Why Windows Phone Really Needs Instagram (It’s More than Just About Sepia Cats)

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The whole Instagram hate/hate affair with Windows Phone has gone on too long; the way I see it a lot of WP users think Instagram isn’t worth it (possibly influenced by the fact that we just don’t have it?) and Instagram seems to think they don’t need Windows Phone (or its users). Well regardless of whether or not Instagram actually need Windows Phone or its users it’s pretty important for WP to get Instagram.

Put simply people have to stop thinking about Instagram as “just an app” because it is (whether we like it or not) a lot more than that; the only sense of Instagram being “only an app” is exactly how Twitter could also be convinced as “just an app”. I’ll be honest, I thought the concept of Instagram was pretty stupid at first, but what sucked me in was the social networking aspect of it; what’s more social then sharing the occasional picture of yourself with your friends (granted you can upload about 5 pictures of your lunch first). I never noticed it at first but there seem to be a great deal of users who don’t post any photos, but rather just follow their friends doings; liking and commenting (Oh the horror!).

So now that we’ve established that Instagram is a bit more useful than just a gateway to get your lunch pictures online, think of the potential it could have if properly made on Windows Phone. In my BB10 vs. WP social integration comparison I lamented the fact that WP had lost its edge as having “the most social of hubs” as the new BB10 did the same job but better and did it while looking nicer as well. Now imagine if Instagram became more than just an app on Windows Phone; but was integrated into the People/Me Hub! Not only would that be amazing in terms of true social integration; but it would give WP its edge back as “the social phone”; the simplest integration I can think of is just adding users Instagram galleries to be accessible through the pictures app/hub (which technically doesn’t even need Instagrams write APIs and could be done right now; as long as you can find away to link the Instagram contacts to your phone contacts), or allowing quick share to Instagram from the camera, and let’s not forget the lens capabilities! It’s as if that was made specifically for Instagram (can’t find the user who said that but I read it on one of the multiple Instagram posts we’ve had and I completely agree).

Most importantly think of what Instagram would do to the whole Windows Phone’s platform/ecosystem morale! Instagram is possibly the largest app that’s still holding out from dipping it’s toes into the shallow Windows Phone waters, but once/if it comes then many other developers would be a lot less reluctant to hold back their apps (once again think of it as a social network, would you ever develop an app for a platform that doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook client?). And as one of our readers “viktor von d.” said in Jay’s post about the Nokia communities response to #2InstaWithLove, “WP needs this, even if we won’t use it; it gives the platform credibility and will shut up the morons from tech blogs…”

So although we have no idea whether or not Instagram really is coming to Windows Phone (some think #2InstaWithLove is a PR front to drum up excitement before the inevitable Nokia launch); one thing is clear, Windows Phone needs Instagram, the sooner the better.






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