WP8 GDR2 / Nokia Amber Leaked Images Running on Lumia 925, Shows FM Radio, Smart Camera, Sleeping Screen and More

| May 29, 2013 | 70 Replies


While we sit patiently waiting for Nokia and Microsoft to deliver the next update to our previous phones, somewhere out there in the wild someone has a Lumia 925 running Nokia Amber (or WP8 GDR2). Below are a couple pictures showing off some of the features coming in this latest update including:

Check out a couple more images at the WPC Forums: http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-8/228754-lumia-gdr2-preview.html




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  1. Mark says:

    gsmarena even showed pics of sleeping screen in their review http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_lumia_925-review-928p2.php

  2. Muerte says:

    925 looking good.

  3. Marcel D. Juhnke says:

    I still hope that sleeping screen is somehow coming to the Lumia 920′s LCD screen (as demoed in a leaked video some weeks ago).

    As far as I understand there are various settings, like timeout for the always-on clock, switching off the clock when proximity sensor is covered, which should help saving battery even on the LCD screen.

    • Marcel D. Juhnke says:

      GSMarena says the following:

      By default it’s set to turn the screen completely off after 15 minutes.

      There’s an option to leave it always on (or turn it off completely) and to dim the clock’s brightness in a certain interval (it makes it more comfortable to look at in the dark).

      So what would be the reason to not bring it to the 920, now that it’s a very customizable setting.

      • rishabh says:

        They could have included a setting for sleeping screen to go completely off when proximity is covered. Wont drain battery when phone is pocket

    • llaadd says:

      This is just my opinion but I’d assume it would be disabled on devices which don’t have OLED screens because it would be very wasteful of the battery, as only on OLED screens can you turn on individual pixels like on the Nokia 808

      • Marcel D. Juhnke says:

        You also can turn on single pixels on a LCD, but without back-light… depending on the surrounding light conditions you could still see the screen (not in darkness, though). But at night or at work I have the phone on my charging plate, so I don’t worry much about battery consumption.

      • muhs says:

        symbian phones with LCD had this feature. also wpcentral showed a vid including the lumia 920 with that feature.

  4. twig says:

    Hope it adds Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard sold at ATT being able to connect.

  5. Pathetic says:

    truly pathetic, just for this minimal “upgrade” are taking years? (i thought it was no more Symbian).
    Now, we call update to this?
    - Sleeping screen, five years ago or more
    - FM Radio 10 years ago or more
    - Color picker/saturation 5 years ago or more
    - Nokia Smart Camera ??
    - Flip to Silence 5 years ago or more
    - ISO Camera ??
    then this is the great innovations of WP ? on any Symbian have this standard, then Nokia what you wanted to achieve with WP? changed your operating system to keep doing the same junk? even worse than Symbian? are you stupid?

    • Tabu says:

      People were abandoning Symbian because it lagged, it was unstable and people hated the UI.

      WP is clearly better than Symbian even while it lacks some less important features.

      Tell me, if Symbian was so great, why was Nokia losing unit sales in 2010 in high end and in mid range?

      • ADN says:

        Symbian was stable
        very stable
        very customisable
        but Nokia listened to some guys like you
        enjoy your WP !!!
        Ps : WP = What a Pity !!!

        • dss says:

          It wasn’t all that stable.. but it had to deal with much more than WP has to now. Once they got to 9.5 – 10.0 things got much better for Symbian.

          Symbian 10.x has been rock solid for me. No issues at all..

          • sbw44 says:

            Also symbian never ran on High end hardware. I wish I could see the difference between my n8 and an n8 with a 1.5Ghz Dual Core cpu and 1gb or ram

      • Pathetic says:

        “People were abandoning Symbian because it lagged, it was unstable and people hated the UI.” the UI is the same as using android , and let me tell you it is nice for billions of people. the only UI is hated by millions is MetroUI thats a fact! the only thing in favor of WP is its speed, (yes , it is one thousandth of a second faster than Android and iOS -.-! c’mon!)

        “WP is clearly better than Symbian”
        Yes is better but only in speed

        “lacks some less important features”
        WP are missing a lot of features huge lack of features, I wonder what the hell does microsoft? having a lot of important features missing, microsoft focuses on these small features, if I were a WP user (thankfully I am not stupid) would be completely mad

        “Tell me, if Symbian was so great, why was Nokia losing unit sales in 2010 in high end and in mid range?”
        the right question is, if WP is so good why are not able to surpass the poor laggy slow snail whatever Symbian in sales? WP has not given a simple penny of profit to Nokia what are you talking about?

