Video: Demo of Storage Clearing on Nokia Lumia 920 – the ‘Other’ memory fix.

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Belfiore has stated in recently that there’ll be a fix for the annoying ‘OTHER’ storage problem, whereby it eats up memory for no reason and there’s nothing really that users can do to fix it. This was later seen in firmware update screenshots with the latest news showing Nokia Lumia 620s already shipping with this feature. 


The video below shows how clearing that temporary storage works on the Nokia Lumia 920. Ideally of course, you wouldn’t have to do any of this manually. According to the blurb, temporary files are going to be removed automatically but if you wanted to, you can clear them yourself… If that works as advertised then it’s nice that the option is or at least will be available for those that like to micro manage. It’s also nice to view the memory consumption of individual apps.


Nung Ichi

Source: WPD and WP7Connect




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    very nice

  • nokia3660

    Cool.. Lets see how soon it is released. Is it too much to ask for something similar with the battery usage?

    It would be immensely helpful, especially with my L920

    • anon2

      Try “Battery Widget” from Deeko Software LLC (it’s in the WP Store)

  • jordan82

    A temporary solution to erase “Other” files : ” storage” app!

    • jordan82

      I meant “Shrink storage” sorry.

      • Antero

        I tried this last week and it did nothing to shrink my “other” storage. Still almost 13GB gone – may have to hard reset my phone soon…

        • anon2

          What? You have 13GB in “OTHER”?? Mines at 807 MB, so not a huge issue. This issue reminds of the android douchebags that used to whinge about available RAM (boy am i glad i got away from that crap)

          • DesR85

            Mine is at 3.83GB, and I did download a few maps, so no surprise there. Not kicking up a fuss as I still have 20GB of free storage remaining.

  • yak

    Don’t suppose this will be coming to 7.8. Never seen 7.x mentioned with the ‘other’ storage problem, but half my lumia 800 is other, and while I have a few games and UK maps on there I don’t think it should be that much

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