Gallery: Ice White Nokia Lumia 925

| June 28, 2013 | 19 Replies

MNB IMG_9791 Nokia lumia 925Phew, a bit more coursework done 🙂

Whilst the unboxing is rendering, here’s the a quick gallery of the Nokia Lumia 925 in white.

MNB IMG_9798 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9797 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9799 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9802 Nokia lumia 925

MNB IMG_9810 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9809 Nokia lumia 925

MNB IMG_9794 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9825 Nokia lumia 925MNB IMG_9834 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9830 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9832 Nokia lumia 925


MNB IMG_9845 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9843 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9844 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9846 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9864 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9860 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9862 Nokia lumia 925 MNB IMG_9861 Nokia lumia 925


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  • john

    I’m in love 🙂 Beautiful job Nokia!

  • Ld. Sidious

    I don’t get it. The press shots looked almost awful when they first appeared, but now that i’m seeing it from all angles, it looks so good!

    • And in person, it looks even better 🙂 It’s possibly hard to get the reflections and the shadows just quite right to appreciate the little design tweaks in the 925 – like how the light can reflect gently to accentuate the curved screen in some shots..

      • Ld. Sidious

        Indeed, it does! Just watched your video of the unboxing. Damn fine phone and kudos for doing a nice job on it. The 920 performed admirably. Probably the one of the nicest quality videos I’ve seen on the 925. My mind is locked on the “EOS”, so nothing can distract me from buying it, but if I were to buy a slim, smexy phone with an awesome camera, it would definitely be a Nokia Lumia 925.

    • muitosabao

      Ahah, it’s really funny because when the first leaks appeared, everyone was shouting “looks terrible, it’s impossible that it’s real”. My brother who is a network engineer at a big mobile operator, always has the early units (he was actually the one that made me change from iphone to WP back when i first saw him using a prototype of the N9 few years ago), and had shown me via skype (we live in diferent countries) the 925 and confirmed the leaks. He said precisely that the phone was impossibly sexy to hold, and was his favorite Lumia design. I remember writting here and other foruns, “guys, chill. It is real, and it looks great in person” 🙂 good to see that people are now confirming it.
      I’m actually playing with the idea of selling my 920 and swap it for this one.

  • Duffeldof

    It looks so cool when it is hold with only one finger 😛

  • abhi

    these beauty pieces cannot hold the fort for nokia for long if nokia n ms dont do something with their apps. Symbian lost and now lumia treading the same path. .

    • twig

      They just added 15,000. Do something with their apps?

  • flava

    So beautiful!

    Now imagine this device in 3.7″ form factor with high-res Asha OS slapped on it, instabuy for me! 😀


    Must be the sexiest Lumia design so far.

  • Ujwal Soni

    Great shots..what camera do you use Jay?

    • JGrove303

      Should be his Lumia 920.

  • nafis

    if i were to buy a phone before EOS .. it is the white lumia 925 ♥

  • v.s.i

    Jay, maybe you can test the difference in normal use with Glance screen on and off? I know it doesn’t take a lot of juice on the N9 but keeping it on for let’s say >6 hours at a time still takes its toll (not great, mind you). However, the 2000 mAh battery’s bigger, so I was just curious. 😀

  • audio quality comparison

    and what is better, the black one or this white?

  • ammad


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