Joe Belfiore in Finland to work WITH Nokia on building great phones, NOT acquisition by MS.

| June 22, 2013 | 166 Replies

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Joe Belfiore, who runs the Windows Phone team at Microsoft, recently arrived in Finland sparking speculations from the Finnish media that it’s because Microsoft are buying out Nokia.

This was a tip from Janne yesterday:

Joe Belfiore is in Finland visiting Nokia:

Finnish press speculates it has to do with an acquisition of Nokia smartphone business.

Frankly, to me, the fact that it is Joe Belfiore and not Steve Ballmer (and that Belfiore even tweets about it), suggests that his visit probably isn’t related to an acquisition. I would expect better radio silence and a more higher-up executive in case of acquisition.

Finnish press is often clueless when it comes to analyzing Nokia news.

But hey, you never know!

Jann added:

Joe Belfiore has often visited Nokia in Finland in simply Windows Phone developments, he was even cinemagraphed ice-fishing outside the Nokia House in Finland last winter.

Ali’s reply:

Saw him tweet that before yesterday; seems like a routine visit if you ask me. If they got that far down the roads in terms of acquistion talks and not a soul knew, I doubt this is anything important as you said. Probably going to pick up his EOS in person.

Now speaking of Belfiore’s tweets, he’s aware of the speculations and tries to clarify:

BTW, newsmedia.. I come to Finland regularly to work w/Nokia on actually *building* great phones. HW/SW together in harmony. #normalcy

Still, some could say that’s what Joe Belfiore’s doing and the acquisition rumour/discussion may still be taking place.

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  1. puneet says:

    Good news…for me….coz i am fan of nokia…not ms…

    • guerrahp says:

      Bad news Joe `the tile guy Belfiore is still working WP. Wp need people with ears. Nokia needs louder voice.

  2. char aznable says:

    Doesn’t change the fact that the botched acquisition was real and not a conspiracy a9 paranoid nokia fans.

    • arts says:

      dont change the subject. The insane notion that “joe was here” by paranoid nokia fans is the ultimate proof nokia is being sold is now DEBUNK.

    • Janne says:

      Frankly, Nokia has been almost sold to Microsoft according to sources in spring 2011, summer 2012 and now again (not) in summer 2013. These all have come from “respected analysts” and insider sources. Eldar and Tomi Ahonen for example put their reputation on the line and lost big with these predictions.

      Is any of it real? I have to wonder.

      However, clearly none of this was the original intent of February 11th. If it was, it would have happened already by last summer the latest when Nokia’s stock was at an all-time low.

      This, of course, doesn’t change the fact that Nokia’s low stock-price makes them a target for acquisitions in general. Microsoft, of course, is one potential acquiring party.

      • ummNo says:

        Maybe the talks (of acquisition) started last year or even in 2011. I bet that it is a long process. MS wants to be sure that it is a right one. At the release of wp8, there was supposed to be stronger support from other manufacturers as well. It’s not one short straight line to walk to make right and good deal.

        You are only speculating, there is no more truth in what you say than there was truth in what Murtazin or Ahonen said at the time. So its only natural that you leave door open for acquisition and you can later still claim that you were right even if you didnt. We propably wont ever know the actual truth.

        • Janne says:

          Is it theoretically possible this is all a big conspiracy to buy Nokia and/or Elop is a trojan? Sure, it is possible. Likely? I don’t think so.

          What you suggest, time-wise, in your message, just stretches believability too much. Far more likely is the explanation that the “sources” and analysts were wrong or mostly wrong.

          Nor does anything change the fact that Eldar and Ahonen announced Nokia’s pending acquisition, latter even giving it a timeline of a few weeks in the summer of 2012, in a manner that certainly didn’t say “sometimes after summer 2013″… but suggested something much more immediate.

          I leave the door open to acquisition, because that’s reality Nokia lives in. It is wholly different from considering a conspiracy the likely option.

          • ummNo says:

            What i did say is:
            1. Acquisition may have been on the table longer than YOU think. And that may not be as straightforward as YOU think. Maybe talk were a bit more serious 2012 or 2013, i dont know, but neither do you.

            2. YOU are ONLY speculating, you dont KNOW the truth.

            I dont believe there is anything else in my post. No conspiracies etc.

            • Janne says:

              ummNo: Sure, it is my view, nothing more.

              However, you offer innuendo but no info or even logic to support your theory. It isn’t impossible of course, but given what we know, I think you are defending the point too vocally – you make it sound like a long-winded acquisition process leaked several times through cracks in some master plan would be likely. Office gossip and misinterpretation are often the culprits in these kinds of cases, our info on the leaks is so, so very vague.

              I don’t think we can consider it likely. That doesn’t mean it is impossible.

            • Random Random says:

              Actually, you said lots of things.

              “I bet that it is a long process.”

