Microsoft Was Talking With Nokia Regarding a Buyout, No More Though

| June 19, 2013 | 206 Replies

DSC01507Hot on the heels of Huawei saying they’d consider buying Nokia; then changing their minds all of a sudden; new details have emerged showing that Microsoft was actually talking with the folks at Nokia regarding buying out the devices division of the company. Apparently the deal fell through sometime last month after Nokia asked for too much money:

The two were actually quite close to striking a deal and were having “advanced talks” in London as recently as this month. But, according to the all-too-familiar “people familiar with the matter,” those talks have broken down. Those same sources say it was Microsoft that walked away from the table over concerns about Nokia’s asking price

This is actually quite surprising to me seeing how the ideal time for an acquisition would’ve been a year or two ago, but now? What would Microsoft gain from buying Nokia? THey already have them pumping out great hardware dedicated to their OS, in fact the way I see it Microsoft has Nokia supporting them for next to nothing at the moment, why change that? Unless they feared Nokia switching away from WP… Interesting stuff.




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