Stephen Elop – Nokia Lumia 928, future beautiful products, photography taking to higher and higher levels…we’re going to win!

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Very interesting interview with Stephen Elop, discussing a lot about his personal life, work challenges, work at Nokia, politics, sports, what drives and motivates him as CEO and personal interests (he’s a pilot).


Elop 5 kids

  • 21 year old studying engineering
  • 17 year old (Adopted daughter from China, when she was 9 months. Elop said they had a natural connection with China)
  • triplet 14 year old daughters

Travels a lot, since January 1st ( 2.5 months? When was this interview done?), travelled 200,000km. Being there brings so much more, connecting directly rather than over the phone. Elop wants to spent time with these people.

Wakes up 4am every morning, goes to sleep at 9-10.

Sleeps in on the weekend. Works very hard during the week but takes time to do things with family on the weekends (and other hobbys)

Sleeps on the plane as well. Seldom takes sleeping pills.

Interviewer says Elop has a lot of money, so he’s not doing all this work for money, asking is he competitive in showing that HE, Elop can do the Nokia job.

Elop says he took the opportunity to be part of Nokia, one of the greatest technology companies in the world of ALL time.There’s a very small number of companies that have that history, strength and future. As Nokia was headed through a difficult spot, it excited Elop as an opportunity to help lead the ocmpany through those challenges. It is a competition and ‘we’ want to win. How do we deal with the problems we have, how do we beat the competition? He derives a lot of energy from that, he loves to get up in the morning and encourage and motivate people.

Interviewer mentions Nokia’s stock worth which has been going down during Elop’s tenure (and before). He gives some analogy about being a hockey coach and how much time he’d have to which, Elop (also a hockey fan) ribbed back and asks how long since Jokerit last win the championship. The interviewer thought it was 2-3 years ago but Elop reminds him it was actually 10 years ago which backfires on the interviewer. Elop is told well it can’t be like that, the stockholders won’t wait 10 years.

Elop says that the challenges facing Nokia were many years in the making, accumulated difficulties that need to be addressed. What needs to be looked at now is how is the new strategy going, how are the new Lumias going? e.g. a couple of quarters Nokia sold just under 3m, in the most recent quarter reported, Nokia sold over 4 million. He can’t say how this quarter’s going but we’ll be announcing that in a few weeks. 

Interviewer asks him if it’s good or bad, Elop says he can’t say because he can’t provide forward looking guidance. But what he will say is that people seeing Lumia are very excited, they’re very pleased with those, the feedback being very positive. Nokia has no doubt that today Nokia’s making the best products they’ve ever made with these Lumia products. The success of Nokia and Elop’s contribution to Nokia will be judged by the success of progress and continued progress made at Nokia.

Interviewer asks how long does Elop think he has time at Nokia? Elop says he has time to show that progress.

Next, the interviewer asks what happened to Nokia when the iPhone came even though Nokia made the smartphone. Nokia was sleeping.

Elop says that Nokia was at its peak. In business there’s a pattern when companies get to that position of strength when they’re the absolute leader that they may be in a situation where you’re not thinking about how the world may change underneath you how someone will do something dramatically different, which is what Apple did, disrupting the market in a massive way. For companies generating money in a different way, change is different. When Elop came, he said that Nokia has to change and change quickly as they’re already years behind.

Nokia’s been sleeping too long, they thought they didn’t need to change, says the interviewer. They win then they think they’re so good and they don’t change their team and they go down (another sport analogy).

Elop says that at Nokia, they’re in a challenger mindset with three things to talk about. We need to be accountable, acknowledge mistakes. Urgency, moving a lot faster than ever before. Third, empathy to listen, doing a much better job at listening to customers. What do they want today?

Random ad break. OOH, Finnish TV ads :D

Now, on Nokia paying 1.3B in taxes now not paying much.

Elop says he believes Finland is important for Nokia and Nokia is important for Finland. It’s a very complementary partnership. Finland is where Nokia’s home is, this is where Nokia’s values have been established, where the biggest pool of engineering talent has come from to help make these great products. Nokia has such a long and integrated history with Finland so it’s very powerful and he’s very, very proud of Finland being Nokia’s home. “This is where we belong. It ripples through the company no matter where we are in the world  We are a FINNISH company.  Also I think we are good for Finland, even though going through difficult times we can help new entrepreneurs, start new companies, generate new revenue and profits within the company which can lead to expanding jobs. The relationship between Nokia and Finland is a very powerful one and a very supportive one in both directions. It’s difficult times and there can be difficult conversations but boy do we have the support the people of Finland.

