WP head’s focus is to keep current model with OEMs and get to 200m phones a year. MS’s Myerson says Android is a mess, insinuates stale iOS.

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It was back in July 2011 when we heard of MS’ ambitions of getting 100 million Windows Phones per year. I’m not sure they sold even half that for 2012 but even so, MS is still aiming high and now apparently to 200 million per year (not sure what year – they never did say when the 100m/year would be achieved either).

When asked about making their own phone, Terry Myerson says they’ll keep the current model with the OEMs, not producing their own phone unless Nokia/HTC does not meet the consumer experience WP needs (ahahahahaha, MS. YOU are the one not producing the consumer experience WP needs. YOU are the only one hampering your own damn Windows Phone experience. YOU and your 1st gear, handbreak on approach at life! Maybe You should get someone else to improve and develop WP for you at the pace it needs, with the awareness it requires to implement experiences that should have been there, what, years ago?)

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 16.39.58MS is apparently also working with facebook to bring Facebook Home to WP. On the app front, Myerson’s keeps pushing on about how WP has the top 48/50 apps (It should have the top 200 – or more!). Moreover, he apaprently disses the stagnant iOS and the mess in Android. Well that’s all well and good if YOU are making SWIFT progress yourself, Microsoft. Are you? Are you really? Is your WP team of one sloth ever going to leapfrog what you clearly saw was a stagnant iOS and a messy Android or are you somehow, knowing the enemy’s weakness, continue to lock your feet on the ground so you can perpetually stay behind and enjoy the half-arsed attempt at playing catch up?

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