The Gadget Show: The Best Windows Phone ever is…

| February 12, 2013 | 16 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 22.47.09The UK tech programme, “The Gadget Show” is tweeting some praise about the same Windows Phone again…but which one is it?


The best Windows Phone ever:  #thegadgetshow




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  • Maybe even the Symbian powered 5800 will let a tear and think to itself that this ‘newborn’ is carrying the torch on from the old.

    • ..with glory

    • Janne

      5800 was popular (lack of cheap Android back then made it an attractive budget touchphone), but I can’t really call it great. It wasn’t a great product, although it was fairly popular. I’d like to think Lumia 620 is more of a successor to, say, Nokia 3310… now THAT was a great product for its time. 🙂

      • Banderpop

        Seems more like a C6-01. Does almost everything its more expensive relatives can but is simply a bit smaller and cheaper, and needs a microSD card pretty badly. And it is in the 6xx numbering range.

  • Janne

    More and more Nokia is bringing the wow-factor again. How great is it, as a Nokia fan, to read again commentary like this:

    Put simply, this is the best budget smartphone we’ve ever tested.

    Lumia 920 and Lumia 620 are great products. Nokia is back making great products and that just ups the expectations for MWC…

    • Dr.Smart

      “Great” compared to what? That it is better that some previous models? You can’t really compare a product from previous products of old and say it’s great. Compare it to some meaningful competition and then say it’s better or not.

      • Janne

        Great compared to other current smartphones on the market today, of course. That is not something that can be said of many Nokia’s of past few years.

        Being great is not a guarantee of market success, but I think it is a good thing that more and more critical voices are now agreeing Nokia’s new phones are great. Not just great by Nokia’s standards, but great overall…

      • Mark

        Great compared to every single budget Android. Which CNET say it is.

        Sorry to rain on your hate parade! 🙂

  • Banderpop

    I came very close to getting one yesterday while looking at some deals that effectively make it free without changing my present tariff. Held back though, since I didn’t want to be tied into an extended contract this side of MWC!

  • sina88

    I agree with the review, for this price it’s really a good deal to get a full WP8!! :-O WP8 is a good OS for budget phones (otherwise I wouldn’t pay much money for that OS..) and with such a beautiful design it leaves many other phones in this price segment behind.

  • dss

    The 620 is the best WP to date. The 920 is alright, but it tries to play with the big boys, and.. it falls way short on specs, which seems to be what everyone cares about..

    Just look at this puppies:

    • dss


    • Janne

      While I do agree Lumia 620 probably is the phone to hit things out of the ballpark, I don’t agree Lumia 920 is falling short overall. While some may have a few more cores or pixels, Lumia 920 with its super sensitive screen, optical image stabilization, wireless charging, 60 Hz RGB LCD advantages as well as still excellent PPI and rest of the specs at above-iPhone 5 levels, makes it a very compelling package. Most of the Android high-res stuff is PenTile and their specs are wasted on the poor thing that’s Android. Frankly, I can’t really think of a single phone at the moment that would be as compelling a package as the Lumia 920 is innovations-wise.

      But yes, for its price range Lumia 620 is probably even better. But Lumia 620s greatness doesn’t really come from innovativeness (unlike Lumia 920 where that is its strength), in the case of Lumia 620 the upside is great value for money aided by wonderful and perhaps a little innovative design.

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  • Main thing apart from good publicity for Nokia , is I get in on the screen shot !!! 😀

  • john

    i love nokia but hate windows if they made anothr phone i woulld buy hopefully 2013 they get ther head right