Lumia Windows 8 Tablet Leaked in Pakistan Lumia Launch?

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Some of the folks at Nokia gadget were at the Pakistan launch of the Lumia WP8 range, and caught what seems to be a Nokia tablet chilling in plain sit on screen.

Although I find it difficult to believe that Nokia would plaster a picture of an unreleased device front and center at a product launch (right besides the Lumia 620); the tablet does carry some Lumia-esque features; such as the vibrant colors and rounded corners (looks more like the 820 and 620 than the 920).

The device appears to be a 7 inch tablet by looking at the screen ratio and compared to the size of the 620.

Of course this could be  random rendered photo to avoid having to put another competitors product on screen; but this close to MWC we’ll take it as a sign.

(PS: this reminded me of the HTC Flyer)


Source Thanks for the tip marcopolo

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  1. Aa says:

    LOL and the Nokia PC too…..!

  2. Viipottaja says:

    If it is real, does not look half bad at all, quite small bezels surprisingly (for a Nokia product.. ).

  3. d12south says:

    horrible. I hope this is not a nokia tablet.

    • Viipottaja says:

      what’s so horrible about it?

      • nn says:

        You mean beside the tiles?

        • dss says:

          Win 8 works very well on touch… nothing wrong with a win 8 nokia tablet.

          • Everything, absolutely everything is wrong with a WinRT or Win8 tablet from Nokia.

            You can get yourself a Microsoft Surfail if you need a WinRT or Win8 tablet that badly.

            • Mark says:

              Ah right… lots of hatred and no explanations!

              Pretty standard really! :)

            • Pathetic says:

              surfail hhahahahahahahahahahaha LOL +9999999

            • dss says:

              Oh I agree.. ARM based tablet is pointless, if they are going to do it, they need to put a Haswell chip in there, and Win 8 Pro. Even the new 28nm AMD chips would be much better.. Temash has great graphics, and CPU processing should be more than enough for Windows 8 Pro.


              The current gen Core i5 tablets are a compromise since the chips weren’t meant for that form factor, and the ARM based ones can’t run x86 programs..

              So if you want a proper hybrid machine, you need to wait for the new chips.. late summer.

              • mirco says:

                And what if you just want a tablet? Nobody ever complained that you cannot run MacOS X software on an iPad and nobody cares that you cannot run Linux software on an Android tablet (at least not in a convenient way). So if somebody is happy with an iPad/Android tablet he/she might not even want a x86 tablet running a full Win8.

                I don’t get the point in bashing WinRT all the time just because it cannot run x86 code just as any other ARM tablet as well.

                • incognito says:

                  The bashing comes from the fact that Windows RT offers absolutely nothing that iOS or Android don’t (except the fugly UI, but that’s not really an advantage) – and the latter two have a shitload of software already developed for them.

                  Windows RT devices now, and in the future, are nothing more than shells for the Internet Explorer. Advantage of having Windows on a tablet would be the ability to run all the legacy software in a familiar environment – Windows RT doesn’t offer any of those, which is why Microsoft will sack it probably by the year’s end. It’s a solution to a non-existing problem and the market clearly recognized that.

                  • MOOking says:

                    that should tell Nokia and elop something

                  • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


                    Someone could say that Symbian or MeeGo never offered anything really meaningful that iOS or Android didn’t offer.

                    Now, some people seem to think that was not a problem.


        • Viipottaja says:

          No, and did not ask you anyway.. :P

      • d12south says:

        Horrendous design.. thank god Nokia just confirmed this is not their tablet proposal.

  4. martin says:

    8 or RT?

  5. Just Visiting says:

    If I didn’t have a Windows 8 desktop, I would certainly get a Nokia tablet. But I can access the games from my desktop and play them pretty effortlessly (i.e. Where’s My Water) so I just don’t see a need for me to purchase ANY tablet at this point.

    I really do hope that if Nokia releases a tablet, I hope it sells very well.

  6. swain says:

    Just like Jolla, I hope we can discuss about Vertu here.:)
    Here is a link to their latest model:

    • twig says:

      I’m not feeling the love for the new Vertu, not ever considering the OS but the hardware. When they come out and say its not cutting edge, for $10k usd I can skip it. How about you?

    • Viipottaja says:

      Excellent! Another $40m in the coffers to leverage their capital better.

      • arts says:

        +1. Lovely news, brought to us by people who obviously love nokia!

      • nn says:

        And maybe, if we are all really really quiet, we will be even able to hear the nice sound these money will produce as they quickly disappear in the WP blackhole!