Q: How competitive is Finland? What should the government do?

E: First, Finland as a country is in a remarkably strong position right now. The credit rating in the context of the rest of Europe (due to a lot of hard work) but also if you look at the situation within the state, whether it’s education, healthcare, training and employment development, Finland is amongst the leaders in the entire world in how these things are done. I come from Canada where a lot of the same values are in place. You know what, people should have healthcare, they should have a great education and if you do those things then ultimately the country is more competitive.

Q: The same thing can happen with Finland as what happened with Nokia if we don’t change all the time. We can go down. What should we change?

E: What we constantly have to look for which was in Nokia’s success is how do we take things that the country is strong at and make it more visible around the world. The world is now a very small place and companies in Finland can do very well around the world, how does the government help those companies. I was pleased at the number of government reps were travelling through china to share Finland’s values and let the world know what Finland and Finland’s business are capable off.

Q: What about taxes? What about the people that work here, Are the salaries too high in Finland?

E: I think the salaries are competitive with obvious taxation and so forth. As I engage in these conversations, same in Canada, people want to pay less taxes but at the same time ask, How’s the education, How’s the healthcare? They’re pretty darn good so that’s the right balance.

Q: So you think the Canadian and Finnish models are good models?

E: It’s a very good model.

Q: How many phones do you have right now?

E: Right now I have six (and laughs).


Q: I saw a picture in yesterday’s newspaper, the Lumia 928. What kind of phone is that?

E: I don’t know because we haven’t announced the Lumia 928 (laughs more)

Q: OF course you know. When are you announcing that?

When are you announcing that?

E: As of today…

Q: Answer the question, when are you announcing that

E: Well I’m making an announcment right here on you’re show because we’re introducing the 620. It’s coming to Finland, it’s a beautiful device that is making its appearance in Finland as this show airs, but as for future products…

Q: 928, when is it coming out. (LOLOL, I love this guy!)

E: I’ll say a couple of things about future products

Q: I can do one thing (noooo you interrupted him :/ You broke through and stopped) I have iPhone

E: Oh, how embarrasing

Q: I have an iPhone but I don’t want to have an iPhone. I want to have a Nokia phone

E: <Elop takes the phone and places it away on a table and giggles> it’s gone

Q: I want to have a Nokia phone because I believe in you and I believe in Nokia and I want to have the Lumia 928. When do I get it.

E: Let me tell you what we’re doing in the future

Q: Tell me before that when do



E: I will not answer sorry, I can’t answer those questions. But what I can say is..

q: <pointing to his iPhone> you will change that to a Nokia phone?

E: Oh I will change that to a Nokia phone. Don’t worry. But what I can say is just a couple of weeks ago at MWC, we introduced a number of new products. People said ‘wow you have a whole portfolio of beautiful products.’ What  we are also saying though is that there is so much good work ahead. I mean some of the beautiful phones still ahead we’re so excited about. What you’re seeing, so much about the improvements at Nokia is we may have a full portfolio of beautiful products but because the engineering teams in Tamperreella, Salossa, Oulossa, San Diego, in Beijing, all these places, they are working so much more effectively producing such better products. You’ll see so much more ahead so we’re very excited about what you will see in those products, there’s certain things that make Nokia products stand out. Beautiful design is one example. Great photography is another, so you’re going to see those things exaggerated and taken to higher and higher levels as we go further.

