Steep Salary Raise for Nokia’s Chennai Staff

| March 11, 2013 | 11 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 09.22.06Times of India reported last week that Nokia entered into a wage pact that could see employee salaries of their Chennai facility growing as much as 200%.


3000 employees of a total 9000 will now earn Rs 21,000 per month up from Rs 7000. Other employees are said to receive varying degrees of pay increases.

Nokia has also set up a death relief fund to go to families of employees dying of natural causes a total of Rs 500,000 (5 lakh).

Source: Times of India

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  • manu

    just 7000rs salary???

  • parag

    Even after that salaries are peanuts. This is probably the factory staff.

    • Murv90

      factory staff? even dentists earn 10k only.

  • vineet

    Jay 100,000 is 1 lakh not 5

  • dinesh_m

    Looks like they are rectifying the problem with under paid staff issue, unions must be behind this.

  • So much fanfair for paying peanuts??

  • Ethan Roreeng

    Perhaps they are afraid the educated and experienced staff will move to competition, especially when will notice bad standing and figures. Besides Nokia is closing factories so, can’t move anything elsewhere. Lack of options, vulnerability and lack of vision for future or possibilities restricted only to small area. So market just use it.

    • Ethan Roreeng

      Note that also using 3rd party factory allows a competition to observe technological secrets so advantages are easy to copy by a competitors.

    • take it in a +ve way ..instead of bashing Nokia…..

  • Rat Kutti

    Coming from Chennai, 7k to 21k within a flash is a good thing actually!

  • swain

    Chennai is a expensive place. I wonder how they were managing with Rs 7000. Rs 21000 sounds better. However I think it’s for support staffs like house keeper and office boys. No technical person would like to work for Rs 21000, not even freshers.