      • Harangue says:

        Noticed that as well, common practice for companies that have no real benefit for a real estate strategy. Nokia has no need for real estate, actually no tech-company actually has a need for real estate anyway.

        • swain says:

          I agree. They have no need for real estate. But then what sense does it make to sell your own property and rent it back ???
          Unless they desperately need some cash to hide a poor profit(loss), it’s really hard to understand.

          • Janne says:

            Because there is a big tax benefit in Finland to do so and it allows investing the money more strategically. Many very well doing companies are doing it here.

            • swain says:

              Thanks for the info.
              Let’s hope Nokia sells it’s offices only in Finland in order to enjoy the tax benefits. :P

              • Tomi says:

                That is just bu**s’Hit. No company that is doing well are selling their facilities. No hard feelings. I do know that there are benefits for renting but…

              • Janne says:

                I think it is a little bit of both. The tax benefit for renting is significant, so that part is real.

                But I also think Nokia has become more active in improving their financial handling for other reasons too. Partly because of downsizing requiring less of certain things (like needing less buildings), partly because their strategic woes have meant money is not coming in like Christmas anymore and they feel more need to make the most of their financial assets.

                No, it is not some drive to avoid bankruptcy – that is not a real risk. But the transition and downsizing of course has some part in them wanting to make sure their financial strategy is as good as possible. Hence becoming more active in getting licensing money too.

                Old Nokia was a bit bloated and lazy with such things, now they are improving – partly out of general urgency created by their challenger status, partly to improve their organization in this way too, cut the bloat and smarten things.

                • swain says:

                  Downsizing also helps in quick and easy buyout. It may not be a reason but still there are possibilities.

                  • Mahoney says:

                    When a company is in hired place there is a big risk of industrial spying and infiltration – that is the risk number 1 for any innovative company. If you don’t have your own place then no one can give you guarantee of any kind that a spy toys has not been installed by “unknown persons” after hours etc. Loosing secrets of innovations means losing of market advantages. Can you imagine Intel lab inventing new kinds of CPU in rent space? No market, no taxes, no benefits, no company. But quite easier to fire employee – the space can be rent to somebody else easier.

                    • Janne says:

                      I find this comment lacking in understanding of how the corporate life works in Finland.

                      In fact, Intel has rented R&D facilities in Finland. :D

                    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


                      Very true.

                      Very few companies need to own their R&D facilities in Finland. There are way more effective ways for industrial spying than renting some office space for Nokia.

        • larryg968 says:

          Google recently bought real estate in London

          Tech companies that r broke sell land. Companies with money invest.
          Stop making excuses for Nokia and Elop

          • larryg968 says:

            Additionally, how many companies did google, facebook and twitter buy in 2012.

            How many division/ real estate did nokia and RIM divest in 2012?

            Companies that r growing and have resources expand. Companies that r losing money or anticipate slow growth divest bcuz they need cash.

            Don’t attempt to make this divestiture sound nokia is doing it bcuz things r going well

            • Harangue says:

              Nokia bought Scalado, that is one. Earthmine, Smarterphone, a part of Motorola’s US network branch and another company just before Elop joined.

              Look, Nokia is doing bad, partly because of Elop, partly because of his predecessors. Nothing to argue there. But stating that selling real estate is only to generate cash is just so wrong.

          • swain says:

            good point. I am sure our Elop worshipers have a point to prove Google’s actions are illogical. :D

          • Harangue says:

            Well, Nokia is in a bad position, true. But solely saying that selling off assets like this is purely because of business going bad is short sighted at best.

            As a company you only buy real estate if it serves a purpose or if you are actively involved with a real estate strategy (involves having your own real estate department inside the company etc. etc.) In Google’s case it is probably because they want to;

            1) Invest excess cash (Nokis doesn’t have that, true)
            2) There are no office buildings that suit there needs (Where are you going to get a building with an inbuilt slide after all)

            There are more reasons like that. SO yes, Nokia is probably selling off some real estate to generate cash. But probably also because off aging buildings, trying to be more flexible, excess work space created over the years that isn’t necessary anymore with flexible work space etc.

            The whole idea of office space and how much you need has changed dramatically over the past few years. Nokia bought/built in the old days. This leads to excess space when times change or become harder, ie. downsizing.