Q: You need to sell a lot more phones. The smartphone, is that an image thing because you’re selling a lot of cheap phones. You have to  succeed in that to keep the image of Nokia otherwise you probably skip that and only sell cheaper ones because you’re better in those


E: I think what you’re saying is, for example if I take this device <920, in red>  this is the Lumia 920, this is our flagship device and you’re exactly right. Our flagship devices, people have to say, “Wow, that’s better than that iPhone we just tossed away, that’s better than that Samsung device, it’s better in these areas. You need that Flagship because it creates that Halo effect over everything we do (DARN RIGHT IT DOES!) So when we go all the way down, I take out this device for example,

Q: That looks like a Children’s phone

E: This is the Nokia 105, we’ll sell millions of these over its lifetime. It’s sold for 15 euros, mostly in emerging markets. But also if you need that second phone, just to slip into your purse for a party or a glove box of your car, this device lasts more than 30 days on 1 charge of battery. The ability to sell these is definitely influenced by the aspirational quality of those (920)

Q: But you have to succeed in those (smartphones)

E: We think it’s important to succeed there, absolutely.

Q: How do you do it because now you’re selling like a couple of million phones and iPhone and Samsung is selling 20-30 million. You said in Dagens Industri that you will go past them…

E: Uhuh…

Q: …Are you saying it because you are CEO, why do you think that you are going past them? I don’t believe yet that will happen. I want to believe it


E: Good. Well the reason we believe that is we believe we can effectively compete with those other products by emphasizing the consumer experiences, the capabilities of these devices that are better than anything else. So with the 920 when we introduced that and said, ‘boy you can take pictures in a dark room, you can see and use the bright display under the bright Finnish sunlight that we’ve been enjoying over the past few days, I can control the screen with my glove on, and on and on and on’ if we focus on that great innovation, that Nokia is so good at and if we get that into our products then we will improve it. Now we’re starting with a brand new set of products, we’re starting with low numbers but I like that Q4 was more than Q3 and I want to keep growing that and taking that to a higher and higher amount (Is he still indicating that Q1 will be even better than Q4?)

Q: That’s a tough job in front of you. Do you sometimes think, why the hell did I take this Nokia job?

E: No. Because..

Q: You must..

E: No. No no no. Here’s why:

Q: Some morning when you wake up and you have slept four hours you must think you could be in Canada watching skiing with your family

E: Here’s why: There’s some of us, some people in the world, I sense you’re one of those people, you’re fundamentally competitive, you’re motivated by challenges, part of what motivates me as wellis when you spend time with the people of Nokia, the Nokians all over the world, they’ve been through some difficult times through the past years, right now because they know about our current products, of course  they know about the new products that are coming, 

Q: You know but you can’t talk

E: Exactly. What we see, and this is so powerful. You get so much strength from this is the employees of Nokia, are feeling stronger, prouder, more motivated today than they have and we measure this every 90 days, we ask them questions about this, and they’re telling us, ‘boy this is so much better and we’re going in the right direction’ and that gets you up in the morning

Q: Harkimo, he never finished a single handed race. You don’t want to go to Canada now and say this is Stephen Elop, he never succeeded in bringing up Nokia. Is that the reason?

E; No. The reason is because I love what I do, and because we’re going to win. You have to have confidence in that and we drive towards that.

Q: You don’t want to be a loser, you wanna be a winner.

E: Do you wanna be a loser?

Q: No

E: I wanna be a winner.

Q: So that’s what’s gonna happen.

E: I hope your team does well

Q: Do you do anything for fitness, you need to do something when you work so much?

E: You noticed I mentioned Dr (something. Perhaps the same one that told him about getting 8 hours of sleep is recommended) because when you’re in this type of race and it’s a long race. You have to worry about sleeping, eating better, exercise and so forth, one of the things I’ve been doing for the first time is Nordic walking with the sticks and everything, getting out there and making sure I get more exercise and look after those things because you have to.

Q: When you’re at home, which team do you watch in Ice hockey?

E: Vancouver Canucks, I watch the Cunucks

Q: Have you been in any games this year?

E: I have not been to any NHL games but I have been here at Hartwall Arena recently for (something) Lukko which is good news for the game that’s coming up. I haven’t got to any NHL games yet, as you know the season started late. I grew up in Canada and of course, the Toronto Maple Leafs were all of our heroes but they’ve been trying since 1967 to win that Stanley Cup so I’ve sort of given up on them.

Q: Why did you change to Vancouver? Usually people don’t change.

E: That’s right. Normally people pick a team and stay with it. What I actually enjoy is when you’re rooting for the local team, your nearby community and so forth because we’re on the west coast, you actually can get more engaged, it’s easier to follow the local commentary so I just kind of enjoy rooting for local team (link this to his work life if you can :p)

Q: What other hobbies do you have?