              You almost claimed it’s a long process? How do you know that? It can be a short process just as well.

              “MS wants to be sure that it is a right one.”

              They certainly, very probably do, but how do you really know that? Someone into conspiracy theories might think that there is an Apple mole inside Microsoft because they launched those tiles.

              “At the release of wp8, there was supposed to be stronger support from other manufacturers as well.”

              Sure, they might have hoped so but in the end, how do you know there was supposed to be a stronger support?

              “It’s not one short straight line to walk to make right and good deal.”

              How do you know it’s not a short straight line? It definitely can be one and history knows examples of pretty quick deals. Just look at Facebook buying Instagram. Not the same thing? Really?

              • Janne says:

                And let’s not forget, my response was originally to this:

                Doesn’t change the fact that the botched acquisition was real

                I don’t think we can confirm any such fact.

                We can speculate on the likelihood of that, but it certainly isn’t confirmed in any way.

                I find it rather unlikely that there was a bothced acquisition attempt from MS targeting Nokia. Not impossible, nut unlikely.

              • ummNo says:

                I almost claimed? Ok. You almost read too much between the lines.

                Common sense. Why would MS want to make bad deal?

                Better support… Well i dont know. But i also dont believe that HTC and Samsung wanted to sell so little their wp8 phones. Htc even named their model after the os it used. Acer just recently delayed their wp8 phone.

                Facebook buying Instagram same as MS buying Nokia? Are you high?

                Ps. I also dont believe that buying Nokia (or part of it) was MS’s original intention.

                • Random Random says:

                  Ok, I’ll say that you claimed and not almost claimed. No need to read between lines.

                  ““I bet that it is a long process.””

                  You claim it’s a long process? How do you know that? It can be a short process just as well.

                  Common sense? Ok, now you say that it’s ok to claim something because it’s common sense. Even while you don’t have any actual proof.

                  If you bothered to read and understand, you would have understood that it was not the same. They are different companies. It can’t be the same because of that.

                  About better support. You admitted that you didn’t really know i there was supposed to be better support or not.

                  I’ll repeat because you apparently didn’t quite understand.

                  ““It’s not one short straight line to walk to make right and good deal.””

                  Yes it can be. It may not but it can be.

                  • ummNo says:

                    I didn’t claim it. “I bet” as in i would put my money on it. It does NOT mean that i even pretend it to be truth.

                    Yes, i kind a think common sense is good enough in the context of bad deal vs good deal to “know” which one MS wanted. Context is critical in many cases and your wordplay only works if we leave context out. So, continue to troll away.

                    Yes, dont know if MS expected better support for wp8. Is it critical to continue to repeat that to make it look like you posts are more than wordplay?

                    Has Facebook buying Instagram been right and good deal for facebook (or both of them)? Why?

                    • Random Random says:

                      In the end you are saying how you make uncertain bets and use some commons sense making it unnecessary to have any real arguments. How nice.

                      People talking about playing with words usually don’t just have anything more to say. At least no real arguments. Apparently you are one of those people?

                      About Facebook buying Instagram. I pretty much pointed out how it can be a short straight line to buy a company. Another one of your claims proved to be a false one.

                    • ummNo says:

                      @random random

                      Yeah, it’s enough to try to tell someone that things are not always as straightforward as he/she seems to think. If you check what the first word in my orig post is, maybe you finally get point i was trying to make.

                      Apparently you base that argument to your personal opinion. Just as i, when i say that usually people who dont have any valid arguments, start to play with words and try to take whole conversation as far as possible from the original context.

                      So why does matter how Facebook bought Instagram? If you dont even know if it was right and good deal. As you quoted me on your previous post, i didnt talk about “short straight line to buy a company”, i talked about “short straight line to walk to make right and good deal”. There is a huge difference on what i said and what you seem to claim that i said.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Are you trying to say that you really don’t know anything about what we are talking about?

                      It’s either that or you pretty much failed with your message.

                      Thanks for telling us you are trying to take whole conversation as far as possible from the original context.

                    • ummNo says:

                      Best way to continue this is:
                      1. Write your latest post to paper.
                      2. Go in front of mirror.
                      3. Read the paper out aloud.
                      4. Write an answer to a another paper.
                      5. Go to 2.

                    • Random Random says:

                      How about adding those smileys? You seem to be awfully insecure even without those.

                    • ummNo says:

                      Too complicated? Point the steps you didnt understand and i see if i can explain them better.

                    • Random Random says:

                      It seems that you didn’t add any smileys to this message as you did to that other one. Perhaps you already had your dose of insecurity for the moment?

                    • ummNo says:

                      It seems you have some “broken record”-thing going on. I really hope it’s not obsessive-compulsive disorder raising its head or some other nasty s**t.

                    • Random Random says:

                      This must be a scary world for someone like you. Steps and stuff like that may make you more comfortable.