            For the heck off it; Elop sucks and is Ballmers batty boy. Bring back MeeGo, Tomi Ahonen was right. Ron Paul 2012

            • Janne says:

              …and because in Finland any rent paid directly lessens your annual corporate taxes, where as owning property does not. So, while rent of course is somewhat higher than ownership cost (the renter must get their percentage), lessened taxes and accounting overhead compensate for that. Also, if owning property is not part of your strategy, maintaining the property may be more costly for you than it would be to some office building renter. This of course is why companies in general like to outsource non-core competencies…

              In short, at least in Finland, the company gets to keep more of their earnings, instead of sending them to the taxman – and obviously also they get to invest the money they get from selling the property instead of keeping it tied down into the aging brick and mortar. Add to this the flexibility and outsourced building maintenance etc. that comes with renting, there are many positives and that’s why companies are doing it in droves in Finland.

              Of course part of Nokia’s motivation is fiscal frugality, they are paying more attention to this kind of stuff due to their restructuring and competitive woes. But at the same time this is also a very, very common occurrence in Finnish business these days. Nokia, just like anyone facing harder financial times, is just trying to be smart about how and where to use their money with this move.

              • nn says:

                Except somebody has to pay the taxes in the end, there is no free lunch and no perpetuum mobile endlessly generating free money. All the expenses and lost opportunities are included in the rent.

                • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


                  Nokia should invest for something that has the best possible ROI. If they know R&D they should invest on R&D and not on office space.

                  If you really think that Nokia will get better ROI when investing on some buildings, then I guess you should also suggest that they should stop investing on R&D and focus completely on that area they can get the best ROI.


            • nn says:

              The irony is that all the alternative reasons you describe here are just direct consequence of the destruction of Nokia. Needing less space? Having less cash? In fact needing a lot of cash? All brought to you by Elop.

              The fact is that owning your real estate is better in the long term. Which is why companies and people who can afford it do it. But you first have to have the money and some long-term before you. From the time Elop switched to WP none of that is applicable to Nokia.

          • Janne says:


            Since when was London in Finland?

            Come on guys. The tax reasoning may be wholly different for other locales. In Finland it is what it is and I’m telling you this has been common practice here for tax reasons etc. in recent years, Nokia is very late to the party in fact.

            There is very little point in owning your office space in Finland due to the way the taxman treats it.

            • Harangue says:

              That is insights I don’t have in the Finnish market. However, that just contributes to what I said earlier (and in the HQ selling post) that this isn’t all about generating cash.

              It has to do with tax structures, write offs, flexibility in office space, changed needs in office space, etc. etc.

    • Peter L says:

      Use the tip section dumbass.

  7. dss says:

    They should at least wait for BayTrail/Haswell or use one of the AMD CPUs… an ARM based Win 8 tablet doesn’t make any sense.

  8. twig says:

    This could be it. Nokia Conversations just released an article about an app and in the article talked about some authors who preferred “rounded corners”. Really for a tablet it is probably best. Now, what colors and do they shine like my yellow 920 ? That contest about the red coffee mug to win a 820 was a Nokia talk clue. Rounded corners and coffee tab and the dual charger.(plug me in first tag).

  9. JGrove303 says:

    Looks legit to me. I’ll have one, thank you.

  10. Janne says:

    Unless Nokia PR fuxxed up royally (when ever have they ever done that!?!) I have a hard time believing anything other than concept art would make it into presentation like this.

    So, this may be just concept art portraying the Windows 8 advantage and not in any way a picture of the (quite) possible future Nokia tablet.

  11. Aabir Jawaid says:

    Being a Pakistani I feel proud to see this – I don’t know why.

    Apart from all those blasts news it’s finally good to see Pakistan in tech news.

  12. Chris W says:

    I have resisted the urge to get a iPad and not really been able to afford a Surface, but a Nokia Tablet would tip me over the edge, and despite not really needing it and depending on the price, i would get one. Preferably on Arm (due to price), but also an RT.

  13. Woody says:

    7-inch Win8 RT or Pro Tablet from Nokia would be AWESOME!

    • dss says:

      Considering how Nokia’s relationship with Intel ended, it very likely that their tablet won’t be using an Intel chip.. So either AMD or.. ARM, which means Win 8 RT.

  14. Jonas says:

    “The device appears to be a 7 inch tablet by looking at the screen ratio and compared to the size of the 620.”

    Nope! In relation to the 620 it’s an 11.3inch device! I have checked it.

    Best regards

  15. meb says:

    have anyone watch windows 8 advertisement lenka version? here the screenshot

    and watch here at 0.23

  16. palwasha says:

    nokia is best in all

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