Lumiapps: Splashtop 2 comes Free to download for Windows Phone through August (Remote Desktop)

| May 23, 2013 | 8 Replies

belfiore splashtop 2

How cool is this? Splashtop 2 is free to download for Windows Phone 8 :D. Splashtop allows you to access your desktop from your mobile device. It’ll replicate what’s on the screen whether you’re home or thousands of miles away.


I haven’t used it since my TouchPad updated and splashtop stopped working. It was fun for some practical uses (making my PC convert video whilst I was in Uni) and practical jokes (phantom computer ghosts)

It seems the pricing has changed from a one off price plan to monthly ($1.99 which is free ‘through August’)


PC remote is also a really good alternative. It has a desktop mirror function though the frames per second wasn’t as fast as splashtop. Let’s see what Splashtop 2 is like in comparison πŸ™‚


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  • Ali Abdulla

    i bought both the webOS and andriod verions of splashtop, great app
    but $2 a month , is just too much… thats being greedy i guess, even if it was every 3 months(8$ a year), it will still be a bit over priced

    and i say this while being a programmer myself, just because WP have lower user base, dosent mean u get to overprice stuff, the userbase would only shrink :S

    i hope they changed their plans in Android and IOS too… else its just sad :(, i rrly like this app πŸ™

    • Just Visiting

      What are you talking about? Those prices for iOS and Android were set before this app was even a thought for WP development.

      IOS and Android users are paying for the cost of development and services for iOS and Android devices. That is all.

      • Ali Abdulla

        i said “changed”..

    • Ali Abdulla

      ok, seems that i missunderstood something, article needs to be updated too

      its free within the same wifi, but u need to subscribe if u want to connect from another wifi..(not sure if that too wont be free after august :S)

      i guess i can make my own vpn, and connect via that(hopefully vpn is supported in wp8 )

  • lumiangry
  • Shaun

    Huh? why not just use a VNC or RDP client?

    • v.s.i

      I’m still waiting for a VNC server for WP8, in native C++. I looked into porting TightVNC myself before calling it quits, after a short time πŸ˜› – it should be adapted to WP’s graphics APIs, which I have neither the time nor the interest nor the incentive to learn.

  • xpl

    Thanks to Microsoft Efforts