                    • ummNo says:

                      Umm.. sorry, this is just a blog. Or on a bigger scale “teh scary internet”, but still, not the world.

                      Might be a little scary fact for someone living in a basement. Don’t worry, get up and slowly open the door. And if you don’t enough courage to get out yet, close the door and try again little later. But believe me, in general, world is not a scary place.

                    • Random Random says:

                      You are going on circles. No wonder you couldn’t talk about the topic.

                    • ummNo says:

                      You made a mistake, let me repeat the step 4.

                      4. Write an answer to a another paper.

                      Now, go on, continue your exercise.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Then again, maybe you just can’t talk about the actual subject.

                    • ummNo says:

                      It seems that step 4 is a bit tricky.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Some companies can really make some quick decisions.

        • Random Random says:

          It’s actually funny how people think that there are conspiracies and secret & evil plans to steal Nokia’s assets.

          People, that’s just normal business. Nokia succeeded for a while but then the company got greedy and they collapsed because of bad products.

          When that happened, some companies evaluated Nokia and figured out if the former giant was worth buying. When that happens, there are always lots of rumors floating around. Nothing strange in that.

          Today it seems that Nokia was not worth buying. Buying the company would cost probably something like 5-6€ / share. That’s lot of money considering that Nokia has not been the the number one in smartphones for almost five years. It was in 2009 when Apple surpassed Nokia in smartphones and when looking at hardware, Nokia is no longer the best on that area.

        • Otto says:

          Let’s try it this way: “Nokia will be sold within weeks, two months at maximum”. Stated 12 months ago.

          Even if Nokia would be sold TODAY, that statement would not be any more true it was 6 months ago.

  3. krishna6233 says:

    thnk god!

  4. abdullah says:

    Working with Microsoft is a doom !

  5. eeteet says:

    I don’t bieleve it is routine visit. It is midsummer day in Finland and almost nobody do work here in this weekend. So I believe and hope we are going to hear something in coming days.

    • twig says:

      Many senior execs work 50-60 hours per week in major U.S. Corporations, rain or shine. Sounds like Finn papers need the readership like all papers do,truth or not.

    • Janne says:

      Joe Belfiore photographed Kevin Shields from Nokia outside the Nokia House.

      If Finnish press – whom often recklessly and cluelessly speculate on Nokia – had done their homework, they’d know Joe Belfiore’s tweet (which included that image) was clearly about a phone launch.

      Kevin Shields, after all, is the guy who announced Lumia 800 and partly Lumia 920 for Nokia and was on stage WITH Joe Belfiore when Windows Phone 8 was announced in summer 2012…

      Joe is here prepping the EOS launch (or subsequent products), obviously.

      Whether or not some acquisition activities would be on-going outside of this, that is of course another matter, but in reality Joe Belfiore is not at the seniority level of acquiring Nokia. He is at the leadership level of developing and presenting Windows Phone.

      • eeteet says:

        Anyway, I hope that Nokia is going to sell Lumias, or start to make Androids.

        • eeteet says:

          I mean sell its smartphones to MS or to some chinese manufacturer.

        • Viipottaja says:

          You hope they will? Why?

          • eeteet says:

            I can’t see Nokia reach profitable market share with Lumias. I want get as much money as possible with my stocks.

            • capedonut says:

              I think they’ve gradually improved the quality of the wp phones and with the EOS coming soon, I feel that they would mostly confuse current customers with an OS-strategy shift

          • nn says:

            Because he doesn’t want Nokia to implode and vanish from existence. You know, some people are really weird…

            • Viipottaja says:

              Yes, they are.

            • Janne says:

              Actually, surprisingly, there are people here who want Nokia to fail with WP – instead of succeed with WP. Some would actually prefer Nokia imploding. I guess they are that vested in the anti-WP narrative.

              That said, Android could work. MeeGo could have worked. It is hard to say. Could Nokia for example have gone the Amazon route and fork Android? Or maybe the BB10 route of Android app compatibility?

              • nn says:

                I think there are people who want WP to fail, but not Nokia. The problem is the gentleman in charge of Nokia, who took it hostage and knitted it to the ticking WP bomb to make the blackmail threat “if you want Nokia alive, you better make sure WP is alive, otherwise Nokia is gone too”.

              • dss says:

                Nokia will get what they deserve for having such a narrow vision of the feature.. starting with touch Symbian all the way to putting every egg in Microsoft’s basket.

                Its a very long string of bad decision, and it will come back.. we will se how in due time.

              • MF says:

                Fork Android, lose access to Google Play and those same critics are going to scream “APPS”!!

                The only way to keep those fandroids happy is if Nokia becomes a low margin Nexus manufacturer pushing Google’s ads.

