Jolla’s Sailfish phone launching in a couple of weeks, Marc Dillon teases with a tiny glimpse of ‘orange’ phone

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It seems bright colours are back (hey Nokia :D) FireFox quite rightly went with orange for their new phone and now so have Jolla it seems.  Maybe they liked my MS Word placeholder thumbnail thing that we used to use 😛


Marc Dillon flashed the back of the phone and Engadget heard him say the official launch is in a couple of weeks time. It was suspected to have a screen no smaller than 5″.



Source: engadget

Cheers  jiipee for the tip (and incognito for heads up)!


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  • Can’t wait ! Really want to have it !

  • incognito

    A small correction, it was jiipee who tipped it, I just commented on strong colors 😉

    • sunnyvale

      you sir, are a gentleman.

  • Toni

    Will be really interesting to see what they have been able to make; let’s hope for all the best.

  • jiipee

    The launch may well be on May 20th – the #jollaloveday

    “Ei ole ropotti, ihan ihminen 🙂 Varaa 20.5. kalenteriin! #jollaloveday”

    Roughly in English: “Its not a robot following you, a real person. Book May 20th in your calendar.”

  • Sefriol

    I’m sceptical, but I hope they have managed to bring something competitive.
    Since the phone is aimed for Chinese market, I doubt we see very high end phone. Maybe something like 820 at max.

    • Thomas F

      China and Finland and all can by it online… looking forward to this if they can bring something like the 820 to market with Sailfish, i will get one to replace my N9. In my opinion Nokia should launch a Sailfish phone, just as a side project… How are the investors behind Jolla?, i would not be surprised if the connection to Nokia is closer than we think… 🙂

      • zlutor

        I think Elop will not do that, I think. That would be a clear sign that all WP strategy failed what Elop will not admit.

        But let’s hope I will be proven wrong… 😉

        • GordonH

          It’s not about admitting the mistake. It’s about Nokia being an MS bitch at this stage.
          So let me repeat that same thing since last 2 years. “All products inside Nokia competing against an MS product has to killed, stabbed or strangled.”

      • jiipee

        Nokia does not have anything to do with it – some older brotherly mental support excluded.

        The device wont be high-end. 820 level sounds right. My wish: good-enough camera performance, WP fluidity, good performance of ACL , powersave mode, attachable physical keyboard via bt, good spirit towards users, working service channels.

      • Marko Sapre

        I agree, Nokia definitely and absolutely ought to launch a Sailfish device with 41Mpix camera, lets say N9+PV808 merged in Sailfish taste, and earn a lots lots lots of money for this. I would buy suach dream machine just immediately!

        • incognito

          Yeah, that will surely happen… After gutting themselves as a sacrifice on the Microsoft altar, I can imagine that they can hardly wait to pick up a system made by people they’ve sacked and thus destroy the whole Lumia range. They can’t even get their foot through the door with WP, helping even more of their competitors Nokia needs a little less than a fish needs a bicycle.

  • burningBit

    Oh crude. I was really looking forward to Jolla devices, but if the screen is really going to be larger than 5″ then it’s going to be a huge turn off for me. My main concern would be about one hand usage and pocketability issues.

    • zlutor


    • jiipee

      I would be very suprised, if it is 5″. As Marc has himself stated, one-handed use is key to him. Could it have extra case around it (attachable keyboard preferably 😉 ) or the UI works better than expected with one hamd and large screen.

      • Marko Sapre

        5? I doubt. It was anounced “not less then 3.5”, but over5? That would be a surprise! Questions are about physical keyboard, RAM, microUSB, otg, NFC, etc.etc.

    • incognito

      Given that they target the mid-range market, or at least that’s what we assume they are, I highly doubt it will sport 5″+ screen – those things are expensive even in low resolutions, especially those of AMOLED type which they will most definitely want to use to take the full advantage of a low-power mode stand-by screen.

      That being said, unless seriously enchanted with the rest of the hardware/software, I won’t be buying it if it uses 5″+ screen – the sweet spot for me is around 4″, anything more than that gets way too bulky. If I wanted a large screen to carry around with me, I’d get me a tablet. A smartphone has to be ‘pocketable’.

  • Diazene

    I doubt it’ll succeed, the UI is terrible, just like blackberry’s one, full of gestures and stuff like that

    windows phone looks like a much better OS

    and even if it’s good enough, I doubt they have enough money to survive until they become profitable

    • incognito

      While the Sailfish’s UI is nothing to write home about, a stepped-on dog turd in a park looks much better than the UI of WP, let alone Sailfish.

      Disregarding the UI part, one can argue which OS at its core is better, both Windows and Linux has their pros and cons.

    • Marko Sapre

      You are wrong, really wrong. Jolla will be profitable selling only 100k of devices as they don’t have any parasites to feed, it is a small start-up with about 60 persons as staff, but huuge community awaiting for a MeeGo Sailfish device, and quite big number of free devs also.

      UI and Linux are what was the biggest advantage in Nokia N9, here is better incarnation of those ideas. Of course some will not love it, while many will do love it.

      I think this is a new class of comfort for users. And can be unexpected surprise for many.

      • zlutor


    • zlutor

      “the UI is terrible” & “windows phone looks like a much better OS”

      These two thing has not to many related items…

      Not to mention I highly doubt WP as an OS is superior to Sailfish.
      UI is always question of taste but I would also prefer Sailfish, to.

      For me it is second to Harmattan UI for me…

    • jolla > nokia

      bad taste

    • noki

      the thing im really concerned about is the screen deff hope its not the same as the N9, 1080p is an overkill but 720p looks much much better than 480p

  • Marko Sapre

    This is the most important premiere of the season: second MeeGo device! Yes, I love N9 and I want to buy the next device of this. It is to be in a few days: 20th May, not a couple of weeks. Doesn’t meter black or any other colour but at last new MeeGo device, I was waiting so log for this! I hope it will not be a disappointment, we will see.

    • zlutor

      If they manage to put good enough hw in it must be good device. UI is quite OK, OS is OK, there will be ACL there, ‘ecosystem’ is OK, too..

      E.g. N9 with dual core CPU + better camera (1080p videos) would be kind of prefect usability wise.

      One good question what mapping/navigation solution they will use? I hope for Nokia Drive with online traffic info.

      It is readily available, they just have to remove comments from the relevant QML files from N9… 😉

      Other good question what revenue model they could offer for the developers? Will they have their own store? Global app distribution is a must, such as unified in app purchase solution with operator billing. Not to mention in-app advertisement support…

      • zlutor

        This revenue model issue will be interesting since their main – and first – target will be China.

        And China was a headache for Nokia developers – compare to the rest of the world – from this point of view.
        legislation is ‘interesting’ and Jolla has much less negotiation power than Nokia had…

        • jiipee

          They have Chinese minority owners, who could be very interested to protect their IP and interests in general.

          • Marko Sapre

            Yes, the point is to understand market how it works and use it, not to fight it or overwhelm with forcing own model. Jolla has shown can do it, so will be respected in China.

  • BJ

    134 comments and nobody mentioned his hair?