E: So my other principle hobby is that I’m a pilot, I fly small planes and I love to do that. There’s two types of pilots, those that like to soar with the birds. But flying is also a technical aspect, e.g. if youre flying in bad weather with cloud and rain, you have to be extremely skilled and focus in what you’re doing or you could have a very bad accident. So what I find is when I’m flying, practicing coming in in bad weather, my mind is completely clear of everything else. I have no time then to think about Nokia, or how many phones I have, or hockey or family. All I have time to do is to focus on safely landing the plane. And I find that very good to clear your mind every now and then.

Q: last question for you,

E: Please

q: Does an engineer know enough about marketing to get Nokia up (Hurray, marketing talk :D MY FAV :P)

E: Well, an engineer knows a lot about what it takes to meet the needs of a customer, and to make sure that those are well served but at the same time I have a team of people that I work very well with at Nokia. And so there are specialists in marketing (really? Really? ) in consumer surveys and all of those things that help us to bring that picture together and I’m proud to be working with a very strong team at Nokia.

Q: I hope you succeed

E: Thank you very much


Q: Good luck Stephen

E: And we’ll replace that iPhone for you

Q: Thanks!


Cheers Benz, keke12 and everyone for the tip! Sorry it took longer than expected to write up!



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  • Shawn

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy on T-Mobile here in the US and can’t wait to switch over to Verizon once the Nokia 928 is available. I believe so much in Elop and Nokia that I have made a significant investment in NOK stock and expect that NOK will eventually rise to challenge Samsung and Apple in the global smartphone arena.

    • Jens

      Me too.
      Not sure that Q1 will fully refelct their new protfolio (520, 620 and 720) as they have just been released (620 a bit older), but I am also a firm believer in Nokia now.
      I think they have a significant turn-around underway. No numbers to sustain that right now, just gut feeling, and close monitoring of trends on various websites like mynokiablog.

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  • Mapantz

    Great article and great read. What does spoil it, is seeing Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista’s trolling comments splattered everywhere. Go away.

    • MistyFog

      That guy can be annoying but he does bring up valid arguments sometimes. He’s a little over-enthusiastic and repetitive about the failings of Symbian but I do sense the Nokia spirit in him :)

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      So, I have wrong opinions?

      • Mapantz

        Everything you comment on is negative. I’ve just typed your name in to Google, every link i’ve clicked has taken me to this site and your negative comments. Why do you post here if you endlessly have nothing positive to say, i don’t get why you people spend your time doing this? I’m fed up of reading your wrist-slitting crud. Can we have an ignore system implemented please?

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          Same can be said about many people commenting here. Someone hates Elop, someone dislikes WP, someone is not happy with people liking the products of another manufacturer.

          But hey, you just like to rant about my post because I have wrong opinions and it really bugs you if someone talks about something like that.

          I’m not surprised you are not commenting about someone else. They apparently don’t have wrong opinions.

          • Mapantz

            A “wrong” oppinion is a contradiction of terms buddy.
            What bugs me is that every post you make is negative towards Nokia, and you’re on a Nokia blog?

            It’s fine, i can easily go to another blog and not have to put up with your excessive flaming everywhere i look.

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              I have 808, you know.

              Apparently not too many MNB readers have that new phones from Nokia.

              But I guess if you don’t tolerate wrong opinions, just go elsewhere. Tomi Ahonen has a nice blog for you. There is just one truth in that electric fairy tale of his.

              I bet it suits you.

              • AreOut

                you still didn’t prove it, at least you didn’t prove it when I asked you for

                if you have bought 808 in the meantime, good job then, enjoy the real machine!

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  I knew no proof is enough for you.

                  • AreOut

                    go and picture the same coin again the same way you posted the first picture ;) If its your phone you will do it.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      That would be the third proof you want about the phone I have?

                      I guess nothing is enough for you.

                    • AreOut

                      well just do it :D

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      You already got two pictures.

                      I guess PureView is not that special if you can’t even tell if it’s used in the picture or not.

                  • Mapantz

                    Typical troll.

