WP reaches 20% in Mexico and Poland, Nokia getting all MS’ attention now (WP9 – Nokia only?)

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Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 09.50.56WMPU reports that in Poland, WP has over 20% marketshare now.

WP’s Terry Myerson  spoke to Reuters and applauded Nokia’s efforts saying “Nokia’s doing a great job…they really are receiving all of our go-to-market energy right now”.

And you can see it. In recent MS/WP promos and adverts, the focus has been on Nokia (like This or This). And it makes sense given how Nokia is really the main player and the only one really paying attention to WP. HTC is busy struggling with Android (possibly accidentally stuffing their next phone with Nokia exclusive components without their knowledge) and Samsung is merrily doing their Galaxy thing (and rumoured to have been playing with WP only to waste MS’ time.

Incidentally, whilst searching for a post on that rumoured Samsung ploy of stringing MS along, I came across a couple of articles suggesting WP9 could just be a Nokia thing. Or at least Sammy dropping out.

Well there will still be handsets coming from the ‘other’ WP manufacturers supposedly being announced in the next few months. But those are WP8 devices. What about WP9? Although that might be some time away it might be worth considering the impact of a Nokia only WP.

The multiple manufacturers thing gives users a choice. It allows them an offering of devices that would otherwise not be possible by Nokia alone. At the very least it keeps users in that ecosystem for Nokia to siphon off when Nokia is able to sway them. Such has been the case for Nokia Lumia owners that were previously users of other WP devices. It’s not a huge number but something to build upon.

Now, Nokia’s portfolio is expanding across a greater range of price points and a greater range of offerings, perhaps it is possible to go it alone? I’d still rather see some other manufacturers trying it out with WP, in the same way it would have been nice for Nokia not to have been alone in the end with Symbian. As long they all do their own stuff of course.



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