Chromed Nokia Lumia 900?

| March 4, 2013 | 17 Replies


Chrome Lumia 900 back

Remember the wooden Nokia Lumia 920?

Now check out this Chromed 900. At first it looks like an additional case but it’s the shell that has been chromed.


Would you like your metal lumia to be mirror shiny? Perhaps brushed? Other textures?

Chrome 2 Chrome Lumia 900 Front

Cheers Jules for the heads up


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  • Gah!!! That’s on eof the guys behind the Nokia DVlup challenge, George Salceda; Iw as supposed to meet up with him (I really wanted to see his phone since he teased me with it on twitter before) but unfortunately we never got a chance to meet up!

    looks great though!

    • incognito

      Looks grotesque if you ask me. -_-

      • rugby boy


      • nabkawe

        I think it looks more like Iron Man’s phone. 🙂

  • Grendell

    I’ll take mine in gun metal finish/ parkerized.

  • Simo


  • Reese

    Gorgeous. Reminds me of the finish on my trusty old E71.

  • Karl

    Yes, I want it !!!!
    No more plastics please !!!!!!!!!!

    Spending that much money on a phone we are entitelet to a proper casing, at least to have an option!

  • tonysyngh

    Fingerprint magnet, we wd b spending a lot of tym polishing our chromeware

    Gunmetal is good idea,must say…..

  • JGrove303

    Looks like it’s from the set of “Flight of the Navigator.”

    “Here’s you’re phone, Davey!”

  • stylinred

    looks like the screen is falling out

  • StefanP

    I wonder how well all the antennas work with this shielding.

    • nabkawe

      I guess its not really chrome he used , more like chrome like paint.( you can tell by looking at the scratches all around the phone which wouldn’t be there if an actual layer of chrome was put on it.

  • aw6789

    This phone will do pretty well in the middle eastern market I think.

    • JGrove303

      It can’t be real chrome. You can’t plate polycarbonate with copper then nickel. So its got to be the same cheap plastic coating we chewed of our toys

  • sonika

    videos are really amazing giving the clear picture about the features ,Nokia has come up .

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