        • Your wish says:

          Symbian’s UI was definitely not the same as Android has. First at all, Symbian’s UI was flawed. It was freezing and doing things it was not supposed to do. In Finland lots of people really truly hated Symbian because of that.

          If you compare just the features and forget the lag, freezing and flaws, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

          WP is more reliable. That’s a clear improvement. Unreliability alone was enough to make Symbian so much worse.

          It’s more important to have a reliable OS and UI than having those crappy features making people to hate the OS.

          No, Symbian losing unit sales in high end is a perfectly valid question. Why was it happening if Symbian was so great?

          WP has saved money for Nokia. Developing Symbian cost fortunes and people still despised it. It was not going anywhere.

          • v.s.i says:

            He’s just a troll, of course he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

            • Your wish says:

              What is the point of him trolling if he even doesn’t intend to have a conversation? While having conversations may not be the best way of changing the world, it’s definitely better than just posting random comments and never even bothering to think about the actual subject.

              What is wrong with people who keep ranting about Nokia ditching a flawed OS? If he was a true Nokia fan as he claimed to be, he should understand how much it hurt Nokia when they were selling those unstable phones.

              He should be at least honest about this since Nokia owns him nothing. Yet he is claiming that the company should do everything the way he wants them to do.

              Today I heard one more people to say that Lumia is fine. That’s a good sign for Nokia.

        • tiyo xi says:

          if it will get updated to carla or donna it will never be laggy or snail , also live wallpares was coming in carla fp3 , with wifi and nfc extra features

      • alai says:

        Nokia in 2010 reached smartphone record: more than 120 mln sold symbian phones and was growing year to year (more than Apple and Samsung together). Nokia lost 9/10 clients when they switched to WP. 2010 was the best year in Nokia history. Microsoft leads Nokia, so they support only their system, and they are destroying every competitor (meego, symbian). Now, Elop is happy because he is able to sell 6 mln smartphones :)

        • Your wish says:

          In reality, Nokia didn’t lose customers because they switched to WP.

          They lost customers because some of the products they were selling, were no longer good enough for the customers.

    • kneel before zod says:

      stupid pathetic troll. fm radio was available in wp 7.5. it just got left out in wp8 because of time. and the other features nokia needed time to add them to wp8.even flip to silence was already found in some htc devices. but you don’t care do you troll. you’re just glad mommy let you out of the basement for some internet fun

      • Otto says:

        Flip to silence was already in WP7.5. When my Lumia 800 receives a call I just turn the phone screen down and it’s silent.

    • RogBrazil says:

      Agree !!!

      Really it is an “upgrade” ???

      Where is:
      - Universal Search ?
      - Notification Center
      - User cant change the current keyboard ( I want use Swype, SwiftKey..)

    • Bloob says:

      I agree, but I think these are just Nokia-specific stuff.

    • Victor says:

      Actually the really pathetic and stupid one is you here, i understand that you want Nokia/Microsoft to release all that you dream of in 2 days but this isn’t the way of how you do things in a company, believe me, in a big company( that respects itself and it’s customers ) you don’t release something until it is thoroughly tested, and even then on release there are bugs found, so just by releasing feature in rush isn’t a good thing it’s actually making yourself more problems and pissing off customers.
      So just do yourself a favor and keep your head cool and calm, you know…dead brain cells aren’t regenerating.

  6. drexter says:

    you can update this article. here is the gsm arena lumia 925 hands on video


  7. Peter Pan says:

    Welcome to 2009 WindowsPhone :)

    • dss says:

      Thy are trying.. give them a break.

    • v.s.i says:

      *with 2017 fluidity (as compared with Android)

    • jk says:

      Symbian certainly has features that no one else have, that doesn’t change the fact that Symbian is outdated OS overall. Why this simple fact takes you so long to accept?

      • akash says:

        101% agree jk….right i know because i’m using n8

      • Fadi says:

        Have you tried Belle FP2? Symbian itself isn’t an outdated OS.. I think u meant to say the UI was outdated before Belle FP2.. Symbian OS is still one of the best OS and the most powerful out there, it’s modular design is one of the best.. Not to mention with it fully supporting Qt it’s even easy to code for… So there’s nothing’s wrong with the OS.. It’s just that Nokia screwed up big time and couldn’t manage anything correctly… And by the looks of it they still can’t.. I guess old habits don’t die after all..

        • manu says:

          they should have ditched symbian with the N97 else should have brought the belle fp2 in 2009.now anyway its dead move on.these topics beings discussed atleast 100000 times here .