      • ummNo says:

        Or maybe Joe is Kevins new boss or colleague ;)

        • Janne says:

          Actually, Kevin is Joe’s *former* colleague as I recall.

          And Joe and Kevin have been on stage presenting WP and Lumia before.

          Again, which is the likely scenario? Given that July 11th and EOS is fast approaching?

    • Viipottaja says:

      When was he tweet pic taken? Second, why couldn’t Joe too be celebrating it with his Nokia friends as well as be working? He is there in between vacation days anyway.

      • capedonut says:

        True, too much hysteria in the Finnish press and hard to find unbiased opinions about anything Nokia related

      • Janne says:

        I believe the photo was taken on Friday morning? A day people often have or take off in Finland due to midsummer, sure, but then again Joe and Kevin (perhaps Elop was there too) aren’t Finnish… and if important work was at hand, I’m sure whomever Finnish was needed was there too.

        Maybe it was a day that fit into Joe Belfiore’s schedule of travels/holidays and thus they agreed on that. It doesn’t have to be anything more dramatic than that, but of course the local press loves to sensationalize.

        It is one thing to discuss the acquisition possibility, that is legitimate. But to make Joe Belfiore’s visit some sort of headline in that saga is just plain old incompetent and/or dishonest.

        • Viipottaja says:

          Was the pic taken or posted on Friday?? Second, Kevin has a backpack in the pic which obviously is full of low quality sausage and some even Lowe quality vodka. I think the evidence is clear – these dudes were,on their way to paaaaarrrrtttei!!!!

          • Viipottaja says:


          • Janne says:

            My bad, it was actually posted on Thursday… and with the title Good morning, Espoo. It also looks like a morning photo, so a good bet is it was taken around the same time it was posted.

            I think I now know, this was all just a conspiracy by Joe to get to attend the legendary Nokia summer party. “Building phones”, important hardware/software harmony my ***… he just wanted to booze with Kevin and rest of the Nokia gang!

            • Janne says:

              (Imagines Belfiore, Shields, Elop and some random dude from logistics – nobody knows how he got there – waking up half-naked in a hotel Kämppi restroom the next morning.)

              • Capedonut says:

                Yes one could assume that they’re getting hammered and laughing their butts off at the news

              • Viipottaja says:

                And Jo Harlow in a tight fitting basketball outfit, squeezing two balls between her thighs…

                You welcome!

              • Viipottaja says:

                “Hangover 4 – Jo and Joe, Eloped in Espoo”.

                • Viipottaja says:

                  Ps. “to elope” is usually used to refer to couples who run away to get secretly or intimately married. :)

                  • GordonH says:

                    hmmm…so Nokia secretly or intimately f*&ked by MS.

                    • Viipottaja says:

                      Get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking about sweet, innocent love and you have to bring such crude language in! :D

                    • Random Random says:


                      People using those words are usually just pointing out how they have nothing and they are just giving up because of the lack of real arguments.

  6. capedonut says:

    I don’t know. Could also have to do with the 7-11 announcement. Given all the leaks, there seems to be a lot going on wrt the products too

  7. Sefriol says:

    Nokia board meeting has probably to do something with NSN. They might separate it from Nokia (=not sell it).

    • Sefriol says:

      Interestingly this acquisition was timed quite close to Q2 results. Maybe there is something positive to expect from it?

    • twig says:

      Agree. If part is sold to private equity, then a major restructuring of NSN would need to take place for legal matters. More partners mean corporate law and contracts rewrite. Lawyers love these.

  8. says:

    So many rumors. Maybe all this hype is the “pump” before the “dump” when Q2 results come out. Has me worried about sales affected by limited stock.

  9. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    Nokia making great phone or not i can not comment but Nokia is selling mobile phone division to Chinese OEM its asha and s40 assets are up for sale.
    NSN is probably something that has huge value for Nokia and in future too but at the same time its an asset you cant sell so easily other participants in the industry don’t have the cash.

    Nokia will focus entirely on smart devices but Elop’s job too is not safe. I am ver very sure about that looking at influx of projects in particular software assignment.
    here maps and Lumia are just side kicks

    • PrakashOM says:

      thy r slowly killng mobile phone team (Asha)…better sell it or spin off..

      Nokia=the glorified Windows Phone OEM

      • Random Random says:

        Would it have been a better idea to be Android OEM?


        • GordonH says:

          here we go again… look at the mess Nokia is in today. Why?

          • Random Random says:

            Please explain why it would have been a better idea to be an Android OEM? There are lots of Android OEM’s and only Samsung seems to be really succeeding.

            • dss says:

              Android would be even worse. Any type if dependency on a software company from the US is bad news for Nokia.

              There is a very good reason why they’ve been trying to avoid this scenario for decades.

              • Random Random says:

                GordonH seem to fail on explaining why Android would have been a better choice.

                Yes, he seems to think that Amazon way could have worked. However Amazon is not selling phones.

