Very little gained and a whole lot lost.

  • arts

    Why not more like metrotube layout?

    and the charms bar might be better of on the left hand sides of things.

    while i love the banner image feature, i think its a huge waste of space.

    • No it is not.

      When the image is that big, your eyes can actually see what’s in it. If it would be any smaller you would be left with a huge wall of text and a pic too small to figure out easily what’s it represents.

      This way there’s a good pic and what is left for the text is still way more than your eyes can handle with a single glance.

      You should not be afraid/reluctant to scroll when using WP.

  • P

    Personally, I like this design, inc the homepage of the tiles. Just because as some of you lot saying its far from metro design with drop down menus, makes it nicer and pleasing. As I have said before tiles are getting boring for me, but the tiles above love shexi and the facebook app looks much better than the current one. Kudos

    • P

      “look shexi”…typo

    • Peter

      You would hate to actually use this app. It’s much more easier to swipe between the pages instead of reaching for a drop-down menu in top of the screen.

      The graphics are very nice in this concept but the author should really rethink it with the WP navigation model in mind.

      • Hypnopottamus

        I 100% agree!

  • Khoa

    looks confusing.

  • twig

    I don’t use Facebook but it looks nice. I did order a Nokia C2-01 for emergency phone last night. Ready for Nokia Music + and those Nokia Purity Pros in flash black which finally appeared on Amazon .

    Speaking of Facebook, on Kim Kommando radio show today, she said she is testing a very nice Nokia 920 right now. Yes, the largest syndicated tech radio show in the U.S. just said “very nice Nokia 920”.

  • guerrahp

    Can I just have a wallpaper?

  • Allawi

    Does it look like Sam galaxy note?

    • arbiter

      yes, its the horrible ATIV S !! 🙁