Nokia Lumia 620, 820 & 920 shipping with Updated Firmware; Updates for exisiting devices coming later

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I just noticed a tweet coming from Nokia Developer with regards to some updates for the Lumia 620, 820 & 920. It appears that the devices are being shipped with updated firmwares to what is currently available. (This makes sense as we have seen some new features demoed on new handsets).

The new Lumia 820 and 920 firmware version will be 1232.5957.1308.00xx where xx is simply the handset variant. This is said to include:

  • further performance and stability improvements
  • enhancements to display stability during a call
  • improved automatic display brightness adjustment

The Lumia 620 will have the new firmware numbered 1030.6407.1308.00xx (same deal with the xx). The update for the Lumia 620 will bring:

  • improved touch behavior
  • enhancements to system stability
  • enhanced camera picture quality, such as corrected camera exposure when the flash is used in bright light conditions

Here’s what the blog post had to say:

As part of Nokia’s continuous development practice, we will be introducing new software updates for Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820. This software, version 1232.5957.1308.00xx, includes further performance and stability improvements, enhancements to display stability during a call, and improved automatic display brightness adjustment.

In addition, Nokia Lumia 620 has some new software in the pipeline. This software, version 1030.6407.1308.00xx, will include improved touch behavior and enhancements to system stability and camera picture quality, such as corrected camera exposure when the flash is used in bright light conditions.

We are starting to deliver the latest software on new Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 smartphones now. Current users of these smartphones will be receiving the updates to their phones later. In case you haven’t updated your phone software before, see this Nokia support page for useful instructions on how to receive and install an update on your Nokia Lumia phone.

Hopefully this will be the update that will bring the fix for other storage, as well as a few issues that seem to still be around on a few devices (like my Lumia 820 randomly rebooting).

Source: Nokia Developer



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  • jajai about freezing issue? Mine happens every day after portico update and needs to soft reset every morning =.=

    • Muerte

      “includes further performance and stability improvements”

      How about stability improvements?

  • Marcel

    I hope enhanced display stability during calls means a fix for the proximity sensor issue keeping the screen black during a call even when you don’t have the phone nearby your ear…

  • Silthice

    I thought only my Lumia have the instability like random freezes, random start, fail to resume and etc. Is this what people said stable and smooth OS? I’ve no idea how WP especially WP8 is a substantial upgrade over Symbian and MeeGo. As far as I’ve used Lumia for a couple of months it’s more unstable than my N9 and 701.

    Honestly I’m quite dissatisfied with my Lumia over my previous phones. The only advantage that I can see for Lumia is that it get a lot of attention from Nokia plus the updates. Meanwhile Microsoft is barely focus with WP and update for the OS is very slow.

    • guerrahp

      Absolutely agree. I got an 810 (tmo usa variant) and it feels like a huge step down in capability in a comparison to C-7 Astound. Unless you hear your phone sound off, you never know if you missed a call or got a text message. Even with Nokia music – I still miss my FM radio. And who took away the capability that the volume rockers functions as zoom during picture taking??? And no!!! I refuse to use pinch to zoom when taking pictures. 810 does not have the floating lens and the darn thing takes so long to focus!

      Im actually glad that WP does not have a lot of apps…yes really I am. Otherwise id be scrolling up and down and up and down to find them once I download them. Its just not an acceptable experience. Buying a new Nokia has to build up on your previous one. Now all I see is a cheap plastic phone with a nice resolution.

      Dont even get me started on calling back somebody that i just read a text msg from!!! Whose bright idea is it to take you to another window just to callback a number that just msg’d you. Im sorta glad that my 810 was free because anybody who buy these will certainly feel cheated.

      The camera is just not enough for me to keep the phone. These truly are Zunes. I will be using my 810 as a dedicated nokia music player via wifi.

  • Pushkar Gogte

    Can Any Admin post flashing tutorial for lumia 820.
    As I Want This Update Eagerly.

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  • Chuphan

    Why the delay in getting updates pushed out OTA to existing phones? To be released with new batches of the same phones means the new software has been ready for at least a month. Why? Once we buy the phones, we’re second class.

    • guerrahp

      Another agree. With a very short support lifecyle(summer 2014) this platform is not very hospitable.

    • Asaziz

      I agree. ‘LATER’ is a very vague term. The photo softness is still an issue even after Portico update. still too soft as compared to Samsung Note 2 and other smartphones I tested. Still no single touch app exit. No message or email send sound for confirmation while in the messaging app. No independent sound controls for calls, apps and music. Very short time visibility of music controls on lock screen (they vanish before you get a chance to skip a song). No option to call the text sender from the messaging app. Poor in text editing with no text magnifying option for cursor placement. No text cut option, only copy paste available. And I don’t see any fixes relating to the above issues in the upcoming update. Bummer!

  • sks

    I just happened to observe that after this update I cannot use 3G/Wifi and voice simultaneously 🙁 did anyone else observe this?

    • Jhekoii

      i do. when ever i start my phone a sad face ” 🙁 ” always appears! and i don’t get it!

  • hardcode

    I got the latest firmware update for my Nokia lumia 920 and I see a major issue, my speakers are not working!!! It works randomly and stop working after few minutes. Weird! Anyone has this issue… Looks like it’s not the hardware issue.

  • Jhekoii

    I got a Lumia 620. This morning when i woke up my phone says that “your update is ready to be installed” so i press install then it says “restarting” after wards it suddenly shuts down and the typical “Nokia” appears as always when you stars the phone then a “Setting” (like a clock machine that keeps on spinning) appears. what i don’t understand is a sad face ” 🙁 ” always appears after the Setting, what dose it means? seconds past it suddenly shuts down and it get so hot. can you please help me? I’ve searched the net and still i don’t get any answers. if you read my message can you kindly help me? PLEASE.

  • rody

    alguien tiene el link para descargar la flash de nokia lumia 620 con la version 1030.6407.1308.00xx, o q m den el codigo de producto de esa version-