Nokia 808 PureView vs S4 Zoom.

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808 zoom s4


Quick heads up on this review which includes a quick comparison between the CameraPhone King, Nokia 808 PureView and the awkward looking S4 zoom.




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Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • chris wayne

    Lol, Samsh*t with their huge brick can’t even compete with the 808, in ur face Samsh*tfans

  • jjkj

    Oh Nokia doesn’t need EOS the 808 PureView is enough for the so called Zoom

  • iluvn

    wow look at the detail of every fiber of cloth in 808 capture, it is simply pureness! Samsung is so artificial looking.

  • This was it

    What’s the point of leaving out zoom comparison?

    Those two should be compared while zooming. There is the word “zoom” in the name of S4 Zoom.

    I’m pretty sure 808 can’t perform that well on zooming.

    • n8thebest

      You fool, if the quality is already worse than the 808 *without* zooming, then WITH zoom, the quality of the Samsung will be even worse! Yes it has a farther zoom range, but at max zoom the quality will be very subpar.

      • David

        I wish I could give you a thumbs up.

        MNB, time to implement a thumbs up / thumbs down function for comments 🙂

        • Feanor12

          Yeah… that really would be nice!

        • 3rp3

          Yep! Moving to disqus would be nice.

      • Did I miss something

        I’ll admit that I don’t know much about photography, but why would optical zooming make the quality worse?

        • James Scott

          All camera lenses have an optimum aperture and focus point, when zoom lenses zoom in for instances they move away from that optimum point so the quality of the end picture starts to vary from its optimum.

          • Did I miss something

            Thank you for your answer. That answer sounds better informed than I would have expected to get from an average comment section.

            How much effect does it have and what kind? Would it distort the picture in some way?

            “n8thebest” commented “You fool, if the quality is already worse than the 808 *without* zooming, then WITH zoom, the quality of the Samsung will be even worse!”

            In those sample pictures that were shown in this post, 808 had more details. If both cameras were zoomed, like “This was it” suggested, ” lets say to 1/4 of the picture with furthest zoom, 808 with lossless digital zoom, Zoom with optical zoom, would Zoom really have less details? That is how I understood “n8thebest”‘s answer.

            • That was it

              S4 Zoom would have much more details in that situation.

              If a picture was taken with both devices and the picture was zoomed 10x, 808 would be able to produce 0,42MP image while S4 Zoom would be able to produce 16MP image.

              There is no way that 0,42MP image would beat the 16MP image produced by S4 Zoom.

              808 would beat S4 Zoom if the zoom was not used. However the idea was to compare zoom capabilities of the devices.

            • James Scott

              You have to understand that the lens on Nokia 808 is a fixed lens not a zoom lense it has a f2.4 fixed aperture fixed focal length of 26mm equivalant so it never varies from it optimum. The zoom is digital not optical and comes from simply cropping a section of the overall picture but because of the massive amount of pixels and oversampling maintains an overall high quality photograph. You also have to take into account the end product, are you going to print out a 16″ x 20″ size print or just post the photo on Facebook, there is a big difference.

              • That was it

                Are you serious? At 16MP 808 maxes out at 2x zoom.

                While it doesn’t vary from the optimum, the raw pixels of the 808 are not that good.

  • Deaconclgi

    Funny, this kind of goes right along with the perception article. 🙂

    • Amish

      btw, the perception article is very well written ! Kudos !

    • wiishesh

      So true..

  • dss

    If you know what you are doing, you get get much more out of the 808 in terms of IQ…

    • This was it

      That depends on the needs one has. 808 is definitely not the best for everything.

      • sandy

        808 is best for evrything…

        • Dave

          Not if you want a decent zoom range.

          But then the Galaxy Zoom – like all megazoom compacts gives lousy image quality at full zoom.

      • milojko

        but it seems to be the best for attracting stupid trolls

  • Junnior_Reis

    These comparisons are ridiculous !

    Nokia 808 Pureview Pro is infinitely better than the galaxy camera and S4 Zoom !!!

  • Samar

    808 kicks ass of this ugly wannabe

  • Diazene

    actually the 808 beats the galaxy s4 zoom in the other ismages too

  • tiyo xi

    808 is symbian , with small or no support , but sammy is jumping with galaxy s4z in there hands trying to give full support and earning money, whats needed here is to be together as community of develpors and customers of apps as thirdparty to full support at that hardware, there are billions of symbian in peoples pockets , store is here for us, {yes themes are gone (thanks to evilagaint mr.flop) but there is still way} also famouse web sites like n8,808,n9 fanclubs to make a external sofware and Applications support centers, we have still many forums here on earth , make effort sale it to peoples who are willing to get features in there divices just for part time

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  • arg0

    Just compare picture quality of the studio images on There’s simply no comparison: look at the grainyness, noise, and lack of detail of the S4 Zoom. Terrible.

  • PinoyAko

    Ugly form factor, uglier outputs. Cheers to Nokia putting 41 MP in that small case with excellent results. just thinking how big Samsung S4 Zoom will be with 41 MP? =)

  • James Scott

    As a point and shoot camera I think it looks quite nice and represents the way all point and shoot cameras are going, as a smartphone, well not so much. I do not think anyone will want to replace their smartphone with this. As far as the picture quality is concerned I have been using film cameras for many years and have learned the quality of the photograph mainly depends on two things, the quality of the film and the quality of the lens system and this has carried over to digital cameras,the 808 and N8 have a top quality Carl Zeiss system the same type of lens I used with my old Contax RTS. That coupled with the high quality sensor and superior
    processing software make for the best final product.

    • ron

      exactly!!! Samsung lovers cannot understand this simple logic,

      Also Samsung never uses premium materials so never bothers to say what they have used, they are pros at fooling masses and samsung lovers want to befooled every now and they……………lets wait 11 July for Nokia to reinvent Zoom……then we shall talk!!!

      • James Scott

        I have yet to read any detailed specs on the lens/camera specs on the S4 but just because it has a 10X zoom lens does not mean much, all zoom lenses are not equal. Carl Zeiss makes some of the best and most expensive lens systems in the world you can go out and buy a lot of 10X zoom lenses for just a couple hundred dollars but a Zeiss lens will could cost in the thousands of dollars and there is a very good reason for that, they are the best.

  • Yorcharturo

    Yes Nokia is amazing in cameras, but so far since 2011 Samsung is amazing in people mind, it is hard to convince people that Nokia is back, and more with the crapy 520, 620 lumias, all my family that bought them have to returned them due to some factory defects. I think 920, 925 and 928 are great hardware, with lousy camera software compared to HTC and Samsung software (not talking OS, camera software)