Nokia RM-875 also passes FCC. Nokia EOS international edition?

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First up, the RM-877 passess FCC, now the RM-875 gets a pass too. The dimensions and antenna layout is identical to the RM-877 and was also tested with a camera grip accessory and wireless charging cover

Source: FCC

Via: Engadget

Cheers Prashant for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    You welcome, Jay! 🙂

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Does this one or the supposed AT&T one work properly on TMobile USA, can anyone tell?

    I would figure out myself but sorry I can’t keep track of what frequencies are what anymore

  • JGrove303

    AT&T uses 850(HSPA+) 1900(HSPA+) & 1700 (LTE). T*Mobile uses 900 & 2100 for HSPA+, and imagine a niche if 1700 for their up coming LTE. After 6 months, unlock the AT&T model and you’ll likely only get 2G GSM access unless it is Pentaband 3.5G, like it should be.

  • sinple

    guess hdmi and fm transmitter is not possible

    • dss

      HDMI is out of the question, an FM transmitter is possible..

  • Marko_CRO

    From the ratios in illustration it seems that it will be only 8,2 mm (0,32”) thick!

    • dss

      It will be as thick as the 925 (same internals) across and about 14-15mm at the hump.. whatever they managed to shave off by removing the loud speaker from there and putting in smaller capacitors for the xenon, and the xenon bulb itself.

      The actual camera module/optics is probably identical to the one in the 808.

      • Janne

        On what do you base the notion that the xenon blub and capacitor are smaller in the EOS, compared to the 808?

        • arts

          viipottaja mentioned before. Since its a negative, dss assumes its the truth.

          • Janne

            Oh dear.

      • suabesh

        I hope not, they really need to put in OIS

        • Mapantz

          I can’t say either way whether the EOS will have OIS but i would dearly love it! Video and sound recording on my 808 trumps my Lumia 920 but the OIS makes it look smooth when moving around naturally.
          The thing that makes methink it may not be on the OIS is purely down to a money making thing, if you want both, buy two devices!
          It’s almost impossible to have everything you want on one device unfortunately.
          We’ll have to wait until the 11th i guess?

          • Mapantz

            Not be on the EOS*

            All these acronyms are making me go crazy!

          • sinple

            i have no impression of nokia packing everything in 1 phone before. All the flagship have missing features that other phone have.

    • Even thinner, 8mm. The problem with the drawings are that they are from the outer edge (top/bottom) of the device. Going by the leaked images the edges are tapered just like they were with the N9 and the Lumia 800. Which means that the thickness of the device in the middle will be significantly more.

      I estimate, even without the hump, it will be 10-11mm at the thickest point of the body. The hump will most likely add another 4 to 6mm thus resulting in a maximum thickness of aroung 17mm.

      • Marko_CRO

        Yes, you are right.
        I didn’t consider that this is only the outline of the top/bottom part.