Early Samples from NeoWin show Nokia Lumia Photos looking better than HTC One. PureView FTW!

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After all that hyping, what it comes down to is actual performance, no? Nokia has not only one but two PureView beasts, with the latter in the 808 often being considered the big daddy of all camera phones, it’s also great to see the 920 flying the flag proudly for Nokia too.

In Neowin’s samples are accompanied by the following comment. The picture above is from the last comment.

  • The Lumia 920 here appears to display more contrast than the HTC One, although the One does display relatively acceptable dynamic range
  • Again it looks like the Lumia 920 (top) has taken the better photo, as it has more vibrant colors with less grain.
  • This is a true low-light test of the Lumia 920 vs HTC One, with the shots being taken in a dark environment around 9 PM. The Lumia 920 is not only sharper in the image it produces, but it’s also brighter and clearer.

These aren’t rigorous camera sample tests yet, but it bodes well that if the 920 can do this now, then HTC, Please do fear what is coming at MWC from Nokia. Your Notion that more megapixel is a myth is simply misdirection away from what Nokia has achieved in oversampling PV1.

PureView is about pushing and tackling the boundaries in mobile imaging. Scoff some might at PureView but it performs and that’s what matters. When Nokia talks imaging, they’re not about the fluff. They’re about the performance. When Nokia talks about OIS, they talk about the whole floating lens which time and time bests competitors in low light. When Nokia talks about Megapixels not being the important thing, they brought us 41 MILLION and said that’s not even what matters here. On paper Nokia intrigues but on results is where Nokia wows because they deliver.

Now, let’s have the next PureView handset in an even more beautiful new Nokia Lumia handset eh?



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