Nokia Russia speculates about MWC 13 – talks WP and 41mp PureView- Shows first PureView prototype – #EOS

| February 12, 2013 | 25 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 08.20.32I don’t understand what’s being said but this video seems to be Nokia Russia mentions the following:

  • MWC Barcelona
  • Windows Phone
  • 41MP PureView (from 808)
  • First PureView proto device (I remember it looked different, like a big fat camera) they mention Microsoft whilst this is on screen?
  • Lumia
  • Barcelona

I could have misunderstood this completely but if that isn’t a teaser for Lumia PureView then I don’t know what is. This is Nokia’s official channel in Russia. They might just be talking about what Nokia did in the past but Nokia doesn’t often speculate about upcoming products.

Comments from Russian readers seem to have the impression that there’s “rumours” on Nokia’s own channel.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 08.21.27

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  1. Sa Ra says:

    i’m going mad of this….

  2. Mutumba Sowed says:

    I guess the 920 is just not for me… I can wait a little longer. Am sure this will have a better video card and more advanced audio system as well

  3. Battlebird says:

    Nice! For less when a sec you can see the prototype-camerainterface of the 808-proto. I took a screensnap of it:

  4. KT says:

    Its going to be the beast of all. And the greatest challenge will be to just reduce the hump. I would like a concave back

  5. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    hi from Greece, although some people claim Russian and Greek sound similar I don’t understand a word he is saying. But.. YouTube has a nice new feature: automatic translation of captions. If you enable it he clearly refers to the article from Guardian about a rumored Lumia 41MP pureview. I don’t think he knows more than the rest of us

  6. viktor von d. says:

    besides the talking bits,all the other pieces from the videos were already posted after the 808 release in a larger video with damian talking

  7. v.s.i says:

    Looks like the video has been removed. Should we understand something? (o_O)

  8. Toivoja says:

    Someone leaked it too early?

    Really hoping that EOS will come at MWC. Have postponed my new mobile phone purchase for too long. My N8 has come to the end of it’s lifecycle.

    • SLAYER says:

      Yeah, video is down now..

    • Mapantz says:

      I think you’re hoping for a bit too much.
      If it is announced at the MWC you’ll still have to wait until June or July for the device to appear, just like the 808.
      It’s possible they’ll show nothing regarding it and let the hype build up until around August/September when they’ll announce a conference (similar to the 920) and then it’ll on sale for October.
      That’s my thoughts.

      • Toivoja says:

        One can always hope for the best :)

        • Mapantz says:

          I’d like to be proved wrong on this one of course..

          I’ve used WP8 and i like it, it will take some getting used to as i’ve always been a Symbian person, and my 808 is superb running on a CFW. The only time i’ll make the jump to a WP* device is when a camera as good as the 808 appears on it, and a xenon flash.
          I have a strange feeling though, that this device will not have a xenon flash. I hope i’m wrong there too. :)

          • dss says:

            Let’s hope that it will happen soon, but I still have my doubts.. early 2014 is more realistic if you want to full package.

            and really.. there is nothing the 808 can’t do as a modern smartphone (expect heavy gaming..) so waiting for them to figure it out is no big deal.

            • arg0 says:

              …except for the fact that only few aficionados will consider buying a 808 due to the poor availability of *new* apps (I’m one of then if they won’t announce the EOS at MWC: my N8 is getting old).
              In 2014 the competition may have caught up and an oversampling phone may no longer cause a furore (see the stacked sensors of the HTC One). So I really hope the EOS is for Q3 2013 at the latest.

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