                • GordonH says:

                  Whatever the reasons are it has been explained here many times. I certainly know a lot of business with also have business experience and money in a software company. Everyone, I mean everyone, from Nokia fans, investors and developers wanted Nokia to go with Meego.

                  Ask any talented software engineer about how good Meego was, and Nokia got them all shocked when an executive lied about Meego no being ready(released before stupid WinCE lumia), all of them shocked when an executive announced the N9 dead on arrival (best way to kill a product’s future) , all of them shocked when a full fledge Linux OS was dumped for a weak winCE(WP7).

                  Nokia is not allowed by MS to use another competing ecosystem.
                  Let me repeat and I have not been wrong since the last 2-3 years… “Nokia is not allowed by MS to use any products that compete against an MS products. All Nokia products competing against any MS product will be strangled, crippled or killed (live on).”

                  And if I explained further would Nokia change things? No cause it’s was never about what’s best for Nokia, it’s now about Nokia doing their best for Microsoft.

                  • Random Random says:

                    Actually, not everyone wanted that to happen. Lots of people, true professionals, saw no future in MeeGo. Apparently you didn’t talk with that many people if those views are the only ones you saw.

                    I have been talking with talented software engineers saying how MeeGo really had nothing really really new. Really.

                    Talented people also told me how MeeGo had a nice implementation, but it had nothing really better than the competition had.

                    Even the Swipe UI was nothing so special since the competition could have implemented the same thing quite rapidly if it had succeeded.

                    You never really explained what was so great in MeeGo. On the other hand I have explained why it was not going to make possible for Nokia to maintain the unit sales they had.

                    It seems that I’m the one giving nice quality arguments and you are the one saying how it was going to succeed no matter what.

          • MF says:

            @GordonH: Do you actually have anything useful to offer?

            • GordonH says:

              No I don’t have anything to offer. I guess for you only Ms has the best to offer Nokia.

              • MF says:

                I meant do you have anything to contribute in this forum. It’s been Meego this, Meego that, that I wondered if you were looking for MySailFishBlog and got lost.

      • Capedonut says:

        I don’t think that they’re killing asha intentionally at least,,especially with the new 501 out for preorder. If it will stand up to the competition remains to be seen

        • GordonH says:

          Asha will not face an killing yet. Unless Asha OS tries to climb to compete with the mid-range smartphones or unless MS are able to provide a competing OS to Asha.
          All products in Nokia that are not competing or threatening an MS product will be allowed to survive.

  10. Merito says:

    Nokia is the big brand of filand, finland is very because Nokia, i doubt they they will sell the company.

    • Pdexter says:

      Finland has nothing to say when it comes to Nokia. Nokia hasn’t even been largest company in Finland for 3 years when it comes to market value, profits, or how many people it employees.

      Finnish government doesn’t own any part of Nokia and doesn’t see it as a strategic investment like it sees many other Finnish companies.

  11. Merito says:

    Nokia is the big brand of filand, finland is very famous bcoz Nokia, i doubt they they will sell the company.

  12. Merito says:

    Nokia is the big brand of finland, finland is very famous bcoz Nokia, i doubt they they will sell the company.

  13. DesR85 says:

    “Joe Belfiore, who runs the Windows Phone team at Microsoft, recently arrived in Finland sparking speculations from the Finnish media that it’s because Microsoft are buying out Nokia.”

    Microsoft sent in Belfiore to negotiate acquisition terms? Wow. This is news: To send in the VP of Windows Phone Program Management to deal with acquisitions instead of either a CFO or CEO.

    Journalism at its finest, eh? :p

    • Pathetic says:

      you’re the kind of person who misled you, I ask you what would have happened if ballmer is going to finland? rumors come true, and this would harm your purchase (Nokia ), however send another person to get the deal secret, and so you do not harm your purchase (Nokia ). let’s be honest who wants Nokia be bought by Microsoft?. Nobody in the world, taking into account that all users ( or most ) are fans of Nokia, this would harm greatly to Windows Phone. these people are not stupid ( as you all WP fans) are very smart, watch Elop all it took to reach this instance, the objective was fulfilled, and as I said before, if Microsoft buys Nokia, nobody will know, there purchases secretly just to not hurt the company and its consumers

      • Janne says:

        So, which scenario is the simplest and thus most likely:

        The conspiracy theory above – which would somehow suggest sending a mid-level executive instead if Ballmer, say, video conferencing would be the preferable way to discuss a high-level deal…? Why see in person if whom you are seeing is the wrong type of guy?

        Or: Joe Belfiore, who has been to Finland lots of times in his role as head of WP development, is again in Finland meeting Nokia’s side of WP software/hardware developers… The same reason as before. Last time Joe is known to have visited was just before MWC. Now he is visiting just before the expected EOS launch on July 11th.

