Nokia (33%) pipped to second in Finland by Sammy (36%) – Sammy opens research centre in Finland

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For those who say Finland is by default a Nokia country, simply buying Nokia phones, that’s not strictly the case. Since pre-2008, Android and iOS has been chipping into Nokia’s lead and winning the hearts of quite a proportion of those 5 million + residents.

Whilst Symbian continued to plummit, Nokia has managed to claw some ground back with Windows Phone, notably with Lumia reaching quite a few top 10 (even right at the top) placements.

There are several reports that Nokia is now at 33% of Finnish sales, with Samsung pipping them to the top with 36%.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 19.31.40Not quite sure what article this was from but ‘arts’ tipped this image from WMPoweruser – Possibly somewhere on IDC. It shows SMARTPHONE Sales Volume Q1 2010 in Finland. Things seemed to have risen and then dropped between Q4 2010 to Q1 2011 and continued falling. The addition of Lumia in Finland possibly helps gain back some ground but falls again as Samsung outmanoeuvres.

As pointed out by ‘muhs’ in comments:

From the pics (below) Nokia lost the lead in Finland in smartphone sales just after Q3 2012 and even went to third place in Q4 2012 but in q1 2013 nokia took some of its lost ground became 2nd again over Apple. Also it seems from the pic of smartphone demographics that Nokia taking the lead in Smartphone sales in Q2 2013 is pretty probable (just after Q4 2012 ,look at how the samsung curve  goes down and the nokia curve goes up not to mention the elephant in the room which is the release of the 520 and 720 )

More and more of Samsung’s shipments are ‘smartphones’ whilst Nokia push basic phones and pose some Ashas as ‘smartphones’. How quickly can Nokia push Lumia down? How quickly can they even make those handsets?

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To pour salt into the wounds, Samsung is continuing it’s ‘invasion’ by opening a research centre in Finland.

They’re playing to their strengths well, no? Using their position to continue staying larger. If only Nokia didn’t stumble with Symbian.

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