  • john

    me i have no faith in this guy . i live in canada and i used to see nokia all the time on tv now i havent seen a single add in years maybe thats all this guy cares about the states. this is not the nokia i new and use to take pride in having. giving consumers no choice juss take my bullsh$^ os or leave it. i hope they can fix ther os in future cause i and others will never switch. you think i care that android lags a bit i am more free on that os and have more options windows is just dull like it was made for old people . its really sad a billion dollar company made ther os look so boring.

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  • Enzio Henzio

    The business is collapsing and we are talking about hobby and family of the fire starter? Burning platform are exploding but the orchestra is plying still. buhahahaha Tell this to the people. There is no more sure candidate to be fired and forgotten, from Osborne times. buhahahaha

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      OPK started this fire.

      Elop is just trying to fix the damages caused by OPK.

      • Enzio Henzio

        Doubt this. Elop is just enforcing his plan to hard sale Microsoft system. This seems to me, but this does not reminds fixing. Sorry. Any manger I have asked about has pointed diversification new products and using existing customers and products as a base for future. Here there is Elop’s Microsoft system or nothing. Big black whole or big fire to the end. This is against interests of co-owners and customers.

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          There was no real migration path from Symbian to MeeGo. Symbian’s Qt was not mature enough and Symbian’s market share was already collapsing fast. Nokia sold mostly low end phones and that was going to end anyway when Android started to be cheap enough.

          What could have been done?

          Starting over with MeeGo? Very few applications and only Nokia releasing Swipe UI phones. It’s possible that MeeGo would have even less sales than WP had. What happened to Symbian would have happened anyway. Feb 11. didn’t change that. It was already collapsing.

          The only choice Nokia had was Android and that would have killed Nokia’s maps because Google was not going to allow Nokia to replace the maps. Nokia could have installed their maps as a second service. But not at the default one.

          OPK started this fire by not killing Symbian in 2007-2009. They should have pursued Maemo instead of Symbian.

          Elop is just fixing all this.

          • Honcky Toncky

            There was loudly communicated migration path from “all-before-Windows” to Windows in ratio 1:1. It has never happened and never will. And all the other OSes were killed, hence Nokia market share has nose-dived.

            Symbian market has collapsed thanks to “burning platform memo” by Elop. A CEO killing own company milk cow before he has next milky cow – it is case for students of management, reasons, options, influence of 3rd parties to decisions and consequences etc. etc.. Elop himself has admitted negative impact of this stupid memo. For shareholders this means countable money lost.

            From statcounter figures yourself or from Ahonen’s analyses you can find out that nose-diving has started from the “burning platform memo”. Besides some people on blogs who don’t like Symbian, the rest of the world of customers wanted to use Symbian still. And there is no difference: if the cen be another version of Windows, there can be another version of Symbian. Or more then one next/new version.

            “What could have been done?” Definitely MeeGo. The time has gone and still N9 is one of top Nokia model. And more, a new version of MeeGo is coming, namely Saleifish – which is loved even before a smatphone is in sell.

            And this is Qt. Qt immatured? And matured enough to run Sailfish? How it is possible? Most of devs like it!! Devs determines weather coding tool is matured or not.

            “Feb 11. didn’t change that. It was already collapsing.” You know all we will die, and a murder will not change it, only will make it faster. That is the same. Windows is much older and completely out of mobile world.

            Yes, Android and Google do not need Nokia maps – this is acceptable argument. And the argument for MeeGo also in the same time.

            OPK is gone from 2009, and we have 2013 now, and Nokia’s business collapsing.

            To fix anything Elop could concentrate on MeeGo and let Symbian slowly go away, instead of introducing something what is not accepted by significant part of customers base. How do you think: do former Nokia users have supported Samsung’s success? The answer is yes. Elop is not producing mobiles for himself or for 5 of his kids, or for his hopes or imaginations or illusions – mobiles are for customers. And those who will join Sailfish will be lost for Nokia. Until Nokia will make a Sailfish mobile.

            MeeGo had small amount of soft because of time it existed on the market and because of the “burning platform memo”. There is not a bug number of soft but most of them are of the best quality. And they are from range of most important soft. Frankly N9 users say they have all soft they need. Windows has about of 100k or more, but most of it does not deserve even to waste time for seeing it IMHO – like old games from 80ies or 90ies Atare/Commodore adopted to device conditions.

