Jo Harlow on Nokia Lumia with Computation Imaging (and Dual Sim) #Lytro

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Some interesting snippets of information from Jo Harlow when interviewed by BGR.

  • Dual SIM for Nokia Lumia is on the radar to bring to the portfolio. Currently dual SIM doesn’t exist for Nokia’s higher end smartphones.
  • Continue to push boundaries on how low Lumia will go
  • Future of imaging, not just the 41mp sensor capturing 38mp images or pureviewed 5mp images.
  • Future is capturing data in images even our eyes can’t see. Computational imaging – to capture and do things with your photos beyond simply adding a filter, but having the data perhaps to select new focus points :p which is also where the article concludes to – Lytro Lumias – Something Nokia is said to be investing in.

Source: BGR

Cheers sbw44 for the tip!


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  • t t

    Yes, dual-sim, when? Sometimes 2014? Expensive androids already have dual-sim! What takes so long Microsoft?

    • “What takes so long Microsoft” is like “Why you so hot, Sun?”

      • md

        Sun was acquired by Oracle Inc 😉

        • RED

          good one (y)

    • DesR85

      Depends on which ‘expensive’ Android phone you’re referring to. I’ve seen Samsung and other Android OEMs release a few but they don’t come with the latest specs like quad-core or 8MP and above cameras to name a few.

      They probably assume that the market for dual-sim phones are those who are either on a budget or those who can’t afford smartphones with the latest features. That might also be one reason why Nokia prefer it on their cheaper Asha phones rather than their Lumia line.

    • Otto

      What takes so long Nokia? There were no dual SIM smartphones (save Asha) from Nokia before WP jump either.
      AFAIK operators tolerate DS in India and China to a degree (phones that will anyway be sold without subsidies) but in areas where operator subsidies play key role Dual SIM is a no-go.
      Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Sasa

    I sent you almost hundred questions where will Nokia make some DUAL SIM smartphone!!!
    You are so late, other android smartphones have dual sim cards a long time ago!
    I was writing that to you because I am the big fun of Nokia and I really need Dual SIM cards for bussines!
    But I cant wait so long and I will buy Samsung Dual sim phone…
    I am so sorry about Nokia…

    • Almost one hundred? Drugs? Or maybe a need for?

  • v.s.i

    Lytro is a company that developed a special sensor which enables changing focus after the picture is taken. It solves this problem differently than what the startup Pelican Imaging has come up with, namely an array of cameras. So they’re not related at all, ‘Lytro’ in the title could mislead some into thinking it’s the same technology. 😉

    Dual SIM Lumias are a necessity as well, way up to the 720 actually.

  • sbw44

    At least now they have a reason to use quad core’s

  • nn

    In other words “computational imaging” = “don’t wait for more truly innovative HW from us, just SW gimmicks”. Which frankly is what I expected from Elop. HW R&D costs money and after Elop destroyed revenues and slashed R&D budgets, I don’t think they can continue to innovate as they did.

    • milojko

      yupp, they aren’t able to match 808 IQ on their WP phones so they must invent hot water now…


    Elop has been quiet lately, Harlow has been actively promoting Nokia.

    • Hmmmmm.

    • t t

      Is she going to be next ceo?


        or Marko Ahtisaari, maybe depends on who reveals the rumoured eos/phablet/tablet.

      • Puhelimellanikin

        It’s possible that Marko Ahtisaari will be the next CEO.

        There has been talks about that in the Finnish press.

        • pyler

          Link maybe?

          • Puhelimellanikin

            Not lately. I think it was on the winter and it was nothing like making headlines about the subject.

        • Otto

          Elop has been quiet lately, Harlow has been actively promoting Nokia.

          Let’s assume he is busy. But interesting point there.

          It’s possible that Marko Ahtisaari will be the next CEO.

          Oh my. Please no. I believe Nokia employees would feel like being in that user friendly comic saying “We’d all follow you, but out of curiosity, not loyalty.”:

    • Viipottaja
      • twig

        Hopefully working on production, following Apple tax model,financing and all the rest of the cool headaches CEO’s have to deal with. We need more HSN Lumias Elop!! That is a great idea whoever thought of that one. Their sales pitch is splendid.

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  • manu

    dual sim phablets like galaxy grand/quatro has good demand in india and middle east.hope they bring is damn slow in adapting market trends even micromax is better than them

  • Vikas

    Hey Nokia,

    Just shut you mouth and give us features what users actually needs. You poor OS is responsible for poor sales.

    It has been 2 year’s and you are still shouting for Camera, Pictures and Low Light Photos.

    1) Don’t have any single smartphone with dual SIM
    2) Don’t have file manager in OS.
    3) Can’t even download any music file in browser.
    5) Don’t have any custom snooze timing options in Alarm App.
    5) Don’t have any Call or SMS blocker.

    list is huge but believe me this are the very basic features and people in emerging markets don’t care for phones with such poor OS.

    Android lags or force close but at-least it gives what an average user want’s

    Now Samsung has announced Galaxy STAR and believe me it will kill your new poor Asha’s which can’t even do proper multitasking.

    • KeiZka

      Well, technically they’ve been shouting about low light photography for less than year, but certainly, if that floats your boat..?

      1) Depends on the definition of smartphone. If iPhone 3gs was counted as smartphone, then sure as hell some of the Ashas are as well. With Dual-sim. Semantics, gotta love ’em.

      2) Why?

      3) Why? I’m inclined to believe copyright holders don’t like that option that much, eh?

      4) There aren’t any apps for that, hmh?

      5) That many telemarketers around?

      Aand Android will succumb to itself in less than a year. Seen how well those low-end androids hold up after a year? Well, not that good… Ps. 4gb internal memory is quite nothing when it comes to JB on Galaxy Star. Also rather doubtful about that 1200mAh battery. Killing what, Galaxy brand?

      • Tabu

        1) Actually, iPhone 3GS is a modern smartphone while Asha is not one. Actually, Symbian based phones are not modern smartphones. Notice: modern.

        • SLAYER

          define modern please.

          • Tabu

            I’ll give you few examples.

            SGS4 is a modern smartphone, just like iPhone 5. Nokia 808 is not a modern smartphone.

            A car from 80’s is not a modern car while 2012 BMW is one.

            • KeiZka

              By that token neither is 3GS, hm? 😉

              Hint: Ashas are not based on Symbian.

              • Tabu

                I think I gave you 3GS as an example in my previous message.

                “1) Actually, iPhone 3GS is a modern smartphone”

                Apple invented the modern smartphone with iPhone. For example N95 was not a modern smartphone.

                I know very well that Asha phones are not Symbian based. But they don’t seem to be really smartphones. They are more like high end feature phones.

                Although I must say that while it’s highly questionable if Ashas should be considered as a smartphones, it’s more like a modern smartphone compared to phones with Symbian OS.

        • capedonut

          I think the Asha 501 i quite modern, although one can argue if it is a “real” smartphone