        Which is more likely?

        • Pathetic says:

          this is to deceive unintelligent people like you, with lack of rational thought. if I remember correctly, the announcement will be in New York, if I remember correctly Nokia works together with AT&T, what the hell does in Finland?
          What the hell does in finland if Nokia operations center is no longer in Finland?
          How you know that EOS is developing in Finland?
          your crystal ball tell you?

          Wich is more likely?

          • Janne says:

            It may surprise you, but Finland is indeed still the major “operations center” for Nokia. It is not a site for manufacturing, but it is still the central R&D and governance country. A lot of Nokia developers and executives reside here or at least oft gather here.

            Do I know EOS is developed in Finland? Of course not for sure. But I do know both past PureView phases were developed in Finland – and much WP related development is known to happen in Finland. As for AT&T, I don’t see what that has to do with this – Nokia develops phones around the world, AT&T operates in the U.S.

      • MF says:

        @Pathetic: I can’t quite get past the first few words. Try to write properly, will ya?

  14. saniv says:

    if nokia sold…………..i will burn my lumia 920,925………i love nokia…..every morning when i open pc frist i cheak my nokia blog……….if nokia dont understand our fan felling……then i will never buy nokia device

    • Random Random says:

      Good for you!

      I really wonder why they call Apple some kind of religion or cult. Nokia seems to be a real religion for some people.

      • v.s.i says:

        Then read a basic psychology manual, and try to think how you would apply those facts if you wanted to run a successful business by securing your clients. I can give links if you want.

        • Random Random says:

          Why? I already know how that works.

          I was just pointing out that Nokia seems to be the cult or religion. Or at least Nokia is more of a cult than Apple is.

          • v.s.i says:

            Haha. Of course I knew you knew, otherwise you wouldn’t have been trolling.

            So what’s the problem with that, now that Nokia is finally on an upwards trajectory? Isn’t it subjective, therefore legitimate, to believe in something you have fond memories of? Or you’d rather it had been Apple that dominated the mobile industry for the past 14 years?

            • Capedonut says:

              Nokia is kind of Finland’s ManU . Few would like to see it disappear

            • Random Random says:

              That’s the difference between us. You seem to troll while I don’t do that. I think it’s pointless and unproductive.

              Did I say that there was a problem with that?

      • saniv says:

        smell like andriod fan………

      • Janne says:

        By the way, religious following of one organization does not preclude the religious following of others as well. ;) Nor do singular examples prove or disprove a wider following.

  15. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    Many years back i read a note on some strategy comparison and the guy a senior technology analyst compared IBM to Nokia.
    the conclusion was drawn hardware will become a commodity and it became if u look from technology perspective a mobile phone is a small miniature PC all same commodity components but where the initial barrier or entry point was is access to radio technologies that defined various protocols were controlled by Nokia Ericcson and Motorola.
    but towards the 2003-2005 period there were some open stacks available many patents expired and just like pharma the generic boom happened and the biggest winner was Mediatek that opened the mobile phone knowledge to everyone.
    these unlabelled white bomx movers and some growing brands like Micromax or Lava they simply shop the engine in china no design nothing ready made PCBs with engine built just buy and slap ur brand name.
    Nokia invested close to 50 billion Euros on research and patents but Nokia acted like a university it dreamt a golden era a connected world but failed to make it products attractive on strength of the patents whereas others used those ideas or even better and got ahead. Nokia despite of having a legendary design skill and engineering talent failed to make an attractive touch screen phone in 2004 and shelved the project it made wrong technology choices like wimax resistive screens failed to understand ui changes etc.
    Nokia was operating in 2 different worlds an imaginative world of researchers and a world of unimaginative operations team of managers and engineers.

    even pre 2007 when Nokia was dominating you could see Nokia smartphones had smaller contribution too basic phones team and the basic team people where quite arrogant about it,Noka had all the time to start repositioning itself as a pure smartphone maker but it tried to be at all places at all wrong times. It was selling a Nokia 5230 at 6000INR and some touch type crap at 10000INR .
    Nokia should have made the transition to a complete smartphone platform of Symbian and Meego at that point of time today again Nokia is making the mistake truth be told u need to sell 2 mobile phones to generate the profit you make on one Lumia 520.
    Nokia’s sales organization is a fart and it was exposed in 2011 when it cracked at first signs challenges after that Feb 11 PR disaster.
    The giant Nokia mobile making machine failed Nokia.Nokia failed because of the mobile phones division and then Symbian.
    Nokia should effectively do what Ericcsson did or better what IBM did reinvent with Maps Consulting and Networks and effectively get rid of mobile division to ZTE or Lenovo or anyone interested in those assets. Smart devices could continue for some more time it gives Nokia to scale down its opex at levels of blackberry or HTC and better survival chances now that Lumia is going more main stream and Windows Phone isthe 3rd ecosystem.

