Nokia Lumia 820 available in the Philippines, 620 coming on the weekend.

| February 13, 2013 | 16 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.23.02Nokia Philippines has launched the Nokia Lumia 820, and it’s available for a RRP of about 18,990PHP (297GBP/467USD). The Nokia Lumia 620 is coming on the weekend, for about 11,600PHP (182GBP, 285GBP – quite a bit pricier than the usual 149GBP for O2-UK. Actually, remember UK peeps, today the 620 is just 119.99GBP!)

Cheers TerenceJohn27 for the tip!



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  1. sanesh says:

    what about 620 in india…when it will available…

  2. PuppyMonster says:

    11,600 for an entry level phone? and almost 20k for midrange?? Seriously?? with the same specs of 820 or more , u can have a decent android phone with that money. heck, even two of it! Epic Fail Nokia.

    • Rv Cuarto says:

      Seriously ?? You’re a TROLL… what decent Android are u talking about? One thst couldn’t last within a day of batery ? The one that lags? An OS that needs u to install anti virus app on it?? You’re talkong cheap dude go and stick with Android coz we dont settle for anything less.

      • PuppyMonster says:

        STUPID.i’M not trolling on the quality. If you read my comment, i was ranting about the price. if they WANT android users switching to them, better compete with pricing. Rebranded China phones are all over the place (Cherrymobile, Myphone, O+, Starmobile, Cloudfone, Torque, and the list go on and on. Philippine Market is the same with India’s, flooded with rebranded China phones. Samsung galaxy Grand is even priced 16k compared to lumia 820 which is 20k. and always keep in mind that these are third world countries, where in the price is literally impractical for the majority.

        • blablabla says:

          Hey dumbass! This is SUGGESTED retail price. Retailers can easily sell it a lot lower than that!

          • blablabla says:

            Oh and 620 is not LOW END! 620 is a mid-range phone, and 820 is a higher end phone!

            • PuppyMonster says:


              • jeff says:

                You never learn PuppyMonster. STOP BULSHITTING US. There are stores who sells much lower than the SRP, it happened on the Nokia N9 and Nokia 808 PureView. Don’t tell me that I am a liar because I always compare prices on the stores first before actually buying. and I got mine much lower than the SRP

                • PuppyMonster says:

                  U KIDDING ME? the prices got lower than SRP after 6 months SMARTASS. nah, you aint liar at all. YOU’RE JUST FUCKING LIL IDIOT. Get yourself a brain please.

                • PuppyMonster says:

                  U KIDDING ME? the prices got lower than SRP after 6 months SMART$$. nah, you aint liar at all. YOU’RE JUST F**CKING LIL IDIOT. Get yourself a brain please.

              • ULTIMATEANTITROLL says:


                ALL ANTI NOKIA TROLLS BURN!!!!!

        • Rv Cuarto says:

          Hey Dumbass do you live in the Philippines ? 620 price is too affordable for us, if u dont live here then shut ur bog mouth, China phones are cheap yeah but those are disposable crap phones, u pay more u get more with nokia phones. Sorry if ur pockey only afford the cheapest of the cheapest phones then sorry for u, get a job so u can afford it. Dumbass.

  3. Phil E Phenau says:

    yey! will get a nokia lumia 620 for my mom! i think the initial release price is fair ..usually it will go down a bit after 2-3 mos. some stores also offer extras or discounts or zero % installment promo.. but the nokia 820 is priced like an 808.. i’d rather get the 808 than a lumia 820… (i was about to buy an ‘extra’ 808 for me as back up, but there ‘s rumor of a gen3 pureview…will wait for that)

    actually, i wanted to replace my mom’s galaxy Y android which has only 2 mp camera…and i could not find a good mid priced phone with a decent camera review..except lumia 620.. we’ll see..

  4. squatt says:

    I work for a Nokia Group company and my ‘ personal ‘ opinion on this phone is very simple; the Nokia phone that 820 Lumia, thta I possess as corporate phone, is definitely a good deal; in the two months that I’ve used it I’ve never had any problems with regard to the performance and I appreciated the solidity, the dimensions that allow me to manage the touch on the entire screen smoothly with one hand even with hands as small as mine and of course I could appreciate applications especially of Nokia collection; specifically the location and navigation services are perfectly handled by telephone, the positioning is fast and even in situations with little coverage I could use Nokia Maps for destinations within enclosed structures without satellite reception as malls (Nokia Venues) as well as Nokia Drive whose integration with Nokia Maps has been in my opinion a great step forward. Of course I encourage Philippines people to buy it.

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