            Still Nokia is surviving because of Asha which are more and more similar to MeeGo. This is final prove that abandoning new standard of MeeGo and N9 was not a good move.

            Now the solution is Sailfish OS. Windows can be or can not to be – most don’t care. It does not disturb, if not disturb, perhaps M$ employees have a duty to buy it – let them do this when they must/want to. And of course all the others who want it.

            OPK is OPK and history, Elop is ELOP and current CEO. During OPK Nokia was number 1 world wide mobiles vendor, during Elop Nokia has felt below 1st ten of vendors.

            I just wnt to know when parasite will be fired out. I don’t care about kids, stupid jokes, hockey, weird laugh etc. etc. Why I should care? Is this as kind of cult and we have an omnipotent guru? Or is this a religion? I don’t think so.

            But I think the future is Linux MeeGo/Sailfish. And you know it. Even if you don’t know – still it is IMHO.

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              You mentioned Ahonen as your source. It probably explains why you have misunderstood so much of all this. Tomi Ahonen fabricates information and he publishes fake or fabricated numbers as facts.

              I’ll help you and correct some of the misinformation you have.

              Nokia never promised a 1:1 ratio. It’s as simple as that.

              Symbian’s market share started to collapse in 2009 and by the end of 2010 Nokia lost most of the high end sales leaving them only the low end and some of the mid range devices.

              Feb 11. memo didn’t change anything in the collapse of Symbian’s market share.


              Nokia started to lose unit sales in 2011 just because Android was starting to hit those low end Symbian sales and there was no longer anyone else playing the Symbian game.

              OPK was still working for Nokia in 2010. They didn’t kick him out in 2009 as you apparently suggested.

              MeeGo never had a chance for a sufficient application support in the launch. When Android and iOS were launched that was not needed because Nokia didn’t have a proper application store but today that’s mandatory. MeeGo would not have succeeded without applications.

              Sailfish is promiseware and you can’t buy a phone made by them. It remains to be seen when and what will they offer. There is no future in it unless they ship and to the date it has been just lot of talk and no product.

              • noki

                “Nokia never promised a 1:1 ratio. It’s as simple as that.”

                OOOOO YES HE DID DON’T LIE they did show of several graphs were they exposed what was a 1:1 transition with a small increase of overall market share in the end.

                Look those up here on MNB…

                Nokia started to lose unit sales in 2011, but you keep on pretending that the absolute sales weren’t going up….that abruptly changed at the same time as the memo.

                The market share decline rate doubled after the memo..

                I know everything wrong in the world is symbian fault..
                ever day children die in africa, because of symbian, and symbian is the cause of wp sales beeing so bad not only in nokia but in all other OEM’s, in fact symbisn is soooooo nasty people don’t buy HTC’s ZTE’s and Samsung’s WP’s becouse they are afraid of symbian history there and prefer to buy nokias ones, that his as we know symbian free and as nothing to do with that….

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  Please give me an unedited link to a Nokia graph promising 1:1 migration rate. I don’t think I can find one.

                  Sure, Nokia was having more unit sales biut so what? They were slashing prices YoY and that makes it possible for a short period of time. They can even make some profits with that strategy but then it was no longer possible when Android started to hit the low end where Nokia had most of their sales.

                  In addition the market growth stalled and then, it was all downhill for Nokia.

                  Symbian’s market share continued to collapse and Feb 11. changed nothing about that.

                  You are disgusting if you are seriously linking children dying in Africa and Symbian. Shame on you!

              • noki

                as for meego not having a chance and I guees that must be compared to wp???

                we will soon have something to compare it 2, BB10 a far less compelling UI running on what is for the most part a version of what nokia had with meego just more closed and on a less compatible kernel… Launched 2 years after…
                If BB10 manages to be competetive what do you think that will tell us about the absolute minimum expectation in relation toe meego vs wp

                as for apps if bb10 managed to get 100000 apps in just 2 months vs 130000 in WP in 3 years, meego could never have goten that much because??? and if you go into your “only 6000000 are enough mantra” then WP was as much as a stupid move as meego would have been no?

