Nokia Lumia 925 Commercial: Don’t Flash; Amaze

| June 21, 2013 | 23 Replies


The latest Nokia commercial is slightly “weird” in fact it doesn’t seem to be a Nokia commercial as the 925 is only in focus for a few precious seconds; on the other hand the zombie iPhone 5 users are quite obvious front and center.


At first I thought it was showing all the hidden secrets of the night that you can reveal with the 925’s low light camera, then I realized that those “zombies” are probably just how ugly those low light pictures come out as (I think that was the message right?)


While the video is funny in a way, I still think Nokia needs to get better ads. The Lumia 920 ad (where they showed of PureMotion HD+, and Qi Wireless Charging etc) was good! Felt they would continue the style of showing off features by literally listing them and what they do, instead of trying to be witty.



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  • Raven

    Hahaha! Yeah that was totally the Message! Haha

    • Mariano

      zombie saying: PHOTO! that was cheap, and funny

  • Got my Lumia 925 today. This ad is a bit too long and not my taste.

    • Deaconclgi

      Congrats on getting your 9 to 5!

      • Thank you.

        • Deaconclgi

          You’re welcome. 🙂

      • Capedonut

        Hey, come on it’s Friday 🙂 “9 to 5” doesn’t sound that fun

  • Ali Abdulla

    ok i think we should be fair about when and what to rant about.
    almost all of nokia’s ad are awful, ppl hanging out jumping over walls and stuff, retarded rrly from my point of view.

    but this one, altho a bit too long, actually has a message, and displayed in a very entertaining way.

    so, for now, gj to who ever made it :p

  • msosvk14

    is there a flashing notification light at 0:09?

    • Alvester

      Yeah…notification or breathing light perhaps..

  • Deaconclgi

    “then I realized that those “zombies” are probably just how ugly those low light pictures come out as (I think that was the message right?)”

    Yes, you got it right! They even had the full red eye effect going. 🙂

    Too bad other sites reported it as if Nokia was calling iPhone users Zombies….

    This commercial is all about the flash, hence the guy with the Nokia did NOT want his picture taken with the flash because he would have been turned into a flombie like the rest of them..blown out, inaccurate colors, blurry and full on red eyes.

    • wiishesh

      You’re right sir

    • Hmm, interesting. How are they going to market that powerful xenon flash then? You know, the one coming with the EOS?

      IF anything can create red eye and subject isolation it is a xenon flash. Of course xenon comes with a plethora of upsides, but the downside is that the entire background is gone usually and the obvious red eye.

      All in all, I’d have xenon any day over either LED flash or OIS magic. Xenon rules, even with red eyes and subject isolation.

    • Rob

      Would have been good though if he’d have taken a photo with the 925 though! Held it up and instant snap without flash using the dedicated camera, maybe showing the zombie as his normal self? Ad was funny, just failed to nail home the reason the 925 is superior.


    kinda funny but not so, long time taken to get to the point.

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  • Lol! Zombies don’t speak!

    • ezio

      But isheeps(zombies) can

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