Weekend Watch: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia 3310 – speed test

| June 29, 2013 | 10 Replies

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Keeping with the theme of testing the newest smartphones against the 3310, here’s the SGSIV.

It’s just for some light entertainment. It’s certainly making a lof of Sammy fans angry. It’s not actually a done deal that the 3310 always wins btw. I have seen one where it doesn’t. Funnily enough, there aren’t complaints there.



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  • Ady

    If it beat the iPhone 5 in speed test, the 3310 will definitely also beat the hell out of the GS4. That thing is so laggy and stinky ughh… That’s expected coming from the worlds largest plastic manufacturer Sammy.

    “Random random” I’m expecting you soon dear…

    • Arthur

      The hardware has very little to do with this test, I suggest you keep your lack of accurate facts to yourself. The fact that Samsung phones are plastic has nothing to do with this test and obviously this test is purely for entertainment purposes, no one is taking it seriously.

      • Demis

        The hardware has very little to do with this test. Yeah, like hardware has nothing to with the performance, sure.
        Plastic phone cases isn’t a bad thing (i should be plastic of cause) since it’s a most common and lightweight material. Obiously if it’s not an iphone. If it’s an iphone, it can be metal, since ‘it’s normal’ for phones to curve in the pocket, we all know this fact from apple support, but other manufacturers are still up with their delusions.

      • Ady

        “no one is taking it seriously.”
        Except you… Why are you offended?

        • twig

          I think I’ll try my new Asha 302 against the Sammie. That 302 loading YouTube is a rocket!! Die Sammie die.

  • Marc Aurel

    These tests are actually rather good psychological tests. People who get angry and complain about the results for real are either immature or not very smart. In most cases it’s probably the former, but unfortunately there are also a lot of dim-witted people around…

    • Random Random

      These tests are actually very good for evaluating the development of the mobile technology.

      Back in the days Nokia had all the cards but then they started to focus on cutting the costs and playing the internal politics.

      That’s how they ended up with the inferior product when they had the superior one.

      Nothing new in the world of technology. Anyone of you read “Racing the beam” and especially how that book ended with some predictions? It’s truly enlightening for all Nokia fans and for the people just interested about the company.

  • StefanP

    Normally you wouldn’t boot up your device very often. So this test has no meaning for most users.
    But “feature phones” are often faster in other categories. Selecting a contact and initiating a phone call for example. I am sure that the 3310 and similar phones will beat most other phones, which pretend to be smart.
    Actually this ease of use, and how fast standard tasks can be achieved, should be the focus of tests and comparisons, not how many cores a device has.
    For example I am travelling a lot and roaming is an important functionality for me. As inbound roamer I can often chose between different networks. They have different features and quality, so it’s important to be in control of it. Unfortunately my Lumia 920 does not display the current network name, but just a stupid triangle to indicate roaming. To find out which network I am using or to select a different one, I have to go to settings, scroll down and find the network settings (Only text, for some reason the order of items in system settings changes after updates, so the selection needs some attention). To make things worse, if I want to switch back to automatic selection, I have to wait for the phone to scan all networks, on other devices this is usually a simple tap.
    This is just a small example, I experienced it just yesterday, how things become more complicated and slow.
    Of course we have colourful and large displays… How nice. For sure there is enough space for a search button. I am curious about the web stats for WP devices on bing. E.g. visitors on the front page, not using the service at all… 😉

  • swain

    My years old 3500 easily beats my 808 when it comes to start-up time. Sometimes I wonder why ??? :p

  • Seriously you can throw a Nokia 3310 from the 2nd floor and it stil had no scratch best phone ever made