Damian Dinning, previous Imaging Guru from Nokia excited about Next week’s Nokia event in London

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WMPU reports on a tweet from Damian Dinning, an Ex-Nokian who was considered Nokia’s Imaging Guru. Whilst he might not be aware of the current intricacies at Nokia, he should still know a lot given his position at Nokia and he’d still have connections.

Damian tweeted that “Next week sounds very exciting” referring to the Nokia event in London, May 14th. It’ll definitely be rather hectic for me as I’ve got an exam the previous day (and hopping on a train to London immediately after). I’ve given myself a few minutes from revision to check emails and blog :p.

Anyway. Whilst some speculate that the new camera flagship isn’t coming until later this year (closer to ‘Nokia World’ style dates) WMPU hopes it might be coming next week given Damian’s excitement for the upcoming Nokia event. The EOS is the WP camera flagship, 41MP PureView like the OS but according to dsmobile, even better than the Nokia 808 PureView (a feat only really possible by Nokia themselves). However, camera wise there should still be something interesting coming next week if it’s not the EOS. Nokia is expected to announce at least the Nokia Catwalk. A slimmer, more beautiful device that has an improved camera over the 920, with a better camera than the iPhone 5 (according to dsmobile). Slim but still packing was Nokia’s main criticisms last year (unless of course the thickness or bump is so highly productive, i.e. 808).

Damian was questioned on twitter whether it was the EOS but he only responded “nice try”. It appears that he’s still bound by NDAs for the devices he’s aware of but he says a lot can happen in 5-6 months and whatever knowledge he might have might be out of date.

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There’s some others if you follow the conversation

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 06.47.23Speaking more on the hump. Damien says he’s a believer that you can always do better. Not for the sake of it but because thinking evolves. I agree.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 06.48.54Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!




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