  8. sbw44 says:

    I want an FM Transmitter! plus USB OTG would be nice

  9. Otto says:

    It seems that the regular commenter Alotta Butthurt is commenting with his Symbian friends. Please guys, let them rant. Eventually they get tired and flames cool down. ;)

  10. Pradeep says:

    925 is looking better with every passing day! That design is COOL!

  11. stylinred says:

    stereo video recording yet?

  12. rishabh says:

    Will 820 get the 3200 iso setting and camera algo improvement

  13. Likeanfish says:

    And 925 also gets double tap to wake up feature!!!!Yay, more N9 elements joining in and maybe we will see a mixture Wingo!

  14. ADN says:

    Iam 90 % sure Nokia will fail with WP before 2015 !!!
    After that …….!!!

  15. ADN says:

    BTW Apple is opening some doors to devs and Android is getting better so Nokia is f*** up with WP

  16. Дима says:

    Very nice… )))

  17. boxa72 says:

    If u like Symbian so much then go talk it up with ur bum-buddies on a Symbian thread! This thread is about Lumia u nitwits!!!

  18. AnythingButNokia says:

    I don’t care about this crap mini-update. Where is the 1080p support? If the EOS is gonna be released in July, I want a 1080p screen on it. It’s unthinkable they didn’t even include it with the release of WP8. That, and the fact that it can’t run more than dual-core. So pathetic. The metro UI won’t benefit much from the quad-core phones available now, but the processing of those HUGE pureview images sure can.

    More reason why Microsoft and WP is so awful. If Nokia had gone Android, it would have its own identity right now with a custom skin, full license to alter the OS to their liking, and full support for all the hardware available right now. Oh and the far far far bigger app selection… DRONE DRONE…same tired Android arguments….DRONE DRONE

    • Mapantz says:

      I’m glad Nokia never went the Android way, and hopefully it never will!

      The 808 processes the images absolutely fine, single core and a dedicated GPU.
      You’re not forced in to using WP, there’s plenty of other operating systems to opt for.
      Pot, Kettle and Black! Some people are tired of you haters saying the same thing over and over.

    • Your wish says:

      If Nokia wanted to have access to Google Play, they were definitely not in the position to have a full license to alter the OS to their liking.

      Google will prevent the access to Google Play and to other services they provide, if someone fragments Android. For example, replacing the integrated maps with Nokia’s maps would prevent access to Google Play.

      Without Google Play, it would be extremely hard to have a really good application selection. Even BB managed to get only 30 000 Android applications to their store.

  19. CyberAngel says:

    Microsoft Windows Phone features needed for the 8.1 update:
    A clock app that will wake me up if I accidentally put the power off at night when going to sleep or if the low bat shutdown happens during the night. This works ok in my Symbian phone and I’m never late at work. I can’t professionally trust the “One Box to rule them all and bind them in Darkness” company, but Nokia I can trust!

    Timed profiles
    Again: nobody can call me until 8AM with Symbian Timed Profiles.
    Remember to do the profile change with a Windows Phone…

    I’ll buy even over thousand sterling pounds >1000£ worth of Phablet if these MINIMAL requirements from ten years ago can be met by Microsoft. I know Nokia could do it…but Gates can’t…he and his minions don’t know how to program a Smart Phone…they do know how to sent you a Bill – Bill Gates – Micro & Soft
    add to that the Sony-style waterproof certificated protection
    Thank Me!

    • Your wish says:

      I was also using a Symbian phone to wake me up.

      It didn’t happen only once that the phone froze or did something else what it was not supposed to do. They just didn’t know how to make a reliable modern smartphone.

      At those times I was late. Symbian was just too unreliable for me.

      How did you manage to do your tasks with your phone if your phone was out of battery when you had to go? Surely it’s just not convenient to charge the phone only after waking up and leaving the house.

      I have never had any problems like that because I charge my phone at the night time. I did that already when I was using Symbian. Much better than waking for a phone with an almost dead battery.

      • noki says:

        you are starting to sound more and more like a broken record and worse a seriously deranged one…
        Symbian was ok not the best OS in the world but no OS is WP is not even close to good soo… But you have to repeatedly blame all things bad in the planet on symbian… gii if i dint knew better i would guess you have some agenda to push, were you trash-mouth symbian in order to make WP problems less visible,,,, the other day you even wen on a frenzy because symbian n8 home button was not centred????

        • Your wish says:

          And you are repeating the same message as before.

          You are also claiming something that’s clearly not true.

          Noki, why are you spreading lies?

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