                Of course if meego would have a similar growth ratio as bb10 (totally possible as they are for the most part similar platforms QML/cascades+Qt/c++) is having it would have somthing like 450000 apps by now but none of that matters right because it needs to be 600000 bare minimum and quality apps are not important…

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  You are seriously comparing MeeGo to a OS you consider as a loser?

                  True, MeeGo could have “succeeded” just as well as WP has. The only difference being in the costs. WP cost less making it a better choice for Nokia.

                  if BB10 fails, does that prove that MeeGo would have failed? No? Then why would it prove anything else? I’m not saying it doesn’t. Just asking why.

                  Nokia is not BB. They are not that good with applications. Even BB doesn’t have as many applications as WP has and people still think that WP has too few of those.

                  There are currently only two platforms with enough apps or applications. You do know, how many apps iPhone has and how many applications Android can use?

                  • Honcky Toncky

                    Are you talking about PCs or about mobiles? Why a smartphone need “enough applications”? The relation is opposite: the more popular it is the more apps it have, and this is limited by: accepted or not coding tools and accepted or not (by customers and by devs) software shop and accepted or not policy.

                    The only OS which has huge number of software is Sailfish again. It can use software from MeeGo (as it is MeeGo) + Android (as linux it has compatibility layer so no lags, as it has linux multitasking usability as native soft) + Sailfish native soft (including ports from Symbian and MeeGo, cause porting from Qt to Sailfish Qt has been reported to take, note well, “more or less 2 hours”).

                    So in this terms Sailfish has NOW available about 500k unique software titles. I think an average user needs a few or a dozen maybe, maniac perhaps 500 during all his live.

                    I think during 1st year after launch of devices it will have more then mythical 600k. Mythical as this exactly a kind of marketing story, but not any serious indicator of anything.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      A smartphone needs applications because people check how much apps or applications is available to one.

                      More is better. Or perhaps you would like to get a computer able to access only 10% randomly selected web pages on the internet? That’s not really how it is, but for the average consumer it’s close enough.

                      Sailfish is promiseware. I can’t buy a Sailfish phone and I can’t get any software for such a phone because the device has not yet shipped. Until it’s released, it’s irrelevant. Actually Sailfish is all about the past Nokia: Promises about a future product that will change everything. At least on the paper it will. Nokia promised lots of those things since 2007 and rarely shipped anything really meaningful in 2007 – 2010.

                      Just now the best choice of apps are available for iOS and applications for Android. Those are products people can actually buy now.

                      It remains to be seen how many titles will be available in the Store when (and if) Sailfish ships. It doesn’t have access to Google Play so it must make developers to publish the same applications in the Sailfish store. That can be a very difficult task. Even BB has managed to get only 30 000 Android applications for their store and they have much more credibility compared to Sailfish.

              • Honcky Toncky

                This is not a discussion about Tommy Ahonen. Whatever are you claims against him, his forecast has realised to be much more closer to reality then any of Elop’s promises or forecasts.

                Even when Nokia hasn’t made formal statement with promise 1:1 transition, it was repeated so many times that it has left a trace in my memory. So I don’t need to look for past sources to prove it. The point is that is has not happened.

                Before Elop it was completely unimportant who is CEO. I do not care to much if OPK was by 2009 or by 2010 – why should I care?

                The link you have placed is own work of nobody known to me, without any sources mentioned – anybody can draw whatever and place it there. This is nothing reliable IMHO. Sorry, this shows nothing to me.

                MeeGo at launch has succeeded, it only was unsupported and actively discriminated (like eg. “burning platform memo”). But yes – it could be much much better. Elop’s statement more or less “there will be no more MeeGo devices” was another public discrimination of the MeeGo. Still MeeGo is very popular. Remember MeeGo and N9 was restricted on main markets – that is why it could not reach customers. That was nothing about software. MeeGo has succeeded with software it has.

                I don’t know how you define “promiseware”. You can download Sailfish and evaluate it on your own eyes. And it can run on several devices so you can use hardware you prefer.

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  You are discussing about Tomi Ahonen and so am I. I guess that makes this a discussion.

                  Tomi Ahonen was correct in his last forecast, but with using that method, who wouldn’t be? He made more than one forecast and them picked the best fitting one.

                  You are saying that Nokia didn’t really make a 1:1 promise and you just feel that they did? I guess it’s your problem. Just make a reality check.

