Nokia Event Invites: Zoom Reinvented, July 11, 11am, NYC

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This invite has apparently been sent to press. 11 July, 11am. NYC.

41MP PureView EOS. Is it version 1 or True PureView or something else?

What we do know is that it is Zoom Reinvented. Perhaps in the way the 808 does it or something else (internal zoom?)

Source: WMPU

Thanks Manpreet for the tip!

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  1. MF says:

    The commenters at The Verge are comparing the Nokia “EOS” favorably to Samsung’s S4 Zoom “POS”.

    • dss says:

      The 808 is already better the gs4 zoom..

    • Janne says:

      I’m really thinking Samsung made Nokia EOS a huge PR favor by releasing the Zoom. Now the comparison is on that, instead of comparing EOS to, say, Samsung Galaxy S 4 regular which is slimmer…

      Suddenly EOS looks tiny! :)

      • dss says:

        Its not Samsung they need to worry about, its Sony. They will probably announce their cameraphone flagship this summer as well, and it will have a bigger 1080p screen and higher end specs for sure.

        I know that there is way more to selling phones than just specs, but.. so far its seems like a pretty big factor in the marketing game.

        Now, 41 megapixels sounds incredible.. so they at least have that going for them. I think people are underestimating the marketing opportunity behind Phase 1… I really hope Nokia know what they are doing this time around.

        • Janne says:

          That wasn’t really my point, though. Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the house hold name in mobile today. When Samsung Galaxy S 4 (even though in reality it has nothing to do with the S 4 specs) has a brick of a version out there, suddenly the thickness comparisons focus on that and make EOS look positively slim.

          Sony may be another competitive question for sure, but it doesn’t take away from the “perceived slimness” help EOS just got from the good guys at Samsung…

        • sbw44 says:

          Isn’t Sony’s event the 20th of June? or is that maybe for their phablet togari?

        • Werner Ruotsalainen says:

          “Its not Samsung they need to worry about, its Sony. They will probably announce their cameraphone flagship this summer as well, and it will have a bigger 1080p screen and higher end specs for sure. ”

          Sony’s flagships have all been crappy, camera-wise (see e.g. on the Sony Xperia Z). The just-leaked Sony Xperia ZU 6.4″ phablet seems to have a pretty lame camera too.

          The only promising Sony model seems to be the Honami – but it’s still far from being released.

      • Nokia Sleeping Screen says:


  2. shallow ocean shoal says:

    All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a poom-poom – JUST SHAKE YA RUMP

  3. Pökö says:

    That magnifying glass clearly resembles the large diameter in EOS. Could it be mirrors

  4. sreeni ra says:

    this is what i think.
    1. There is a big lens on the invite, which could refer to optical Zoom of some kind built into the device. I might be wrong, but lets face it, if Nokia implements even a 20mp sensor with lets say 3x optical zoom + OIS, this device is going kick everyother cameraphone in the market. Sales guaranteed.

    2. I feel oversampling + OIS is what ppl want bcos ppl expect too much from Nokia and surprisingly they deliver everytime. So check.

    3. But now there is a huge lens in the invite. Could it mean that Nokia has developed a new technology altogether which will allow users to optically zoom? I dunno and even if they have such a tech i dont think this is not a phone Nokia wud choose for it. Such new tech catches fire only when launched with new hardware specs. Therefore, for the existing 808 users nothing much offered, but for every other user (android, apple and wp) this is the phone to get.

    • dss says:

      You can rule out 1 and 2 …

    • sbw44 says:

      Don’t think Nokia would spend 5 years to develop PV phase 1 and then suddenly drop it for optical zoom. Last I checked Nokia said they could have gone for optical zoom but knew it would add weight and thickness to the device.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen says:

        Note that there is a lot more to PV:

        - compared to other flagships like the iPhone5, an order of magnitude faster sensor sampling, which allows for the following:

        a, 30 fps 1080p videos with full sensor oversampling allowing for much better resolution, lack of moire / aliasing (the direct consequence of line skipping in non-full sensor oversampling methods) and, because of the averaging of all sensors, better low light IQ

        b, on sensors with 8 Mpixels (currently, all Lumia PV models), readout times around in the 1/150…1/200 sec ballpark, which allow for the following:

        - using them without a mechanical shutter even with Xenon flash (see my comment on the 928 in one of the previous articles)

        - generally, skew-free images even without using mechanical shutters

    • Nokia Sleeping Screen says:

      You look neat in your suit but LOSSLESS ZOOM is the way to go! Optical zoom is only great for DSLRs.

      • Bye bye says:

        Optical zoom is just as lossless as zooming with large sensor in 808. You can’t change the laws of physics even with PureView zooming technology.

        • Janne says:

          I agree both are lossless – they are just loosing a different thing. Optical zooming in this type of setup looses significant amount of light while zooming – on the other hand it retains the full resolution of the sensor pixels.

