The Independent puts Nokia Lumia 925 as top of 10 best new smartphones

| June 21, 2013 | 13 Replies

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The Independent has compiled a list of 10 best new smartphones, of which the Nokia Lumia 925 reigns at the top.

Having said that, ‘new’ still includes the likes of the 2012 released iPhone 5. The S4 is on that list, but the HTC One isn’t Neither is the BBZ10.


1. Nokia Lumia 925

The very latest offering from Nokia, this sharp, stunning and fast smartphone is really all about taking pictures. The camera boasts six lenses, next-generation imaging software and can take photos in low light better than its competitors. Snapper first, phone second. Via: WMPU

Cheers Derrek for the tip!


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  • AJE

    Don’t get too excited; a few weeks ago the same newspaper had the Gelert Horizon as number 1 tent in their top ten. It wouldn’t even be in my top ten…….possibly not in my top 20!!!

    • twig

      Kodiak is the best canvas tent and that white 925 rules.

  • D Harries

    It is a good phone. Now let’s go into some phone shops and see if staff are selling it properly.

    • John

      Walking past all the phone shops on Princes St in Edinburgh yesterday – Vodafone, and 2 of the 3 EE shops had Lumias in the window. Looking very good indeed.

  • rudy

    To bad I can’t buy it at t-mobile. How long has it’s been since it was announced and it’s still not out.

    • Viipottaja

      I know, it’s been, gasp, 5 weeks now!

  • jeetttak

    Got my Lumia 925 from Vodafone last Sunday. Its a lovely device. I’m super pleased with it.

  • i’m still waiting in my country:D

  • Dakiel

    The Nokia had the Nokia N9 as number 1 everywhere in many many countries including internet tribes and had not used this opportunity of the standard which had been established. That was something, without huge money on marketing and so on. And still alive.

  • golux

    You’re dead right about The Independent’s product reviews – they are not worth the paper they are printed on. I read this paper every day and have always taken their “reviews” to be advertising, as in most newspapers. I guess Nokia are top because they paid the most.

    • Bassman

      Or could it be that they actually thought that, on balance the 925 was the better prospect?

    • twig

      It crushed the Sammie, just crushed it.

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