                  If you don’t care about facts about the year Elop started to work for Nokia, then I guess you just don’t like facts. That tells lot about you for the rest of us.

                  Sailfish is promiseware as far as consumers are concerned as long as they don’t ship a phone with it.

                  Some tech geek may use it on some device without real support for all the features, great. However for a regular consumer it’s promiseware. People want to buy phones. Not hacks or beta software that may or may not work.

              • Elroy

                The link you have placed ( is not used in anywhere, does not provide any sources upon which was created, does not provide any reliable author, there is only stated “own work” – but who’s? upon what? etc..? It can’t be treated seriously.

                Sailfish as a promisware evn now can use following software from platforms: MeeGo+Android+Linux(RPM)+Silfish. This gives about 550k of unique software. That is quit good for a promisware, isn’t it? And the shame is it is not Nokia OS.

                Sailfish OS and Ubuntu and Mer project work on compatibility of APIs, quite probable it will work. And China decided to create Ubuntu Kylin Linux which will be something based on Ubuntu. Also shame Nokia has not used a chance to do this with MeeGo, especially when they had very good relations with this market. I suppose the potential incomes and advantages of having own MeeGo OS treated as main OS on this market (China market) does not need any explanations.

                • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                  If you don’t like that, use this one. There are lots of sources.


                  Nokia’s market share started to collapse long before Elop and Feb 11. really didn’t change anything.

                  I can’t buy a phone with Sailfish. It’s just promiseware. Let’s talk about that again when it ships. Or at least when they have a track record of shipping products like Apple hand Samsung have.

                  • Allvin Hompky

                    Forgive me but linked above chart is out of context/content, has got no descriptions of anything hence it can be about anything. Itself this is not any source. It can be about burnt cigarettes in this companies during breakfast break ;) Who knows?

                    You can’t buy Sailfish smartphone yet. Does this make it less important? I doubt. Important is that devs port apps for Sailfish to be ready for launch. And important is Sailfish staff is listening to the customer’s needs, so this can be interesting, by all means.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      Oh well. Just look at the interim reports. You don’t bother to? Ignorance really is a bliss for old school Nokia fans.

                      Nothing is enough. I already gave you lots in those previous posts.

                      Sailfish remains as a promiseware. No release date, no track record and no proof of sufficient developer support.

                      Sailfish may be listening, but so does every rock outside our houses. Now what’s so special about just listening?

                    • Enolla Abby

                      “Oh well. Just look at the interim reports. You don’t bother to? Ignorance really is a bliss for old school Nokia fans.” – indeed, perhaps this ignorance has made Nokia number 1 world wide mobiles vendor.

                      “Nothing is enough. I already gave you lots in those previous posts.” – Your posts are really full of wisdom.

                      “Sailfish remains as a promiseware. No release date, no track record and no proof of sufficient developer support.” – yes it is one of most promising projects nowadays. So far terms communicated by Sailfish team have been kept, you can ask for more info if you want. No such information for Windows also.

                      “Sailfish may be listening, but so does every rock outside our houses. Now what’s so special about just listening?” – Keep writing, you can try writing speeches for politics, you will be listened. This can be quite special I think.

                    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

                      That ignorance made Nokia to lose that. Nokia was no longer the top smartphone manufacturer in 2009. That’s when Apple surpassed them in revenues. Unit sales? You can sell cheap crap but that doesn’t make you number one.

                      Terms communicated by Sailfish team are so vague that they could do almost anything and keep their “promises” they have given. But they still have no product and no track record for shipping those. That makes Sailfish just a promiseware.

                      No, I’m probably not so good that I could explain this to you. You are just too confused for that to happen.

  • Enzio Henzio

    The business is collapsing and we are talking about hobby and family of the fire starter? Burning platform are exploding but the orchestra is plying still. buhahahaha Tell this to the people. There is no more sure candidate to be fired and forgotten, from Osborne times. buhahahaha This is more childish then normally.

    • Enzio Henzio

      I think to myself WTF? Like everything would be OK – I doubt it is.

  • Johenss

    How long yet we will have to hear about this job hopper and platforms burner? No effects – thank you Mister! and goooooood byyyyyeeee!

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