Video & Gallery: Lumia 620 Unboxing and First Impressions

| February 18, 2013 | 18 Replies

DSC01909Earlier today (probably yesterday by the time this post is published) I got an awesome package from our wonderful friends at Nokia Connects; containing the beautiful Lumia 620. You might have caught the earlier post on how to remove the back cover and insert the sim card into your Lumia 620); so here’s my unboxing video and a couple glamour shots of the cute little device. (It’s scientifically impossible to talk about the 620 without adding an adjective such as: cute, cheeky, adorable, awesome, sleek, attractive, sexy, looker etc. – seriously try it)-

Here’s the video, but be warned I spent about two minutes trying to figure out where the Sim card goes, before finally giving up and booting the phone without the Sim, I sped up the parts with me fumbling like n idiot; but I thought I’d leave in the visual attempts. The most ridiculous was when I was convinced the Sim card goes in the connector port between the back cover of the phone and the actual device (the part that powers the NFC and wireless charging  It seems the 620 doesn’t have any wireless charging covers YET).

Technically the Flickr slide show below should switch between the 620 glamour set I uploaded; but these things have a tendency not to work, so here’s a direct link to the set:


My first impression of the Lumia 620 was that it’s VERY striking when it comes to colors, especially in the bold Lime-Green I got; if I thought my red 920 was turning heads then this will probably cause some serious spine twisting (like in need of chiropractor spine twisting). Besides the horrible mishap with the sim card the startup went smoothly, no hitches at all; as soon as I signed in with my Live ID all my contacts and messages from my Lumia 920 were instantly synced over (including room/group messages and FB chats).

My first actual impression of the hardware was that I came to appreciate the PureMotion HD+ display of my Lumia 920; it was something I never noticed before, but when using the 620 I felt the responsiveness slow down and saw the tiles move slower. If you didn’t know there was a difference in the display technology you’d feel something was wrong, but you wouldn’t be able to put your finger on it.

The screen itself is pretty superb, the resolution is the same you’d find on the Lumia 900 (wVGA) and the fact that the screen size is only 3.8″ means you have a higher pixel density then the 900 did. The hardware buttons on the side of the device are a bit “mushy” not giving as much resistance as those on the Lumia 920 for example, but they get the job done.

In terms of software performance the 620 has been chugging along smoothly so far (10 hours in); at first there was a tiny hint of lag when typing between the key-press and the pop-up animation, but that soon disappeared; and had it not first time smartphone users probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

All in all the 620 looks promising (the camera is really surprising! – even in night time), stay tuned for more.


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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Mariano

    Nice piece of hardware except the boring windows phone

    • Bassman

      Predictable comment…let the hating begin!

      • Mariano

        hate? why? i only said its boring

        My lumia 900 is a boring phone compared to others

        I like phones that can be tweaked, hacked, personalized, browse/open files and folders, overclock cpu, install themes, etc.. etc…

        • JGrove303

          ….then why did you get a Lumia 900 if you wanted an unstable piece of buggy shit?

        • DesR85

          “I like phones that can be tweaked, hacked, personalized, browse/open files and folders, overclock cpu, install themes, etc.. etc…”

          Isn’t that more akin to a laptop or a PC? Why buy a phone in the first place if you want to do the above tasks?

          • Carbontubby

            Apple sold mountains of devices that cannot do any of those things, yet consumers loved their iPhones and iPads. The enthusiast/hacker market is very vocal but in terms of numbers, it is tiny. Consumer electronics companies don’t bother to cater to tiny niches when they can make much more money selling to the general public!

  • dss

    Finally, a Nokia WP that I can be somewhat excited about…

  • Silthice

    Honestly I hate the word “resuming” whenever I do Multitasking…

    • dss

      well because they are mutually exclusive..

  • Lumia 620 is available at Amazon Germany… i already ordered mine 🙂

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  • Viipottaja

    Hehe, sounds like the sim port is an intelligence test of some sort… 😛

  • D Harries

    Do you think the mushy keys are the result of being attached to the removable cover? The keys in the cover have to press another set of keys underneath. Is it the same on the 820?

    • JGrove303

      I’d venture to guess that it is as you say AND the material used on the buttons. Too bad Zirconium ceramics are not less expensive so they could be used crossed the Lumia line.

  • Greg

    Sorry mate, but did you do your research? The 620 does not have the hardware and does not support wireless charging at all. Also the connector port you mistakenly referred to, is actually the connector for the 3.5mm jack, so that if you break one, you can get a replacement cover for the phone and it will have a new 3.5mm jack.

    Bit of an embarrassment to watch a die-hard Nokia fan just not do his research and get is so blatantly wrong.

    • JGrove303

      I thought it was a little strange that Ali had said that too, but I figured that he knew something I didn’t.

      I also would say Ali is not diehard Nokia, as he does pick up other devices like the Blackberry Z10 he’s been flossin’ as of late. An 808 he hardly touches? Well, Ali hates Nokia Belle after migrating to WP7.
      Ali is more a mobile geek that looks over everything, but is a fan of Nokia and of the WP platform.

      No disrespect Ali. I love what you do here and are a real asset to MNB.

      With that said, if WP8 and the Lumia 920 didn’t WOW me, I was going to return it and get a Sony Xperia TL, as I was a big fan of Ericsson, then SonyEricsson, before my N8-00, which I still use I might add. I’m all about promoting Nokia and supporting their products. But, if someone is dead set on android, I push ’em towards Sony. An Android OEM that actually gives a shit about the products they’re putting out.

      If Nokia doesn’t unveil a tablet by the end of February, I’m getting a Xperia Z Tablet.

      • I heard from a couple people (in nokia and out) that wireless charging covers are coming soon; just nothing official yet.

        I had no idea what the thing on the cover was to be honest; mainly because this has been my first Nokia phone with a removable cover in a LOOONNGG time; and definitely the first where the headphone hack was in the cover; thanks for pointing that out though.

        And personally I would classify my self as a phone/tech geek with a passion or soft spot for Nokia; but honestly who wouldn’t jump on a chance to try out a brand new piece of hardware and OS? 😀

      • DesR85

        “But, if someone is dead set on android, I push ‘em towards Sony. An Android OEM that actually gives a shit about the products they’re putting out.”

        I agree. Sony is one of the few Android OEMs which actually make quality phones when compared to the likes of Samsung, HTC and even LG. The problem is the view that their phones come with ‘dated’ specs when compared to the former three which always come with quad-core CPUs and other fancy hardware. Not to mention the lack of marketing for their phones on TV, electronic and print-based media.