    if Nokia doesn’t sells out ha ha the scene is like HIV Nokia is dead and like it or not blackberry survives…The real fight is here who breaks even first Nokia or blackberry at the moment i bet on blackberry unless Nokia board agrees the sell out.
    apple and Samsung are at the moment out of touch that keeps you to fight with Sony BlackBerry HTC ZTE and Lenovo out of these let me just filter out Sony Blackberry HTC and Nokia..look at HTC or BlackBerry and even Sony and their scale and Nokia scale opex and cash burn, Nokia’s is unsustainable given Nokia’s size and also that the others are pure smartphone brands.
    The mobile phone unit and help the other upcoming brands like ZTE or lenovo or Huawei or Micromax to gain the engineering talent sales distribution technology assets at a valuation of around 2-2.5 billions euros and that to Nokia’s net cash 4.5 billion euros it looks good and add the fact that the future is all smartphones where Lumia ks growing and generating non IFRS positive cash flow …NSN is huge asset going forth given its expertise in IP nw LTE and 5g it though needs more restructuring, this NSN side gives Nokia the potential to add consulting business and the margins are now bigger and fatter
    Here Maps at the moment looks like joke to me with their monetization we sell to BMw and **** and still make losses it needs to think beyond Nokia devices and really attack the navigational industry freights transportation fleet companies and in car entertainment industry also i want to see the android apps and polished iOS apps and apps for all platforms ASAP it should have that tactical freedom don’t tie it down to your Nokia crap phone let them target galaxy first if it sells better than on ur Lumia line like Skype did with iOS.

    Nokia maybe proud that it sold millions of 1100 but it should be ashamed it failed to sell 50 million Lumia 920 and the seeds of that failure are tied in Nokia’s inability to transform to a smartphones company despite Tomi Ahonnens lies that Nokia was switching features phones customers to smartphones which is nothing but a joke truth is a few moved but Nokia diluted and killed its brand effectively with its pursual of low end sub 30 euro market that it still chases so that it self proves when the world was finaly ready in 2007 Apple with the lowest patent trigerred that cahnge and Nokia even failed to answer with bags of patents even with Symbian 3 that sold around 4-5millioms in first quater of launch there was no Nokia existing customer switching which means Mr. Ahonnen is bluffing
    Nokia failed in mobile devices it had what it takes to be a Porsche it decided to be the GM.

  16. PrakashOM says:

    Wat abt Lenovo? Amazon?
    At least with Android its free and Nokia can fork it with its own apps and service like Here,Nokia music,Xpress etc

    • Pathetic says:

      Nokia does not exist, everything is controlled by microsoft, the name Nokia is just a front to get the millions of consumers that Nokia has

  17. JGrove303 says:

    Nokia is Agamemnon, Microsoft is Menelaus. Why would Microsoft ever want to change that dynamic?

    All MS has to do is get on top of their core functions for WP and bring it to Nokia ASAP, and they can kick ot on the Kingdom with all the King’s glory without the risk. Just, bring everything we want.

    • dss says:

      At this point MS is getting everything they need from Nokia.. don’t really need to buy just yet.

      Their mobile platform has never been so popular..and without Nokia, I doubt it was ever going to be.

      It was brilliant .. whoever saw this and came up with the plan at MS, deserves a FAT bump in salary.

      • Random Random says:

        It was possible because Nokia had no competitive products in the high end or in mid range. Even the low end was starting to take a serious hit in 2010. In Q4 2010 Nokia was making only a fraction of the profits they used to.

        • dss says:

          Indeed, bad management, lack of vision, and poor leadership put them in that position.

          It doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft made a very, very good move.. it might actually save the company a lot of money in the long run. The mobile OS business is extremely important for their feature..

  18. dss says:

    “Finland’s largest paper claims despite Microsoft-Nokia deal running thru 2016, Nokia may sell assets anyway”

  19. Dargelos says:

    Dear mr Marko Ahtisaari, if you’re out there, please hear this prayer:

    I want a phone with Fabula hardware just like the N9 (not massacred like on the 920), Windows buttons placed like on the 925, earpiece and front-facing camera placed like on the 920 but no Nokia logo. This is the thing; do it like Apple. Keep the front clean, it looks too busy with both Windows buttons and Nokia logo on the front. You already have the Nokia logo on the back. That is enough. Then a 4″ screen, or possibly 4.2″, but no bigger.

    • Random Random says:

      It would have been better if Nokia copied iPhone 1:1 in 2008. But no, NIH almost killed Nokia.

      Nokia fans should start looking the specs of iOS7. That’s the future of Nokia.

      • dss says:

        iOS 7 is slowly becoming a real alternative to Symbian.. yes, we had to wait until 7.0, but that makes sense considering that Symbian is at 10.1

        At this point, if I am to switch from Symbian, I would take iOS 7 over any android version.

