ZOMG! Nokia Lumia 620 for £119.99 tomorrow one-day-only-deal with @O2

| February 12, 2013 | 25 Replies

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Wow, talk about absolute bargains! O2 are selling the amazing Nokia Lumia 620 for just £119.99! Holy smokes! As it was liked the most, O2 are putting it on a very special offer.

These will most likely be locked (sometimes, if they’re from multi-brand retailers, they’re not). My mum wants a new phone but not on this network :/.

The normal price of £149.99 will resume after the sale.

My housemate will love it. He’s been thinking of getting the 800 for a while but he should defo jump on this deal.

o2 Via WPC


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  • PsychoMania

    I can confirm that the Lumia 620’s from O2 are locked but still an incredible bargain!

  • Pawlee

    Definitely getting this… stuff the EOS for now, even if it is announced at the end of this month.

    At 120 I will buy this to tide me over till the eventual release of the EOS (if the 808 reveal to release is anything to go by it’ll be a good while anyway) 🙂

    Very excited about tomorrow now! 😀

  • luqman

    i hope this is instore aswell, im defo gonna pick one up

    • Pawlee

      Yeah the facebook post says “get it online and instore”

  • arts

    obviously it means lumia 620 is a terrible product because erm you know, its on sale.

    I bet it lags and blowsup and stuff.

    • Viipottaja

      and there is no demand. or supply. 😛

      • arts

        nah nha, it means nokia has warehouses full of this stuff. Absolutely no supply thou.

        • nn

          So you folks can learn something after all, glad to see progress! I was bit worried you will again start arguing that it’s perfectly normal and logical to slash prices when the product is flying off the shelves far faster than you can produce it.


          • Pawlee

            This was a competition on facebook for people to like the phone they’d like to see reduced… so this actually means that the 620 is a current favourite out of the selected phones (I’m not sure what they were)

            Don’t always assume a sale is negative… this is probably o2 selling this phone with very little mark up.

            • arts

              shuh. there is no way but the pathetic devs way. Do not argue when he speaks.

          • Janne

            nn: Because no operator has ever held promotions (where the phone/price of the phone is very much secondary) to get people to buy into their network instead of the neighbours network…

            No? Yes? Maybe?

            • nn


              If you think that (over some period of time) there will be more devices available than people buying them, then you have to figure out how to sold your batch and left the other guys with bag full of unsold phones.

              On the other hand when you think there are shortages and you will instantly sell all the phones you can get your hands on…

              And anyway, I’m sure at this point all these cuts and promotions are fully paid by Nokia one way or another.

              • Janne

                You are mightily paranoid. This one promotion was based on a customer poll, you think Nokia paid for that too? In the case of U.S. promotions for Lumia, Nokia explicitly denied being behind them.

                If these were retailer promotions I’d be far more inclined to believe your speculation, but they are operator promotions which are a whole different ballgame.

                Operators don’t want to sell devices, they want customers on contract. If some device can be promoted to make sure people buy that device from them and not from a competing operator, they’ll put it up for promotion. The device is almost irrelevant in the equation, they just want to get you to visit their store and get you on contract (or even many contracts)…

                • nn

                  Of course Nokia isn’t billed for each such thing separately. But there is lot of deals going on between carrier and manufacturer and you can safely bet that the overall flow of money is from Nokia to carriers. They are not as dumb as Elop to pointlessly finance MS failures, they are fully aware they don’t need MS or Nokia for anything.

                  The phone in question is very relevant, both for consumers and carriers and for myriad of reasons. That’s why it’s very hard to convince carrier to sell your newly designed phone.

    • spacemodel

      Yep, the Q1 numbers of WP will be sky high…

      • arts

        nah. it will be absolutely terrible.

      • Janne

        If Finnish Lumia availability is anything to go by (and we know it sort of is, because the same pattern of late launches and non-availability is repeated in many places), the second Lumia generation is still very limited in availability… e.g. Lumia 920 is still sold out in many places in Finland with people waiting for their November pre-orders (largest online retailer still states completely open – as in unknown – delivery times). Lumia 620 has not launched here at all yet either.

        So, rest assured, Q1 numbers will still be… mediocre. You can rejoice. 🙂

        And yeah, the non-availability situation definitely sucks… get it together, Nokia.

    • Janne

      There is also the operator boycott causing this firesale.

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  • Sam

    Purchased! What a fantastic deal!
    This will tide me over until I can get a Cyan 920!

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  • Ammad


    Can this be UNLOCKED?

    I’m on 3, and Family is on Vodafone, I Want TO buy this so bad if i can unlock it

    • Ammad

      O2 suck…shitty rip off tariffs

      no wonder its cheap

  • Pawlee

    Both O2 shops in Oxford street sold out… FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU

    Had to order online… now gotta wait for delivery! HMPH!

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