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Reader, JGrove303 shares his impressions of the Brando battery jacket for the Nokia Lumia 920, complete with it’s own stand. It’s looking pretty cool, and I must say, it’s now on my list of accessories to get for my 920. Thanks Jason! Here’s the first impressions review:








I have finally received my $37 (+$3 for shipping) Brando Power Pack for my Lumia 920. It is available in matte black & matte white. As promised I’m bring a review of sorts to MNB.

The Bitchen:

The fit is absolutely not what I expected at all: It fits exceptionally well! The feel is great, afforded by the rubberized finish. How long that lasts, time will tell, but to compare it to the Mophie Air (the closest thing available and surely the inspiration for the design) this is of better build and finish. All ports and buttons are available with no collision with modern headphone connections. Audio from the loud speakers is unaffected. As suspected, the extra length added to the top, base and back is a boon for gamers, as it makes the 920 more comfortable to hold and less likely to slip out of your hands.

The one/off button, though chromed (yuk) is very positive and the indicator LEDs bright. When turned on, will give a rough indication of charge left and will , of course, charge the 920.

Things I have yet to try out are how the mics work with the case, how photos come out and how quickly the case will charge the 920. At an out put of 700mA, I imagine charge time will be 2x that of using the Wall charger (1,500mA). The Power Bank does give priority of charging the 920 first before charging itself, a huge plus I believe. Sadly, our wireless charging pads will not charge through the Power Bank, rendering us to a wired experience only.


I theorize the surrounding area around the camera could help with bright daylight photos, keeping unwanted light from entering the lens from outside the FOV, a definite plus.


The bummers: It freakin’HUGE!!! It about doubles the thickness of the 920 and adds  82 grams. The weight i didn’t really feel, but the girth, yes. That isn’t to say it’s uncomfortable to hold, quiet to contrary. However, anyone wearing skinny jean will NOT be cramming this into their pockets. Scrubs and lab coats okay.


The kick stand, though a good idea, is poorly executed here, as it is flimsy as all Hell and will likely break if you were to some much as use harsh language or look at it sternly. GREAT care must be taken with it.
All things considered, if you are doing anything that eats a lot of battery, a photo hound or a mobile gamer, this is for you. If you have midget Carney hands or already bitch about the weight of the 920, look elsewhere.

Ill check back in after a week to follow up.

Hope this was helpful and please, ask your questions!


MNB2013-02-11-165Cheers Jason for the review!















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  • redmateria

    Meanwhile Nokia Launched Nokia Asha 310, Dual-Sim with WIFI. Check it out here

  • Silthice

    super bulky…

  • dkNigs

    I hesitated even buying the genuine Nokia gel case because the 920 is pretty well at my limits for phone size. No way I would buy this. I had the mophie juice pack for my iPhone 3G-S, and not only did it make the thing massive and heavy, it scratched the hell out of the body, and totally destroyed the battery.

    • JGrove303

      The inside of this case is coated with the velvety rubberized coating as well. No exposed edges.

  • allmächd

    Where can i get it? I can’t find it on ebay

  • SpongeBob

    When you first charged the case, did any LED light up or flash?

    I’m charging my case through the AC USB charger but no LED is lighting up or flash. Doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

    Or it’s just taking a long time to charge?

    • JGrove303

      Hit the Power button on the case. The lead LED should flash. If its not flashing, its time to hit up Brando and het a replacement unit.

      The case does take 5 hours to charge from dead to full.

      I’ve also noticed that the 920 is not getting the priority in the charge process when charging to gether. Which may be because my 920 had more juice than the Pawer Bank.

      Later on, I’m going to do a dead charge from the Power Bank to the 920 and see if we’re really packin’ anywhere near 2200mA

  • bit2in

    How long did it take before you received it? I ordered mine & they shipped it last week. No tracking number & they’re located in HongKong.

    • JGrove303

      A while. I ordered it Jan 30th I think and got it hours before this RG post went up.

      I’ve finally run it through what I believe is a proper conditioning (full charge, full discharge, rinse & repeat 3x) so I’ll got on the charge tests.

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  • Ed

    It’s been six months, how’s it holding up?

  • lucas

    Is it shipped to Vietnam?