        Too bad the price of the iPhones is so high.. otherwise less people will be jumping from Symbian to android.

        • Random Random says:

          Yes, at least adding those features to iPhone is a lot faster than adding features to Symbian. Symbian started shipping in 2001 and iPhone in 2007. Then again the Java environment allows Android to be developed even faster than iOS.

          Too bad Nokia can’t license iOS.

          Apple is rumored to start shipping a cheaper iPhone. If that happens, Apple could be seriously hitting on Android. After all, iOS is a great product and it’s pretty flexible if you want it to be. Of course it’s likely that the cheap iPhone will probably have just 8GB of flash storage but that will be enough for lots of people. Not for the tech ‘literate’ Apple seems to be avoiding for a reason, but or the normal people.

          I could use cheaper iPhones but then again, I have been very satisfied with the quality Apple has been shipping.

          • dss says:

            Yes, too bad Symbian fell in the hands of a hardware company, and not a software one.. things would’ve been very different.

            Add to that the awful management of the actual Symbian dev program, and.. ya.. things would tend to move slowly.

        • ummNo says:

          So, switching from one outdated os to another? You certainly aint early adopter. :D

          • Random Random says:

            You apparently missed something because iOS7 is not outdated.

            • ummNo says:

              In a light of WWDC, in my opinion it is. Prettier, sure but still outdated.

              Just to make sure that we dont have to continue this debate. I dont actually give a f**k what you think of iOS7 or my opinion of it.

              • arts says:

                So basically what you mean is: YOU want force your opinion down other peoples throat without allowing others to share theirs.

                Not surprised. ;)

                • ummNo says:

                  So basically what you mean is: YOU cant see any difference in jokes and forcing thruth down peoples throath?

                  Not really my problem, is it? ;)

                  • arts says:

                    you sure take your jokes seriously.

                    and i really agree with random random here.

                    since when a ;) is a sure sign of a joke? ROFL.

              • Random Random says:

                Sure, you call it outdated, but we don’t really know why you say that. Then again, you don’t seem to have anything to back up your opinion.

                Maybe you just dislike it it because it’s made by Apple.

                That’s the case with some people. They just want to dislike something because they don’t approve the way some people want to use their phones.

                How nice to see the true you.

                • ummNo says:

                  My only phone has been iPhone5 for over six months. All my posts in this blog post comments i have sent from it. I’m planning to buy either MBA or MBP. I dont like all the policies that Apple has with iOS devices, but that is not the reason why i think that iOS starts to be outdated and ios7 doesn’t seem to bring enough to change that. Sure ui is refreshed a bit… Theres some true me for you. Any way, this is wrong forum for this debate and i try not to continue it any wurther. :)

                  Ps. My orig post was a joke, thats why there is a smiley. And as such, it was meant to not take too seriously.

                  • Random Random says:

                    A smiley? No, those things are really not signs of jokes. They tell me when someone is insecure. Sure, you may think to be using them to point out jokes but meh.

                    Anyway, like usual, you don’t like talk about the topic.

                    Currently iOS7 seems to be getting those nice things the fans of other platforms have been proud of. Now, you seem to hate that. I just wonder why.

                    • ummNo says:

                      Keep on wondering. Currently you are so lost (and narrow-minded) that there is no need to continue this debate.

                    • Random Random says:

                      How about adding another smiley to show us how insecure you are?

                    • ummNo says:

                      Still not even close. I bet you are really s***y at battleship game. Oh and one :) just to make you feel beter as i dont have time to write you a pep talk.

                    • Jay Montano says:

                      Behave please kids :) Let’s keep the discussion about the topic in question and not about the respective commenters.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Thanks Jay. I always try to show some good manners even when I’m talking with people who fail to do the same.

                    • ummNo says:

                      So, you did understand all five steps and actually tried it? I hope that the exercise was entertaining and educational.

                    • Random Random says:

                      This is fun. You must be loving those steps? I can understand how stuff like that can help you.

                      The rest of us, the normal people, don’t need those tricks you do.


                    • ummNo says:

                      They say denial is first step. Maybe someday, you can move on.

                    • Random Random says:

                      Yes, I’m beginning to understand why you tell us that story about the iPhone you got.

                    • ummNo says:

                      So, you have been reading some Battleship strategy guide?

                    • Random Random says:

                      Apple’s iPhone seems to be what Nokia wanted to be and what Microsoft is trying to be.

  20. SmoledMan says:

    Mergers & acquisitions of this size are very complicated and drawn out. I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened in 2014.

  21. Annoymous says:

    Microsoft might want to bleed Nokia for another 2 years so they come crawling to Microsoft! 2016! Ugh!

  22. Bassman says:

    A very un-biased article by a clearly objective ‘journalist’….

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