Rumours: Nokia EOS 41MP; Nokia Catwalk specs, OctaOLED, 8.4mm slim, 2000mAh, f2.0 with OIS, May 15th

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Corroborating previous rumours, the Nokia Lumia ‘Catwalk’ is rumoured for a May 15th Launch. 

  • OctaOLED 4.5″ 1280X768
  • 129mm x 8.4mm x 71mm
  • 132g
  • OIS
  • 2000mAh
  • 1GB RAM, 8.7MP
  • All aluminium
  • Is this flavio trustworthy?

There’s another rumour inserted in at the end. A different phone with 41mpx.

I suspect we’ll hear more of other exciting Lumias soon.

Cheers Muerte for the tip!

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  1. Vladimir says:

    Damn 2000mAh!
    Does any company care to surprise us with something worth to be excited for?

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’ve seen a subtle expansion of
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    We’re not talking Gig Finder anymore, we’re
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    A surprising
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    disk-based OS). Easy.

  3. Janne says:

    People, people…

    There are THREE Lumias coming out soon(ish). And people seem to mix all their leaks and rumours all the time. That’s why people are confused, even big blogs like The Verge.

    Here is my view:

    In April we’ll see the Laser. This is the Lumia 920 variant, probably 928, for Verizon. It is a slight polycarbonate redesign of the 920, with the flat sides shown in the FCC leak. Laser-cut sides if you will. ;) The big differentiator is the xenon flash, likely because second general update to WP8 will add support for it.

    Later (May 15th?) we are expecting to see the EOS and maybe Catwalk. EOS is the 41 Mpix ballpark monster camera. Like “EOS” suggests. It will not be small. I think we probably haven’t see the final design anywhere?

    Catwalk on the other hand is all about design like its moniker suggest. I will be a slim, maybe aluminum phone. Maybe it will move the camera to corner to get there or ditch wireless charging to a 720-like snap-on cover… Maybe this was the white phone seen in the twisted mirror leak?

    Expect all of these to have roughly the same specs as Lumia 920. I wouldn’t expect new processor cores or resolutions until fall, but of course that is just my guess.

    • Bloob says:

      I do hope MS gets quad-core support out quickly. People can see the screen and compare, so 720(/768) vs 1080 won’t have as big an impact on consumer decision as quad-core, which is more abstract to the user, and “bigger is better”-attitude will take over.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      Quad core and 1080p support will probably come in WP 8.1 (Blue), which won’t launch until late summer at the earliest, so you are probably right about fall being the time for next big hardware upgrades in the Lumia line. I wouldn’t count out higher processor clock speeds for the EOS and/or Catwalk, though. Nokia needs to answer to the Quad and Octo core monsters in the Android world somehow, even if WP does not strictly need more processing power for a fluid UX. Ultimately depends also on what Qualcomm has to offer in that department.

      • mirco says:

        What do you people mean with quad core support? WP 8 supports 64 cores like Windows 8.

        • Bloob says:

          Scheduler etc. will still need to be optimized for more cores. MS atm allows only dual-core.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          You could also run WP8 on almost any ARMv7 SoC with the necessary minumum GPU features just like Windows RT. There is no technical reason to prevent that. However, Microsoft does not licence it to anything else than certain Qualcomm chipsets at the moment.

      • Janne says:

        Yes, I think it is possible EOS/Catwalk might have more megahertz and more RAM, but I expect the screen resolution and core-count remain the same as in current WP8 devices. Nokia might go for 720p instead of 768p of course, but that is within the current WP8 specs.

        On the other hand, I think for ecosystem reasons (and parts acquisition etc.) Nokia might want to remain at the same basic specs as Lumia 920 for RAM and megahertz… and leave the boost to a more significant generational boost come late 2013.

        I think this actually makes quite a bit of sense. Grow the ecosystem more uniformly than Android’ spec-game. If anything, Apple has had quite a bit of success with a more conservative spec-approach. I don’t think it has hurt Apple, what has hurt Apple is that their OS and HW differentiating features have been languishing… not because their RAM/CPU specs are “old”.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          Adding more RAM and higher frequency for the processor are fairly trivial and don’t really fragment the ecosystem. The 510/610 did introduce fragmentation, because they dipped below the established WP7 norm, but since the 520/620/720 specs are the same internally, they pretty much set the baseline for first generation WP8 devices. More RAM and faster processors are just bonus on top of that.

          That said, I don’t think there even is a real need for more than 1 GB of RAM with the current multitasking scheme of WP8. There are no really big apps which would require so much RAM, either.

    • mirco says:

      Janne, why do you think that WP doesn’t support xenon flashs in its current state? Why should an OS need specific support for a flash?

      • Janne says:

        There was a leak suggesting Microsoft was rolling out a new update to Windows Phone alongside the 928 with this support. It may be wrong of course.

        I don’t think the OS needs that much to support xenon flash, never did, just that maybe there is some app/driver/hook support needed that may have not been there before.

        Same with FM radio support, which is still missing, but I expect to come eventually. It is not that it’s hard, it just hasn’t been finished/rolled out yet.

        • Chris W says:

          Doesn’t the HTC Mozart have a Zenon flash? And by all accounts its performance is not very good. Perhaps because software wasn’t terribly well optimized to use it.
          Get Nokia in there with their years of experience, and hopefully will make it work on a WP8 phone.

  4. drexter says:

    cool. but im waiting for dsmobile rumor leaks.

    • dss says:

      He said that the EOS should be better than the 808… and that is my only hope for Nokia. That way they can really differentiate themselves with something substantial, not just yellow color.

  5. john says:

    well i have an n8 and i upgraded to sony juss because i would loose to many features to switch to windows phone still i hope windows that will soon fill in the blanks and ill switch.

  6. arg0 says:

    Why may 15? is there any Nokia event?
    I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if they announced both Catwalk and EOS at the same time. It’s true that they aim at different markets, but they’re both flagships.

  7. john says:

    i expect the eos to be an upgrade of the 808 meaning at has all its features and more.

  8. hye says:

    no use 41 M , if the same function as the Lumia 920 camera . Can not zoom while taking pictures or videos. And videos can not pause . Lumia 920 itself too many weaknesses , if nokia EOS use tile concept … that very boring tiles .

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