          Crop-zooming with a large pixel-count will loose significant amount of resolution. It will not, though, suffer from the same kind of loss of light because optically things are constant.

          Sure, less pixels are used and thus less pieces of sensor gather that light, but that really isn’t the same thing, because each one of the pixels in itself is capable of receiving the same range of light. Oversampling isn’t done to gather more light, it is done to gather more data points – to make a better approximation of what the super pixel really should represent (to avoid noise).

          So, for low-resolution sharing purposes you will get brighter pictures with a crop-zooming device that has sufficient resolution to create a meaningful crop-zoom. On the other hand, with an optical zoom you do get the benefit of full pixel resolution, but end up with darker pictures because optically less light is reaching the sensor. Whether or not either of these results in loss of useful data for your purposes, depends. But both will loose data, just different kinds of data.

          • Janne says:

            Typo: I agree both are lossless => I agree both are lossy.

            • Sreeni Ra says:

              love your explanation, you r one among the few who actually understand the physics in imaging.

              but there is only one thing i would like to contradict here.

              Optical is not lossy, while PV1 is lossy. I understand you own a 808. So basically when you put 808 on 2MP PV mode and zoom all the way you’ll find that the image is really horrible (not necessarily unusable) But imagine, there is an optical zoom available, then what basically happens is that we get spectacular images (thanks to oversampling) from the PV1. yes there cud be a possible loss in light due to the zoom, yup understood, now couple this thing with the PV2 !!!Bingo!!! we fight the loss of light thru slow shutter speeds (obviously requires very clever coding).

              I want Nokia to take this path in the future. Definitely this wud be an overkill for now ;)

              • That was it says:


                I would say that PV1 is more lossy than some optical zoom on a P&S camera or the zoom on S4 Zoom. While it’s nice to have PV1′s crop zoom, it’s just not going to make it if the alternative is an optical zoom.

                It’s also questionable if the crop zoomed picture really is so much brighter compared to one taken with optical zoom. People like to compare 10x optical zoom to 3x zoom on 808. They also like to forget that the resulting image on 808 doesn’t have 16MP like S4 Zoom but only 8MP. 808 can do only about 2x zoom if the user wants to get a 16MP image.

                However you are absolutely right about combining optical zoom and PV1. That would be a really powerful combination.

              • Janne says:

                Sreeni Ra:

                Optical is not lossy, while PV1 is lossy.

                That depends on the definition of the word, really. I get that optical losses are usually not considered “lossy” in the same way digital losses are considered. Analog is more complex than digital, it is easier to say what is lossy and what not.

                In fact, everything analog is probably lossy, because reproducing analog is always an approximation of sorts. :) But of course what I mean by “lossy optical zooming” is the amount of light the optics get less when comparing full zoom with no zoom. Digitally speaking, optical zooming is of course lossless – analogically, not so much.

  5. capedonut says:

    In other news … The 925 scored pretty well on the Verge. Don’t think any other wp-phone has gotten above 8. Seems like they have really managed to improve the camera

    • Janne says:

      925 scored over Samsung Galaxy S 4?

    • sbw44 says:

      Just look at the stats, Nokia can fix all the bad stuff on the 925 like built in wireless charging, micro SD, color options but they cant do anything about the ecosystem. MS is really holding Nokia back!

      • Janne says:

        Well I wouldn’t say Nokia can’t do *anything* about the ecosystem. I’d say Nokia has indeed done quite a bit to boost the WP ecosystem, both incentives to developers, their own developer program for WP, exclusives for Lumia etc… but it is a long road no matter who is in charge.

        As for Microsoft being slow in delivering some things to WP? Maybe there is more point to that from OS development speed perspective. However I think both Nokia and Microsoft have done commendably in increasing the app-count and quality. I’d say the app store is one of the few success stories for WP/Lumia so far.

  6. arg0 says:

    NYC? So it’s true that the EOS will be an AT&T exclusive before it hits Europe? I wonder for how long.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen says:

      Order it directly from Finland, then, assuming being unlocked (and, therefore, full-price) isn’t a problem. I think it’ll immediately hit the shelves in Finland too when the US version is out.

  7. torcida says:

    “Is it version 1 or True PureView or something else?”

    V1 is the “true” PV!! ;)

    • Sreeni Ra says:

      PureView is technical brilliance in imaging from Nokia, so they can name a device PureView as long as it comes with some form of Innovative tech from the labs. If you ask me, what Nokia did with OIS is much more useful and practical and sensible move than the Phase 1. Which is why we see all the other manufacturers now suddenly trying to implement the same in their devices.

  8. Hubertus says:

    Please let me know will it have version with Symbian like PV808 or MeeGo or Sailfish? I really would like to buy one, but with one of above mentioned OSs!

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