Rumour: Nokia Catwalk Launch date, 15th May 2013, London

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Get your buckets of salt on the ready. This tip comes from someone that prefers not to be identified, but can be referred to as ‘”South”. They say that the Nokia Catwalk might be launched 15th May 2013. Good timing if true as my written exams should be finished by then :p.

We’ve had some previous rumour tips before from them that have come true, although you’re all right should you still be skeptical about this information.

The Nokia Catwalk is a slim, beautiful, possibly aluminium Nokia Lumia which is said to have a very decent camera.

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  1. Siliconsub says:

    Launched or announced/when I know it exists or when I can get hold of one?

    • Sefriol says:

      It would be pretty insane if they release and sell the phone at the same day.

      But to be real. It will be announced 15th, but sold during summer. We would have really good leaks already if they sold it in a month.

    • says:

      both, they will announce availability at the launch reveal :)

      its becoming more of a strategic play when it comes to new devices being launched/announced/revealed.

      Last year Nokia announced the Lumia 920 before the iPhone 5, it stole some of apples thunder and maybe some consumers.

      so even if the catwalk is not ready for immediate sale, it should be showed off before other competitors show their new devices.

    • WinP8 says:

      Okay, for months now I’ve been reading that the phone code named ‘Laser’ was going to be the phone coming to Verizon and that ‘Catwalk’ was going to be going to T-Mobile. Now all of a sudden Catwalk is going to Verizon.

      What happened to the Laser? It’s just dropped off the radar.

  2. Muerte says:

    Launching and announcing – neither of these means that the product is available for purchase at that day.

    It is the availability that matters, and it is always a different story. For example, hypothetically Apple announces/launches an iPhone on 5th of April, and they say it is available on 12th of April.

  3. Muerte says:

    BTW Jay, great illustration picture for this article :D

  4. Chew says:

    The confusion above is legit. The word launch can be used to describe an announcement or a release. In the mobile phone world it tends to almost always mean an announcement.

    As a video game nerd, it is always a confusing term to me. Game consoles are only launched when they are actually released. The Dreamcast was launched in the US 9-9-99, yet it was announced long before then. Since I’ve been using this term in that way since before then (1999!) it is always what comes to mind for me first, even when I know better. It’s hard to get my mind to associate a launch with an announcement when it has meant something else to me for over a decade.

    • Amrut Mhatre says:

      what are you refering to ?

      • says:

        lumia 520/720 coming soon to the philippines, but no mention of grey 920 availability :(

        • drexter says:

          you live in the philippines too

          yeah we are one of those country who doesnt have cyan and grey 920s… but atleast its cheaper than other countries :)

          • says:

            yes i was quoted 22,000peso from the sales rep at both sm/ayala nokia stores.
            can’t wait for it to arrive, soon….soon my precious ;)

        • Zymesh says:

          coming soon would mean 3 months from now if your basing it to the Nokia.Ph website lol

          BB Z10 is available now here. I dont know why Nokia Ph is sooooooo slow. I think we get the old batches with defects. If you check local info around the web there are a lot of people having issues with the 920s.

          • says:

            really ?
            can’t you do any better than that BS ?

          • drexter says:

            lumia 720 “coming soon” is in a week. its on nokia ph facebook.

            and that “defect” on 920 is easily fixed. just bring it to nokia care centers..the new batch of lumia 920s will have it fixed out of the box.

            c’mon its just a dust sticking on the front camera and sensors.

  5. rudy says:

    A camera like the n8 and to be available on t-mobile and it’s mine.

  6. Janne says:

    If Catwalk were to be released in London in May, that would mean it isn’t Verizon exclusive in the world, not even for a timed one I’d guess. It may be Verizon exclusive in the States of course, but a London reveal would suggest global availability.

    But these labels are so haphazardly used. Laser is supposedly the Verizon spring device and EOS is the monster camera for rest of world. Catwalk, a different device, wasn’t supposed to come until fall… So who knows.

    • Janne says:

      One scenario could mean Catwalk for rest of world with a Laser variant of it for Verizon. Big camera EOS for rest of world and AT&T in the U.S… But maybe not.

      • Muerte says:

        Catwalk for T-Mobile IMHO

        • spacemodel says:

          That was my impression too, first exclusive to T-Mobile USA and no certainty of availability outside the US.

          And wasn’t the Catwalk supposed to be a spec-wise slightly pimped 920 with aluminium body?

  7. Andrey says:

    They need to release a phone now.
    In May its too close to Apple and Samsung releases and too close to Nokia World.

    • Janne says:

      Maybe they are releasing fall devices later in Q4, not in Q3? Maybe to coincide a WP 8.x launch? A late Q2 availability for new devices might work fine in that scenario…

  8. Oslík says:

    What about Laser/928?

  9. dss says:

    If its true, I wonder if it will be based on Windows “blue” ? If not.. it will still be based on the older soc, and 720p screens…

  10. Rajesh says:

    I will buy only if it has the below configs

    1. Full HD display
    2. 2 GB RAM
    3. Quad Core Processor
    4. PureView camera
    5. Aluminium body

  11. Roger Tylla says:

    It says “NOKIA Catwalk” does this mean it will be with the MeeGo or Meltemi? The great Nokia comeback at last? Anything about it?

  12. Muerte says:

    Any cohesion between the rumour and this event:

    Microsoft and Nokia are preparing to hold a Windows Phone Developer Camp in London. May 11th this year will mark the day when the two companies will provide an introduction to the Windows Phone platform for developers who haven’t quite looked into hopping on to the train just yet

    • Amrut Mhatre says:

      This correlates with the rumor of Nokia Catwalk being Released.
      Hope the phone releases.
      Also the Catwalk will be pretty similar to the n8.
      design and camera wise.

  13. Aleksi says:

    If catwalk is really present in just 5 days, I’d say that they’ve done a far better job in keeping it behind curtains. L928 had already been heavily leaked for a couple of weeks. For catwalk we only have this picture that could easily be nothing like the real deal.

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